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  1. I'd be glad to reply but a. I must sleep, I work tonight and B. re read the OP. If you'd like start a new topic and we'll traverse that rocky path. R/S Br. Steve Gal. 2.
  2. Irishman, Daniel I say this in the most loving manner I can muster. I pray you will forgive me. The bible makes it clear we must study (1st Tim. 2.15). These definitions are an egregious misuse of the scripture. Repentance takes on many meanings depending on the context in which it is written. For salvation repentance is, yes, a change in mind but also an amendment in behaviour. Look and see if I am infact wrong. Metanoeo, (3340 strong's/vines) is a change of mind that leads to an amendment in behavior. This word always points to a change for the better in the NT (except in Luke 17.3-4) and always of repentance from sin. To say that repentance means one thing alone is a grave error. More on the topic. Jack Schaap, is a man leaden with error. One preacher even stated that he confronted Schaap and asked him (my paraphrase) would you change if I could prove you wrong and Schaap said that he would not. For the record I have been to FBC hammond, HAC and even met Br. Schaap. He is a nice guy, pompous a bit, but in serious error and un-willing to change. I am sorry LuAnne, I had to comment on the blatant and egregious misuse of scripture. Respectfully Submitted, Br Steve Gal. 2.20
  3. Maybe I am being contentious, if you believe I am please forgive me. Matter of fact I know this will offend some. But, according to the Word of God repentance is not a tertiary issue. To be sure there are no secondary or tertiary issues/doctrines in the Bible. But, repentance is essential to salvation (Luke 13 Acts 20.21). For Shelton to omit something this critical, this OBvious warrants concern. Did I subscribe to the sword ? Sure. Did I receive something from the publication ? Sure. Would I subscribe again ? No. Shelton should search the scriptures (2nd Tim. 2.15) study it out and repent publicly. This should give us pause and finally push some of us into action. Finally, no I do not follow Cloud lock and step. There are points I take issue with him on that I need to study out. I give him credit for blowing the whistle on this and more importantly give all the the glory to God for He all alone deserves all the pre-eminence. Respectfully, MMD
  4. Yut Yut. Semper Fi Mac. Happy B Day to my brothers and sisters in the Corps. Thanks for posting the video. R/S MMD
  5. Guns up Saved ! I was a machinegunner for 4 years in the 1st Marine Division. Thanks Br. Matt ! Irishman save for a certain gent I know we all know that ARMY stands for ain't ready to be a man yet or Marine yet (ymMV). If the Army and the Navy ever look on Heavens scenes they will find the streets are guarded by United States Marines ! Respectfully Submitted, MMD
  6. 15 minutes from home give or take. R/S Bro MMD Gal. 2.20
  7. Happy belated B Day Bama!! R/S Br MMD Romans 6.23
  8. I work nights and have every other Friday, Saturday, Sunday off. So, on the Sundays I have to work we attend as a family in the AM and the wife and kids go at night. The following Wednesday we can't because I have to work. But, the weekend I have off we go to teen soul winning on Sat. AM, Sun. AM/PM and Wed. PM and Thu. evening visitation. Plus if there are any working parties and what have you. Respectfully Submitted, Br MMD Romans 6.23
  9. Missouri born and raised. Spent 4 years in CA. although. R/S Br MMD Gal. 2.20
  10. Guns up Jerry #s. I am proud of him. Irishman, sorry bro. ARMY is short for either Aint Ready (to be a) Marine Yet or Aint Ready (to be a man) Yet, YMMV. I was in the Corps from 94 to 98. 1st Mar Div Fox Co 2nd Batallion 4th Marines (MOS) 0331 Camp Pendleton, CA. Respectfully Submitted Br Steve Gal. 2.20
  11. That's odd me and the missus were discussing this today. To be fair she has also been reading an auto biography of George Mueller. I stated that I believed we already live a pretty "Spartan" lifestyle. I still maintain my hunting/fishing stuff and my library and Bibles. But, other than that there ain't much too it. I am not so sure that un believers would or wouldn't. I do have a 401K. But, we try to give above and beyond the gross. We help others when the opportunity presents itself. But, living by faith? I am not sure, I'd like to say by instinct "yes, sure". But, I am not sure my decisions necessarily reflect that response sometimes although. Wow, what a question...... R/S Br MMD Gal. 2.20
  12. Possible TLDR ) Never clean the registry. Bad, bad, bad things can potentially happen. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Were I at the helm. Again, this is IM (very) HO. I would back up all my critical files to an external HDD or hosting site. I would do a complete re install of Windows get all the current updates from Windows, all the current drivers applying to your video card and other hard/software. Go online and google firewall/antivirus software suites and see whose leading the pack for 2009/10. I found Norton really took the lead. Are there prOBlems with Norton sure they're recorded throughout the annals of the web. But, they've made significant improvements. Again, JM 0.02. Then, I wouldn't use any other spyware anti virus suite than the one currently installed. I also would take Jerry's advice and install CCleaner and run it at least once a week. But, not to make any adjustments to the registry . Check out Lifehacker for a lot of very sound computer related advice. Just as important install firefox and the add ons No Script and Flashblock. If you go to a potentially harmful website it will warn you (I believe Chrome does the same as well). Lastly, if I were you Kita I'd burn an Ubuntu ISO image to disc (totally easy I promise). Boot your comp from the disc and have it check your memory. The memory may be going bad. Ubuntu. All the above JM 0.02. I' ve mad many errors myself and have had to learn the hard way just what works and doesn't. I did many of the same things y'all did to get the comp running a little better and yes faster. Respectfully Submitted, Br Steve Gal. 2.20
  13. In the church we did attend this was all too common. The pastor preached with great zeal, but the messages were a "reach" more often than not. He'd use 1 Greek word for love (when there were many) 1 Greek word for Repentance (when there were many in both Hebrew and Greek). The verse by verse teaching (only on Wednesdays) would start with him explaining the text and then the message would denigrate to him getting off on some tangent that prOBably didn't really relate to the text. To our shame many so called bible colleges are doing away with teaching bible Greek and Hebrew. If we are to preach expository messages we must understand the context and syntax as well. I could be wrong. Lastly, I was talking with a good friend last night. We were talking about a very popular preacher that preaches a lot of revivals here and on the east coast. He said when he (that preacher) isn't telling so many stories he's pretty good. Pretty telling huh? Respectfully Submitted Br Steve Gal. 2.20
  14. just installed ubuntu 10.04, goodbye M$

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