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  1. Just realized I've been here, off and on, for almost ten years. Wow.

  2. Well, look what day it is! Happy birthday, Happy! You have been such a godly example and encouragement to me on this site, and I'm so glad for the chance I had a year ago to meet you in person. Hope you're having a wonderful, special day, with many blessings from our Lord!

    1. PastorMatt


      Yes, Happybirthday!!! 

  3. Hey - long time no see. Welcome back! :-)

    1. Kitagrl


      I know, it's been too long, sorry! I peek in here on and off but most of the time it's the same old discussions and I don't have anything to add. haha.

  4. Okay, now I'm really confused. Are you Mr. Green, Batman, or Superman? :frog:

    1. Ukulelemike


      Haha! I must keep you guessing? No, I liked this picture, because its OBviously Superman messing with Batman by wearing his cape and cowl. Just found it humorous.

  5. Happy Birthday, Seth!

  6. Ha! You actually changed your name to JerryNumbers. I hadn't noticed before. That's great!

    1. JerryNumbers


      Yes, thanks to Carl. When i found out we could change our username I thought about doing that for several throughout the years had referred to me as Jerry numbers. Of course back them we had another Jerry posting & it could be confusing.

  7. Salyan

    Hey, Zed! Do you mind if I ask where you got your profile pic from?

  8. I was playing around on Wikipedia and discovered that 'Invicta' is both the motto and symbol of Kent, so I came on to see whether you were from Kent - and you were! Interesting. :-)

    1. Invicta


      Yes, I am from Kent Salyan. Just noticed this message. Many businesses roun here have Invicta in their names, such as Invicta Radio, Invicta Motors. Invicta Tndoori, for instance

  9. Happy birthday, kita!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, Luanne! :-)

  11. Happy birthday, Mr. John!

  12. Hey - you won the contest, did you see? Make sure you choose your prize!! Congrats.

  13. From HappyChristian: You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together. Using 4 words, what would you say to me? Note: If you comment, you must copy and paste this to your status, so I may comment on yours as well.. Be a good sport and play along... 4 words is harder than you think.!

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