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  1. Controversial Baptist pastor Donnie Romero resigns due to adultery, says 'I've been a terrible husband and father' The Christian Post
  2. http://gospelmusic.org.uk/ This is a pretty good website, has most hymns, and a lot I don't know. Always looking for more though. So if yall have any please share.
  3. Countryside Baptist Church Mansfield TX Pastor Claude Sutton www.coutrysidebaptistchurch.com
  4. Which teachings do you hold to? The Catholic teachings or the Baptist? How does the Catholic church feel about you attending the Baptist Church? How does the Baptist Church feel about your attending the Catholic church? I don't see how it's possible to be both.
  5. The spicy wrap. Cant remember the name but mmmm good.
  6. The Lady (Mrs Pam) that was in the accident is still in the hospital, she has had brain surgery to relieve the pressure in her head as it was swelling, she continues to have seizures and has episodes where she is unable to speak. Please continue to pray. Thanks
  7. tired, tired, nope yep, hum, could be, nope no turkey, huh yea well zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  8. not sure,I believe that I've seen false professions and real professions from both. Though those who accept Christ through non pushy methods actually seem to have a life change as well as start attending church more often than the other. The ones from the more pushy way seem to never be at home after that. Not always but, more often than not. Just what I've seen.
  9. Ok I have been with many different people out visiting, and the way people witness is so different? I prefer to lay out the plan of salvation and give them the information they need to accept or deny Christ, but, I have been with some who will not stop until they get a decision one way or another, sometimes I feel that, that kind of witnessing closes a door. Just curious as to what others of you think, I don't mean to bash anyone and don't want this to turn that way, please keep it civil, just a discussion. Disagreements are of course fine.
  10. True, it's like gambling if you walk into a church without prior knowledge of it's beliefs. The devil has gotten more than a foothold, he's all the way in.
  11. I agree with that, it's hard enough waiting for them to come to Him, much less thinking that they may have no chance to. My question would be why would God send his Son to die on the cross if he was just going to select who he wanted in heaven any how, and send the rest to hell, what would be the requirements of whether or not he wanted you in heaven with Him.
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