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  1. Ha! When I'm around folks from the Southern US, they think I have an English accent. ;)
  2. It was a very interesting digression! If I do any driving, it'll definitely NOT be in London. And traffic circles are one of the things I'm most scared about - I hate those things in my country, where I'm used to the traffic flow! Our traffic cameras are hidden as well, like in France. Having them visible sounds more like a traffic calming plan than an actual speeding deterrent. That's quite the anecdote about your nephew's wife's father! My great-grandfather came from the Ceiriog Valley, and we have family there (extremely extended family, that I don't know, but the aunts keep in touch with them). If I happened to come to Kent, I'd very much like to meet you and your wife.
  3. Hi, all I am seriously thinking about visiting England for 3 weeks next May/June, and I'm looking for advice! Does anyone have information on must-see sites, tourist traps to avoid, or transportation tips to share (or just your random thoughts)? So far my (very rough) itinerary includes time in the Dales and Lake Country, Hadrian's Wall, Glyn Ceiriog, and maybe York, Bath, and Walton-on-the-Naze (this itinerary has been heavily influenced by the writings of James Herriot and Arthur Ransome). I don't really like cities; I'd like to see medieval sites, Roman remains and prehistoric sites (hill forts and excavated villas!). Tentatively, I'm planning on purchasing a BritRail Pass, but may look at renting a car out of York to explore the Dales and Lake Country. Aside from the obvious adjustment to left-hand-driving, what's it like driving in the UK? (lot parking prices, congestion, etc.) Also, does anyone have suggestions for churches to visit? I can do the deep research, but need ideas of where to start. (Alimantado, Invicta - any thoughts?)
  4. 至少你听从了 gwahardd dim nicolaitans لأنه عيد الشكر
  5. Ban NoNic for continuing to utilize the English language despite declaring himself an American with no affiliation to that language and refusing to honor the grammatical guidelines thereof. He is therefore and forthwith banned from any further utilization of the English language… or of this thread, for that matter.
  6. Ban Jim for misunderstanding my intentions. :P
  7. Ban Rosie for thinking English is American. :P (And ban NoNic for breaking the Internet! 'Sillicisipherous' doesn't even exist as a word on the Net.)
  8. I dunno.. we have the IFB lounge already.
  9. ...of being on Online Baptist! Wow. Funny how an online forum can become such an integral part of one's life, and people you've never met can seem like old friends. (Look at me being all sentimental... ) In honor of the occasion, I've decided to do a 'Best (and Worst) of OB' list: 1. The time Alimantado mimicked JerryNumbers' username and started offering up JerryNumbers' vegetables! And JerryNumbers thought he'd been hacked! And Kitagirl banned Carl!I was up watching the drama unfold and laughed till I cried.... 2. Coming back to OB after a hiatus and wondering why Carl was talking like he was saved now... and finding out he was. 3. Meeting HappyChristian in real life! 4. Becoming a moderator and learning to patiently (and, er, not-so-patiently) deal with drama. 5. Being accused of committing treason in the 'Count to 50' thread. So much for the Commonwealth. 6. Losing Annie... 7. Samer and Rachel 8. Finding connections to people and places I know in real life (sometimes that almost got me into trouble!) 9. John81 and his 66,000 posts 10. Winning an OB mug! ...and if you understand all those references, you've been around for a while, too! Anyone else have anything they'd like to add to the 'Best of' list?
  10. https://youtu.be/OTsswEoohrg This isn't anything fancy, but here're a couple hymns played on the old reed (pump) organ at the Fort.
  11. That's a rather nice example of affirming the consequent there, sly one. .. too bad that happens to be a formal fallacy.
  12. 10 fingers, the recorder, piano, guitar... presumably vocal chords... gettin' pretty close to 15 there!
  13. It helps dry out electronics. When I dumped my iPhone in a bucket of water, I packed it in a plastic bag bag full of rice for a couple days – it came out the other end still working! Course, I also had a piece of rice stuck in a port for the next couple years...
  14. Did you pack it in rice after the spill?
  15. Ha… How about that… In China they really must walk on their heads. And Australia too, for that matter... Now if I could only dig a hole deep enough, I could see it. ;-)
  16. Salyan


    Thanks for the new emoticons, BroMatt! You might want to edit a few of the relationship ones out…
  17. Ha! Our church basically had the same thing - which wasn't a bad thing (it wasn't as unwieldy as yours sounds like), but it included references to some procedures that only make sense in big churches. Like stating that the Clerk and Treasurer must have previously served as deacons. Only problem was that for a majority of the church's history, the Clerk and Treasurer have both been women (no, we were not deacons!). We finally got that updated a few years ago. Here's the online version, if you'd like to read it. I feel like the print copy is longer... http://victorybaptistsherwoodpark.ca/what-we-believe.php
  18. YES!!!! I am convinced that that was the real issue behind the split (well, that and pride). Because I know neither side believes in a works salvation, but to hear the descriptions of the 'others' beliefs, you'd think we both did. *rolleyes*
  19. Not much to it, but here it is. I should look and see if I can find the notes from Pastor's epic (3 week, 4 hour) sermon on repentance that he preached when the issue of the definition of this was splitting our church. O.o Salvation We believe that God in His love and mercy has provided eternal salvation through the perfect redemptive and substitutionary atonement of our Lord Jesus who bore all the sins of the world in His own body. The conditions of salvation are repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ; that it is totally of grace through faith, apart from any human works or effort, plus or minus nothing; that it is freely given to all who will receive it. Man cannot obtain salvation apart from the convicting and renewing work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Romans 5:8; I Peter 2:24; I John 2:2; Acts 20:21; Ephesians 2:8-9; John 6:37,44; John 3:5; Romans 10:17.

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