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  1. She's explaining it from the point of view of the visitor, and she's right. To walk up to a first time, possibly unsaved visitor and tell them that they have to change their clothing to visit the building/service, no matter how 'kindly' meant, is just plain rude. (And kind intentions are no excuse for rude behavior.) The visitor will feel humiliated and unwelcome. Mod Post: I feel that we're beginning to run around in circles on this. Thief, has your question been answered? If so, I'd encourage you to consider closing this conversation. If not, by all means, continue.
  2. I would modify that a bit to say that women who refuse to wear pants because they consider them to be men’s garments should also not wear culottes. If a woman does not wear pants because she considers them to be too form-fitting and immodest, then wearing culottes would not be hypocritical.
  3. Just...just...just...just... so much nope.
  4. Eh... I'm not a huge fan of the kilt, but I've never heard of it being a subject for mockery by and large.
  5. RU is run by a couple of churches in our circles, so I'm curious to know your reservations as well.
  6. Here's a thought stemming from this point. It's a little bit 'culturally defined', but bear with me. The culture at large has a certain sense of 'appropriate dress' or behavior. It varies by location, and definitely isn't up to Biblical standards, but it's there. No one in the world (with a reasonable amount of maturity and self-awareness) would wear that speedo or bikini to a board meeting, or a symphony orchestra. I think they also have a general sense of what is acceptable for visiting a church, and generally, what visitors wear is acceptable - for all but the most modest churches (wh
  7. Wow... sounds like a good recipe to make sure the new person never comes back!
  8. Very possibly. I've gotten a little lost with all the near-identical lengthy posts. Edited to add: I took a look back to see if I could figure out who used the term first, and now my head is thoroughly spinning. If I'd read all that before he probably would have gotten banned sooner! Didn't find an answer for you. Guess I figure it's a bit of a moot point since he's gone anyways.
  9. He was using your words to illustrate your inconsistencies, DJJ. Moderator Note: DJJ has been permanently banned. Discussion to clarify the topic is welcome, but he's not going to be answering again.
  10. This is just plain false. Matthew 25:46 2 Thessalonians 1:9 Revelation 14:11 Revelation 20:10 Revelation 21:8
  11. Seriously? Asked and answered. You're treading on very thin ice...
  12. It's a little spammy, Dave. (Not the Bible - the postings.)
  13. David Jay is on suspension until next week.
  14. Glad to see you take moderator warnings so seriously. The offending word was in your Introduction Thread, comment 441120. There's another one in Mathematical Timeline, 441022. Speaking of which... you have now taken the Lord's Name itself in vain through use of a euphemism. If you'd like to know where it is, it's in your last post on this thread. Perhaps it's time for a cooling off period. Not so much for the language, but because of your general argumentative attitude. This last post of yours was not for 'clarification' purposes, it was to mock (whewee) and complain about a moderat
  15. It's under Profile now; the control panel was an early Board variation.
  16. You could try checking with the pastor of this church in London (I visited here and it was very good.) He might have some contacts. http://www.bethelbaptistlondon.org/
  17. Um, no. You really don't get it much clearer than 'the 12 tribes of the children of Israel'. To try to interpret that any other way is willful ignorance.
  18. Wow, you must be really old! (sorry, sorry, couldn't resist!) These statements seriously conflate believing Israel with the unbelieving Jews. Don't forget that: "...the gifts & calling of God are without repentance." (Romans 11:29) Scripture must also be studied and considered as a whole. Don't forget Who among those mentioned in Revelation is also a Jew (Revelation 5:5). This may be a bit snarky (it's been one of those days at work!), but notice the only earth city whose name survives into the New Earth. It's not New York or Washington. "And I John saw the hol
  19. https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?s=emerging+church Also take a look at the Lighthouse Trails' articles on Contemplative Spirituality - the two are very closely entwined.
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