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  1. Ban futurehope for (possibly) breaking the rules! :lol:
  2. In five minutes... I will be in bed. :bed:
  3. OK, I admit it... I don't really like the city.
  4. That's for sure... :bedtime: Tpntm is at work
  5. Not on your life (or is that my life?)... tpntm is going to church tonight.
  6. e-mail Staples or paper clips
  7. Not me and you ( :puzzled: )
  8. A little bit... The person next to me... oh wait, there's no one else here -- I'm all alone! Help!! Never mind. The person next to me is as bored as I am. :face:
  9. In five minutes, I'll work on my follow-up phone list for new homeschoolers.
  10. :bed: Passing out tracts or door-knocking?
  11. Hey -- he got the middle name right! :wink
  12. Hey, look! Another thread with John 81's name on it! I created my screenname a long time ago, when I first went onto online chats and needed a fake name. I like it so much that I've kept it ever since! It's made from the first two letters of each of my names... Sa... Ly... An... 50 points to whoever can figure them out! :Bleh
  13. I guess that's what you'd call it when your family serves moose for Christmas breakfast, eh? :lol:
  14. Ban Kayla for having a VBS! (hope you have fun!)
  15. (Amen, sister!) Disgusting and unnerving.
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