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    Salyan got a reaction from HappyChristian for a news, Third pastor arrested in Alberta   
    The third pastor, and first Baptist, has been arrested for holding church services beyond capacity in Alberta (capacity is currently 15). 
    Although this is a Reformed Baptist church (and our church is definitely not Reformed), it has hit close to home as Pastor Tim is the older brother of our assistant pastor. 
  2. Like
    Salyan reacted to PastorMatt for a news, Baptist Church Tent Meeting Draws Concern from the Community   
    The first night of a week-long old fashioned tent meeting by Anchor Baptist Church in Astoria Oregon was a success as around 30 people attended. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the reaction of a tent meeting by the community raised plenty of concerns over the safety and well-being of those attending. Pastor Byers of Anchor Baptist Church assured the community and the city that all safety guidelines from the CDC will be followed. Anchor Baptist seemed to go above and beyond those extra measures.
    When a guest arrives, they are directed to a separate tent for temperature checks, and to log their name and address for contact tracing in case someone in attendance tests positive for Covid-19. All guests are required to wear masks and each family is seated 6 feet apart from each other. The sides of the tents were also up so that there can be a constant breeze flowing through.
    Due to the concern of the community, as evident from the comments on the City of Astoria’s Facebook page, Mayor Bruce Jones stopped in and found no reason for concern as all the public health guidelines from the CDC were being followed properly.
    Many in the community wishing Pastor Byers church would delay or cancel the event as the pandemic is reaching new heights across the country. The event started Sunday and runs through July 19.
    It seems as we reach new heights with positive Covid-19 results, that churches are starting to feel the pressure from the communities for having their doors open. As long as churches take precautions and do what they are supposed to do without compromise to Scripture, I say keep on keeping on.
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