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  1. Could you give specific examples, please? I'm not challenging you on this, because I couldn't say one way or another. John R. Rice was a bible corrector, but I wouldn't say he was "laden with error." What about Schaap's teachings are so consistently erroneous?
    I'd be glad to reply but a. I must sleep, I work tonight and B. re read the OP. If you'd like start a new topic and we'll traverse that rocky path.


    Br. Steve

    Gal. 2.

  2. Irishman, Daniel I say this in the most loving manner I can muster. I pray you will forgive me.

    The bible makes it clear we must study (1st Tim. 2.15).

    These definitions are an egregious misuse of the scripture. Repentance takes on many meanings depending on the context in which it is written. For salvation repentance is, yes, a change in mind but also an amendment in behaviour. Look and see if I am infact wrong.

    Metanoeo, (3340 strong's/vines) is a change of mind that leads to an amendment in behavior. This word always points to a change for the better in the NT (except in Luke 17.3-4) and always of repentance from sin.

    To say that repentance means one thing alone is a grave error.

    More on the topic. Jack Schaap, is a man leaden with error. One preacher even stated that he confronted Schaap and asked him (my paraphrase) would you change if I could prove you wrong and Schaap said that he would not. For the record I have been to FBC hammond, HAC and even met Br. Schaap. He is a nice guy, pompous a bit, but in serious error and un-willing to change.

    I am sorry LuAnne, I had to comment on the blatant and egregious misuse of scripture.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Br Steve

    Gal. 2.20

  3. I don't blame you I wish businesses felt the way that we do (about working on Sundays). :sad

    I will say this much when Pastor left the pulpit tonight it was absolutely smoking. He was on fire.

    We also had a teen commit to full time Christian service.

    If that don't make ya feel good you better toddy over to the mortuary cause yer deader than you think you is! :lol:

  4. Big group hug! bighuggy.gif

    I really believe that we should be able to tell the truth in love and that we shouldn't take things so personally.

    Things can get kinda snarky here. But y'all are a good bunch!!! :duh

    Just as an aside if I was in error doctrinal or otherwise I HOPE someone would have the guts to call it what it was and reprove me. I would as long as it wasn't contrary scripture accept it for what it was re proof.

  5. I have noticed a rather "mean" slant lately?!

    Yes I believe we are Fighting Fundamentalists and that we have to remain true to the fundamentals. But, aren't we supposed to be compassionate?

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for reproof. I think we should save others from doctrinal error. Case in point the DW was on another womens only board (IFB) and a previous poster had mentioned that she stood behind John MaCarthur. I asked my wife to be certain that she at least let that woman know that MaCarthur was false teacher. I am certain that my wife did it out of love. But, I believe that we have a responsibility to others.

    Wheres the compassion? I know others that (at least one) doesn't show up because of all the in fighting. I dunno :dunno: