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  1. 1. I never said definitions were unimportant. I implied that definitions need to be correct. 2. The Greek supports the definition of the word. Just like any dictionary gives definitions. 3. Your proposed definition of wife, given with no reference as to its origin, does not align with the official definitions. To be honest, I am not interested in becoming further involved in this discussion, but as you say, definitions are important, but it is also important that they are correct definitions.
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    Thanks, and welcome.
  3. It seems to me that much is being made of certain definitions, but those definitions for not appear to be true. For instance, the greek word from which is translated the word "wife" has a primary meaning of "woman", and a secondary of "specifically a wife", which makes the word a descriptive rather than a "title". Secondly, a bishop is absolutely required to rule his house well, the reference to children being an addendum to that, but a wife is absolutely a part of that household. Finally, the rules on divorce must be considered, as Biblically not all divorce is the same. O
  4. I actually think it is a bit of a pity this ended up like this. I genuinely want such people to properly answer the points put to them. It helps me to understand the arguments. Of course this guy was not properly responding in any case, but it is still a pity he decided to force the mods to act. Thanks to the mods for acting appropriately and quickly by the way.
  5. This kind of behaviour is simply disgusting and should not be heard from anyone calling themselves a Christian.
  6. I repeated it because you refused to do so. I stopped as soon as I was asked. I would have stopped the moment you gave this board the proper respect of an intro. Your foul descriptions however should not pass the keyboard of a Christian.
  7. This is a disgusting personal attack. I am neither old, nor senile, and you know nothing about me - that is obvious. And you are wrong. If you paid any real attention you would know you are wrong. And the language you use to refer to the forum is also a disrespectful disgrace.
  8. I thought this would be an interesting subject, but I guess not. I know I have had discussions with people about pastoral duties and it is surprising what people think are biblical duties for a pastor which are not. They are traditional. Some are good things to be done, but some are unnecessary burdens upon Pastors.
  9. I don't know about over there, but here the ride sharing companies (those that use people with private cars as taxis) and several other companies have been prosecuted for trying to claim that their drivers are contractor to whom they don't have to pay benefits and for whom they don't have to pay taxes. They were wrong too, and they are not religious, therefore not being religiously persecuted.
  10. Once again you fail to read the Bible. In the first place, not all covenants are two way agreements. See Genesis 15. Secondly the passage I quoted gives the entirety of this particular covenant and the condition for the Israelites is given in verse 14, and it applies to INDIVIDUALS, not the nation. Read it. Read it carefully. You are wrong.
  11. Can you possibly insert a "moderator's statement" at the head of the thread about it not being the view of the board, but a poster who was banned for his unbiblical views? I think I agree that it should stay - it is part of the history.......
  12. This current guy was one of them I bet. Sounds like Shoostie right down the line.......
  13. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You should delete it - we don't really want people associating us with that kind of false teaching......
  14. And I noted from the article that "at least one" could follow it back - thank you for confirming that and adding that the number according to that article is actually two. Not bad for a nation that you claim doesn't exist at all - you have confirmed that at least 2/12's of that nation still exist, which is enough to prove you are wrong. If they still exist, the the others also do, and the God I believe in is certainly able to keep track of who is who, and call out 12000 from each tribe, even if He has to identify each and every individual. The god that you follow is a liar, and
  15. And yet it DOES SAY that they can follow back to them - This disproved your assertion. And it was only the first that was listed on my search. You are the one making the false claim, so you need to prove it, not me. I have shown verse after verse after verse after verse that proves you are wrong. THAT is reliable testimony. I have seen the lists on the walls and seen the monuments standing, and spoken with people who follow their lineage to Benjamin specifically, and I don't remember the others. But even that is nothing compared to the verse after verse that shows you
  16. Oh so the dictionary quote is wrong? So now, the Bible is wrong, my experience is wrong, God is wrong, and the dictionary is wrong, but you are right because you say so. And you still have not done this board the basic courtesy of introducing yourself properly in the intro section, just the way that every false teacher who has come to this site has refused to do for the past couple of years. Unsupported accusations...... You really are unbelievable. He supported everything with official documents. You have supported nothing (in any discussion on this board by
  17. Lovely attitude there. What about the church looking after a widow? What about this grieving woman who has lost her husband who was a faithful servant for who knows how long being looked after. Your lack of compassion betrays you.
  18. Next matter then....... (And note that I am not changing because I cannot answer you, I am changing because YOU WILL NOT answer the previous points.) Genesis 17 7 And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee. 8 And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God. note 9 And God said unto Abraham, Thou shalt keep my
  19. Purely statutory...... statutory /ˈstatʃʊt(ə)ri,ˈstatjʊt(ə)ri/ adjective required, permitted, or enacted by statute. Oh you mean purely about a law made by government? Yep it is a pure legal matter. He broke the law, and he paid for it. In this matter Hovind was not fighting for religious freedom - he was fighting to not pay taxes - it was a money issue plain and simple. And Alan would
  20. Not that I care much because I have seen the monuments and walls with such info, but the very first link I came across was this: To this day there are Jews who trace their descent from the ancient tribe of priests (kohanim) and levites (leviim) of the Jewish Bible and who still receive special recognition in areas such as the Jewish synagogue service. https://en.m.wikipedia.org › wiki › J... Jewish genealogy - Wikipedia So at least one tribe still knows, but I was led around Israel by a guy who has traced his lineage to Benjamin, and many - not all, but many Israelies can and do
  21. I quoted 46 verses of evidence to back up my personal experience. Why would I need more? Surely MY personal experience is AT LEAST as relevant as you unsupported opinion.... And you still haven't shown any evidence that Rev 7 is symbolic in that section, nor of which "spiritual tribe" you are a part, AND you haven't actually answered EVEN ONE verse of those I posted, the majority of which state clearly that God still considers Israel to be a legitimate nation. I would rather follow God's opinion than yours... And OF COURSE you still have not done this bo
  22. No need for that sort of language. You really do have a problem with people presenting actual evidence don't you.....
  23. All he has done is provide evidence, similar to what I did in the other thread when I posted every Bible verse that proves you wrong, but you seem to value your own opinion over any kind of evidence. And you still have not done this board the basic courtesy of introducing yourself properly in the intro section.
  24. You post evidence backing up your claim. I have been to Israel, spoken to Israelies who know their heritage, been to places that list their heritage. Not internet waffle but genuine experience. And you won't answer any of the verses because you can't. God, in His perfect Word, constantly and repeatedly refers to national Israel after you say He has forsaken then. You are wrong, and your " I'm right and you're wrong" attitude will not change that. And you still have not done this board the basic courtesy of properly introducing yourself in the intro section..
  25. Oh yeah, and you haven't designated the "Spiritual tribe" you are part of..... You really do have to explain what the purpose is of naming each if the twelve individual tribes. If it is symbolic (and it isn't) then what do each of the tribes symbolise? Because if they are symbolic it makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE to include that section. Explain away the tribes in Rev 7. And you still refuse to do this board the basic good manners of properly introducing yourself, which is the standard modus operandi of false teachers who come here.
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