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  1. I don't think people get confused. Isn't the Spanish name pronounced "Hay-soos" when it's a person and not Jesus Christ?
  2. Why would you come to a site expecting to get banned for your behavior? That is... not a sign of mature behavior.
  3. They were there because they were still held captive by sin, in a sense. It was sin that prevented them from you directly going to heaven with God, until Christ’s sacrifice for sin was complete. Is that captivity – of sin — that Christ had victory over.
  4. What?? That is a ridiculous suggestion to make. I know you’re trying to make a (wrong) point, but please don’t butcher interpretation on purpose. Abraham was one of the righteous dead. If our interpretation is correct, then he too had to wait for Jesus’ work of salvation to be complete in order to go to heaven. That means he was waiting in Hades too. Abraham is referenced in the Bible as being the father of those that believe through faith. As such, and especially as that period of waiting took place when his descendants the Jews were the vast majority of the righteous dead, it m
  5. Heaven and hell are indeed far off from each other, but I don’t believe you can see one from the other. The old testament saints could not to heaven until the sacrifice for their sins – Christ – had been completed. Their souls had to go somewhere. If not Hades, then where?
  6. You use some really strange terminology sometimes. The Mennonites cannot be “as apostate as Muslims” because Muslims are not apostate. They are a false religion. They never had the true gospel.
  7. I remember learning about Gallipoli... that was some battle.
  8. Do the Amish live simply because they believe it will somehow work towards their salvation, or because they are choosing to eschew the temptations of the world? There's nothing wrong with the second option (albeit one can probably eschew temptation while still utilizing some modern conveniences). It's not really a spiritual issue - after all, there's no Scriptural support for not living simply either. The statement that 'knowledge shall increase' is merely a statement of fact, not direction for living.
  9. Yeaahhh... that's not okay. Freedom of speech, much?
  10. I would personally strongly prefer a woman doctor, but would be thankful for whatever medical help I can get! I suspect that most women would prefer female doctors and midwives, but the fact is that they are few and far between. This mindset of 'women must not be seen by male doctors ever' is very dangerous, as it has prevented women from receiving medical attention. Historically there have been far more male than female doctors. Isis shut down medical ob-gyn clinics to avoid the possibility of women being attended by a male doctor. The practical effect (for the women) was that they were wit
  11. I get suspicious when I hear doctors prescribing birth control pills to solve other problems. This evil culture seems determined to sterilize people at all costs – discouraging committed marriage, encouraging transgenderism and homosexuality - I would not at all be surprised if the trend toward using birth control pills to solve other problems is one more way of producing this effect. I did some research on this once and found that regular use of birth control pills can produce long-term fertility issues – even long after stopping the use of the pill. Whether single or married, if you ho
  12. James, I think there are some wise mentors among the men here who may be able to help you with your struggle. However, a mixed forum is really not the best place to discuss this. May I suggest that you join the forum (as a member, not just a guest)? You can then continue this discussion in the men’s area.
  13. Alan, I've asked Robycop to refrain from any comment on the KJVO issue, and he is complying. It is unfair to ask him any questions on that issue.
  14. Websites (or at least a Facebook page) are a requirement nowadays, I think. If I'm searching for a church to visit, I won't even consider any that I can't first look up their statement of faith and peruse their website. But the website needs to look like it was updated within the last 15 years!
  15. It's a loose association of countries that used to be part of the British Empire. Maybe it's not as 'old' as I thought it was. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_the_Commonwealth_of_Nations
  16. On the topic of aliens, I have to recommend Alien Intrusion, by Gary Bates. It's an incredibly interesting read on the alien/ufo phenomena, historically and recently. It includes the (true) story of two paranormal researchers who decided to research why the subset of Christians called 'born-again' didn't seem to report any alien abductions - and ended up getting saved as a result of what they found out. This is not light reading, and should be approached soberly (dealing, as it does, with the demonic), but it is a subject I really think that Christians should be aware of and have an answer for
  17. I think they'll blame it on aliens with some new age agenda (i.e. they were unenlightened/interfering with your progress/etc.). Notice how many new science fiction shows involve random disappearances or appearances of large numbers of people? I think the current trend in sci fi/new age crossovers is to prep the world people's for an explanation they will accept.
  18. Okay, I'm curious. How many of us on here are Canadians or other members of the old Commonwealth? If you are, let us know! To start us off, I am Canadian (lol), from Alberta. (If you understood that reference, you probably are too!)
  19. I agree that that's how the term originated. However, by the New Testament times, and perhaps before, it was used both for traditional Judea, and for all Israel as a whole (particularly by outsiders). Example of the word 'Jew' used to refer to non-Judaic tribes: John 6:41,52 (Capernaum, Galilee) Examples of the word 'Jew' used to refer to corporate Israel: Matthew 2:2-6 (the wise men referred to the one that 'should rule Israel' as 'the King of the Jews') John 2:13; 5:1 (The Passover & feasts were not given only to Judah/Benjamin/Levi, but to all Israel) Romans 3:9, 29, 9
  20. Geneva and preacher hasn’t been around in a while… He’s probably not going to respond. That may have been where the term originated, but by Christ’s day, it was commonly understood to refer to all the tribes of Israel.
  21. Okay, I think we need a break from this subject for a bit. Robycop, you were told that it is rude to come in and attack others’ beliefs on their own forum. I personally gave you some leniency because I believe there is room for discussion on what it means to be KJVonly. Some think the KJV supersedes the original manuscripts, yet the manuscripts are how God has preserved His Word through history. You have, however, repeatedly shown that the only authority you will accept in this area is yourself, no matter how contradictory your position may be. I am hereby, in my capacity as modera
  22. There are a few different subjects there. Miracles and healings do happen today, and I believe my pastor would agree. I think the usual position is that they do not occur as regular sign gifts in the same way as seen in the early church. Signs & wonders are also part of the sign gifts, which were given for a particular purpose which I believe has passed. Even at the time, there were specific reasons/limitations given ('sign to the Jews, etc.). Any supposed signs & wonders today should be run by those requirements. In my experience (I have some Pentecostal background), these
  23. Lucian, I would like to challenge your approach to 'proving' what is heretical vs. authentic. Your post appears to suggest that you are allowing miracles to 'prove' truth. I would challenge you that truth should prove all things by itself. I assume you're Orthodox? I think we can establish a base that we can both agree with - that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God. God Himself inspired its writing, and the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (2 Peter 1:21). Can we start with the agreement that the
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