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  1. Oh OK, so you come here to a site that is KJV and DEMAND respect for a contrary position, with absolutely no intention of giving respect? Interesting point of view.
  2. I would rather discuss these questions anywhere you like - like maybe where I previously asked them..... "So in your estimation, do we have a perfect Bible available to us today, or do we just have "the best we can do so far"? Do you use only one of those Bibles you have listed as "better than KJV" (and which one if yes), or do you pick and choose according what suits you best today?" As far as knowledge, how about you keep to relevant knowledge and stop trying to introduce irrelevant muck. We also know a lot more about automotive repair than they did then......
  3. I am sure that a raging heretic can be found who uses your preferred translation.... would that then prove that translation to be false? This is an absurd argument against the KJV. By the way, what IS your preferred translation?
  4. You are right - there is not a person alive today who could rival the linguistic skills of many on the KJV translation panel. There is indeed a VAST difference.....
  5. This website is a clearly stated KJV forum. Isn't it a somewhat disrespectful act to come to a clearly stated KJV website and attack the KJV?
  6. So in your estimation, do we have a perfect Bible available to us today, or do we just have "the best we can do so far"? Do you use only one of those Bibles you have listed as "better than KJV" (and which one if yes), or do you pick and choose according what suits you best today?
  7. If you are suggesting that there was no pagan feast around that time that the translators later referred to as "Easter", then you are seriously mistaken. Do you believe that there is a perfectly preserved Word of God today, or is there only "best we can do so far"?
  8. Hey friend, why not drop into the introductions section and let us know something about your testimony and your current affiliations. Then people can welcome you in one place.
  9. I would suggest you read some of what he wrote carefully rather than rely on what people say about him. What I have read appears far more conservative than he is normally represented. Not that I am a huge fan.
  10. There is a way - or at least used to be a way - to run Win 10 in windows 8 mode. I don't know how because I love 10 and have no problems with it in any respect. So if it is just the operating processes, you should be able to make it "pretend" to be win 8 or win 7 (maybe). In the past I have had to use certain programs that Linux could not run natively, so I had to run them under a windows emulator, and it was never as smooth as just running under windows. I actually liked ubuntu when I was running it, but it became inconvenient. Now, my primary computer is the church one and I do not have the freedom to run whatever I like. But as I said, I have no problems with win 10 and actually really like it.
  11. I remember a time when you never heard a Baptist talk about the invisible universal church, or even making a distinction between local and universal. People used the term "the local church" not as a distinction, but as a statement. Now we have all sorts of people here stating or intimating a belief in the universal church. What are we coming to?
  12. Well, I have a problem with any church that claims thousands saved and has only a small number. It makes no sense. Something is not right with that..... it just remains to be seen WHAT is wrong. I do remember hearing a preacher say (after being questioned on his personal claims of souls saved - not numbers per se but general "success"), when someone asks me "where are all these people who are getting saved", I answer that I don't know. I know where they will be if they got saved." But he wasn't talking about thousands - he was talking personally of near a hundred a year, and a growing church of a few hundred. Can God still work miracles? Of course. But when someone claims thousands saved but can show what amounts to no fruit for it............... My thoughts anyway, and worth what any man's thoughts are worth - nothing compared to the Lord's thoughts.
  13. 4pm Friday afternoon - just waiting for my wife and oldest daughter to get home and we are heading out bush for an overnight camp. Just one night, but better than none.
  14. I just assumed that was over and done with already. I wasn't posting because the freight on anything from there to here is atrocious, and I didn't want BroMatt to have to pay more in postage than it was worth..... (And I realise it is electronic - it was a poor attempt at a joke. )
  15. We don't have anything like as stark a division along school/prominent preacher lines in Australia as you do in the US, but I can say that when we have visiting groups from the US that do have such affiliations (Hyles, Bob Jones, etc) they almost always cause trouble. Not individuals, but groups. They come over to help with a youth camp or such and they end up pushing their own group and their group's ways and/or standards more than presenting the Lord. Not here in Western Australia thankfully as we are not important enough to warrant such visits, but I know of many preachers in the Eastern States who have had to fix trouble caused by them. We just small scale regular infighting............
  16. There is no deep interpretation needed - there are some passages that are hard to understand, but I wouldn't have thought these would be difficult for someone of your spiritual maturity...…. Oh wait..... you mean why they have posted them here with no explanation...….. Sorry......
  17. congrats on the Mrs, and welcome back.
  18. Can I just make a small correction - unless I am mistaken Brother Gibbs is not a Pastor. A good preacher, and as far as I could tell a godly man, and does a great work with the Christian Law Association and has done so for many years, but not a Pastor. A technicality (unless something has changed over the years since I met him, in which case I apologise), but one that he himself made at the meetings I went to. But he has a way in his preaching of making issues of life very relatable. Actually many of his messages are really very simple, you just don't realise that when you are sitting there - and sometimes the simple stops us from getting clouded with too many thoughts and ideas. And to the brother who posed the original question - first, immerse yourself in the Bible, then make prayer a solid part of your life, after all: Heb 4:12 (12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. But sometimes we need an example to follow: 1Co 11:1 (1) Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ. This is Paul speaking and saying that he would serve as an example for other to follow, but his second phrase includes a proviso "even as I also as of Christ", which indicates that they could follow him AS HE FOLLOWED CHRIST. Find a godly man to follow by example, AS THAT MAN FOLLOWS CHRIST. Php 3:17 (17) Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. Paul again - not only him but there are others who walk the right way and are worth following (Again, as they follow Christ).
  19. You obviously are not interested in actually studying the passage, which is all I asked you to do. I have no way of providing the help you need.
  20. As far 1 Cor 12 is concerned, understanding the nature of "the body" being spoken of is of utmost importance. Is this body some sort of universal group or is it a local church? One important verse in determining this is: 26 And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it. How can all the members suffer if this is a universal group? The overwhelming majority of the members of a universal group have no idea that an individual member is suffering. In a local church there is at least potential for all the members to be affected. In fact there is no reason throughout the whole chapter to think of the word "body" as having a universal application. If then the "body" is local and not universal, how does that affect the understanding of verse 12?
  21. If you are having a civil ceremony what difference does it make who performs it?
  22. Oh, I'm sorry - you specifically said "chips" were mentioned. So, you are actually making the assumption that chips are involved in the process?
  23. Hmmm I can't think of where chips are mentioned in Revelation... Could you point me to the passage?
  24. Why would anyone want to start an argument over a post that is now more than ten years old, and whose participants for the most part are not even on here any more?
  25. I don't get why this is such an issue for so many people. What we see in the Bible is that churches are started under the authority of other churches. This IS the Biblical pattern. Who cares if you can or can't trace your church back to the Jesus? As I already answered in the other thread, what is most important is what a church is doing today, and how churches are started today - is it Biblical. This "you can't trace your church back so it can't be true" is a total red herring. The only ones I see making an issue out of it are those who want to dispute the idea of authority. That's how I see it.

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