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Sermon Comments posted by Salyan

  1. This passage is talking to believers - members of a church that have allowed false doctrine/practices to enter. I think that maybe repentance unto salvation may be a different matter than repentance by believers?


    The prOBlem with repentance unto salvation being turning from sin is that that is in danger of making repentance a work, IMO. How does one turn from sin? Stop sinning? That is both impossible, and a works salvation.  Intend to stop sinning? That's a hazy area that is more likely than not to either fall into works or cause the truly converted person to experience doubts further on - did he truly intend to stop sinning or not?  Salvation comes by recognizing that we are a sinner and can do nothing to save ourselves, and throwing ourselves totally on Christ - trusting His work alone - as the only salvation for us. The only logical definition, then, is that repentance turns from sin as a change of mind regarding it - a change of mind regarding sin, righteousness, and judgement - as the areas in which the Holy Spirit was sent to convict the world. Sin is no longer seen as 'fun', 'okay', 'a mistake'. It is seen as rebellion against the only true God, and the means by which a person has been sentenced to an eternity in hell.


    I would agree with you in disagreeing with the notion that repentance (unto salvation) is merely a change of mind about who God is. I would define it as a change of mind - but about far more than simply that. A change of mind about sin, about righteousness, about judgement - and included in that would be Who God Is.


    Didn't read the original sermon, btw, just this posting. I'm still defining for myself what repentance is Scripturally, and writing this out helped. Thanks. :-)

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