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  1. Ban Kayla for having a VBS! (hope you have fun!)
  2. (Amen, sister!) Disgusting and unnerving.
  3. Yuck. Printers that get jammed.
  4. Is Redneck a nationality? :frog
  5. Salyan

    random fact game

    I didn't know that (I don't think I believe that, either!). :tum Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is spelled like that!
  6. Clarity, anytime. Mac or Windows?
  7. :duh :drool :laffpop: :doh: :bolt:
  8. :Green Red licorice or black?
  9. Ban brytan because I have no clue what y'all are talking about!
  10. Ah, but did they eat the fish they caught? :lol :frog
  11. Ban Kayla because 'weirder' is so a word! :lol
  12. I don't think a book would be responsible for sending someone to hell just because it doesn't point the way to heaven. I would hesitate to say any book is responsible for just a deed in any case: no book we read will ever grab us by the throat and force us to do anything. :getrdun: However, what we read can contribute to false ideas that influence the choices we make in regards to heaven or hell. In that way, a book can influence (although not be responsible for) our choice in that area. Semantics, but still important to note. That being said, I do not believe Narnia to be innocent on this account. The ideas presented in The Last Battle could certainly be an influence toward faulty soteriology (sorry, I couldn't resist! :frog ).

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