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  1. Salyan's post in What Makes On An "ifb"? was marked as the answer   
    Independent Fundamental Baptist
    Independent - individual church congregation, not part of an organizational or denominational structure.
    Fundamental - adhering to the fundamentals of the faith 
    Biblical inspiration and the inerrancy of scripture as a result of this (this should prOBably include an RT allegiance, as the MVs are basically a result of not believing the sister doctrine of inspiration - preservation.) Virgin birth of Jesus Belief that Christ's death was the atonement for sin Bodily resurrection of Jesus Historical reality of the miracles of Jesus Baptist - practicing the ordinance of believer's baptism by immersion
    Hmm. By the above list, almost all evangelicals are fundamentalists, most are baptist and many may even be independent. Making them Independent Fundamental Baptists. The above is the historical definition of Fundamentalism. The application of 'fundamentalist' has OBviously been expanded (or limited) to even more specific items, including the individual & church responsibility to share the gospel, and separation from the world (however that may be individually defined). Has the definition of fundamentalism then changed, or should we be using a different word to describe ourselves?   
    We should bear in mind that just because someone does not agree with ourselves in every jot and tittle does not mean they are not fundamentalists or whatever the word may be. We are never going to agree with everyone about everything - or anyone about everything! Big picture things are in question here.
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