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  1. Canadian churches aren't immune from such things (especially in the bigger cities, where there might be 2-3 good churches within driving distance), but it sure helps that in most of the West the churches are a good hour to three hours apart - sometimes more like 5 or 6! That's an awfully long way to drive...
  2. My problem with the idea of sentient life on other planets (i.e. aliens) is this: the Bible says that the WHOLE creation groaneth and travaileth in pain because of the results of sin. Thus, if there were sentient beings on other planets, they must thus be under the curse of sin just as we are. So, even though they are not of Adam's seed, they would be (unjustly) suffering the consequences of Adam's sin. And how could such beings be saved from the consequences of sin that they must be suffering, since they are, again, not of Adam's seed, and thus could have no Kinsman-Redeemer in Jesus Christ? Just my on this issue. Any thoughts/corrections welcome.
  3. If the culture dresses modestly, then one perhaps doesn't need to be set apart by dress. But if the culture is immodest, how can we help but be set apart by dress? You're right! It always amazes me how people can not see how much nicer they would look in a nice, loose, forgiving dress. :rolleyes:
  4. David Webster - Prince Albert, SK Jacob Giesbrecht - Winkler, MB
  5. There's also one for IMVU that popped up -- I can't figure out how to record the link, but it needs to get blocked.
  6. Salyan

    Your Favorite Hymns?

    Holy, Holy, Holy The Old Book & The Old Faith
  7. Has anyone seen (or know anything about) that new video, 'The Genius Club?' I think it's supposed to be a Christian one...
  8. :loco Dunno what that is. Canning
  9. Indeed, mademoiselle! (takes a bow) :tip: Tpntm is experience extremely warm weather....
  10. Dangerous and guys driving cars
  11. In five minutes I'll be ten minutes closer to ending work than I was five minutes ago and five minutes closer to ending than I was five minutes preceding the time that it will be in five minutes which is ten minutes before ending work. :Bleh
  12. (Hey Kaycee -- wrong game!) VBS
  13. Did you know that you are confusing? :lol:
  14. Ban futurehope because I'm on holidays next week!!!
  15. Neither. Lace or organza
  16. Thin Overnight camp or VBS?
  17. Did you know that so am I?

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