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  1. Hmm... now that I think about it, I guess I might have had them both ways. For picnics they're usually cold, and you don't see them served much outside of picnics. I don't care for them much so don't eat them often.
  2. Apparently in Britain they serve baked beans for breakfast - is that right, Invicta? Seems weird... over here they're a summer picnic favourite and served cold (preferably with potato salad).
  3. Wendy's Taco Salad. I seem to have that a lot... :-P
  4. I ordered that one! One of the authors is the fellow giving the tour. You really know your publications. :-)
  5. You'll definitely see them on FB! ;-)
  6. Re Invicta's question about when I'll be in London: May 19-20, and June 5-7. In between will be Coniston (Cumbria) & Keswick, hiking along Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, York, Conwy, Glyn Ceiriog (north Wales), and Bath. I can't wait! So much history to see, everywhere! I was able to get in contact with a Creation Science Group out of Rugby; going to join them the afternoon I arrive for a guided tour of the Biblical artifacts in the British Museum. I'm fairly excited about that. It'll be good to make contact with a group of Christians right away. Might help mitigate the shock of
  7. I'm going to jump over to my old England thread to answer you. My response was getting too long for here. :-)
  8. Toad in the Hole! We have pigs in a blanket - sausages (usually hot dogs weiners) wrapped in pastry or biscuit dough & baked. I was really hoping to get out to meet y'all, but it looks like I'm not going to get any closer to Kent than London. Maybe next time! They are ridiculously easy. And so tasty!
  9. I’m going to make one comment about the whole “make your home church known” thing. (this is my personal opinion) Personal security on the web is a hugely important thing. People are welcome to share details if they want, and it would be nice to know the generic denomination they attend, but I don’t believe we should be requiring personally identifying information that could help track someone down. There are many people who would be unable or unwilling to join a forum requiring such information. They could be hiding from abusive family members, or be hosting foster children, or simply be co
  10. Well, now that you mention it...
  11. Made myself homemade Yorkshire puddings the other day. No meat, no gravy - just the puddings. Mmmm. Can't wait to try the real deal in York in a few weeks!
  12. Zuno_Yazh, could you make the attempt to engage with other forum members on points they bring up for discussion rather than pushing ahead? I think you'll see a better response from folks. I'm not going to lock this thread yet, but let's see 1) actual engaging, rather than didactic lecturing, and 2) focus on topic, not people (from both sides). I'll keep an eye on the reporting system, so feel free to use that if any significant issues arise.
  13. This does not have any bearing on the OP. Please stay on topic.
  14. If senior forum members are being bossy (and they aren't, in this thread), the moderators will take care of them. It is certainly not up to junior forum members to presume to call them out. Zuno_Yazh, you are new to this forum, and it would likely be a good idea for you to take the time to get to know us (and introduce yourself) before setting yourself up as a teacher. What say you take a break from your 'day by day' threads for a while and just join in general discussion? Oh, and would you mind putting the font size on your posts down a few notches? It's hard to follow a thread with gia
  15. Yes, here too. You get good at identifying '...BAPTIST church' really early in the conversation, before they can shut the door on you.
  16. Wow, people are coming out of the woodwork on this thread! Nice to see you all are still alive!
  17. He couldn't explain the Trinity? Say what? What did he say?
  18. Have you heard Westerners say it that way? Cause we think we say 'about', and that its Newfoundlanders that say 'aboot'. But maybe we can't hear ourselves right. ;) Sherwood Park
  19. Ha! When I'm around folks from the Southern US, they think I have an English accent. ;)
  20. It was a very interesting digression! If I do any driving, it'll definitely NOT be in London. And traffic circles are one of the things I'm most scared about - I hate those things in my country, where I'm used to the traffic flow! Our traffic cameras are hidden as well, like in France. Having them visible sounds more like a traffic calming plan than an actual speeding deterrent. That's quite the anecdote about your nephew's wife's father! My great-grandfather came from the Ceiriog Valley, and we have family there (extremely extended family, that I don't know, but the aunts keep in touc
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