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  1. I understand, but it is offensive. He IS effectively saying that if you put up a tree and hang stocking for Christmas then are you are a drunk. It is offensive, and there is not really any link between the two concepts. For the record, I personally don't like Christmas trees, and our kids were told the truth about Christmas from the earliest of times. They also know about Santa, because we have unsaved relatives who asked them what Santa brought them etc - We always told them to play along in case another child was there who did believe.
  2. Hey NN - I am also a bit worried because we have a silver serving platter which was the work of a workman, just like the tree........ where do you think I stand with that? (It is not real silver by the way, we can't afford that - I think it is played. Does that make it OK?)
  3. Could you explain the connection between putting a tree in your house and being a drunk please, because I don't see a connection........
  4. That's really funny, because the way I read your first post is that I was blaming everyone else for something I was doing wrong, which plainly shows that you didn't actually read the opening post. As I read the posts following your first I see it as : you: It is all the Pastor's fault. Scott: It is sin wherever it is found. funny how perceptions differ...... All I know is the problem is real and I want to fix it whatever it takes. I am trying on my part, but nothing seems to make a difference. But in fact all I can do is to do better on my part - I can't "force" others into it. But the accusation that it is all my fault for being an unspiritual and boring pastor was certainly an encouragement, especially since you know me and my preaching so well.
  5. I know plenty of people who have buddhas in their gardens - it is a common thing to do in Bali style gardens. They don't worship them. Not promoting that by the way, just stating the fact that over here they are often used as decorations, without any thought of worship. Garden statues, like any other - garden gnomes for instance.
  6. What a load of rubbish..... Of course some of the points are right and reasonable, but some of this is just absolute rant and points 5 and 6 should not be posted on a Christian site - OF COURSE THAT SORT OF BEHAVIOUR IS UNACCEPTABLE- but so is that kind of description.... And why the accusations at the end? Nobody here even knows you, and I don't know what sort of replies you have so far, but I haven't seen anything inappropriate in response to you. Why don't you go and introduce yourself properly in the Intro section.
  7. I never had a problem with going to any service that was open. I certainly wouldn't have been blaming my pastor if I didn't want to be in church. I know I am not the best preacher around, but I try. I don't "blame" people for not coming - the WHOLE PREMISE of the question was to find ideas to change what is the current status quo. I will try harder.
  8. Just thought I would show you the "Kangaroo Paw" in front of our house. A bit hard to tell, but that shade overhead is about 7', and the plant is right up to it. The second photo shows why it is named that. By the way, sorry about the lawn out front - I am trying to green it, but we are in drought now. Today is a cooler change, so only in the mid 30's -well into the 90's F, but we have had a fair string of days above 30 and into the early 40's. Not the hottest part of summer yet.....
  9. Over here we are about to head into the last bit of Christmas eve, so I want to wish you all a merry Christmas. Argue all you like about the terminology, the day, the date, the theology, etc, but I mean it in the simplest and nicest sense. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  10. I am currently dealing with a man who spends more time listening to internet theologians than being around good christian influence - including coming to church. He is listening to "good independent baptist preachers" (his words), but I know from his current directions that he is primarily being influenced by Anderson and his disciples. The things he is coming up with are clear, and although he doesn't realise it, dangerous. And his family will be damaged by it, but there is apparently nothing I can do to convince him. He believes everything Anderson says, but questions every statement I make.
  11. I did wonder what their apparent beauty or otherwise had to do with anything. I sure hope looks are not a part of pleasing God because I fear that I am not too easy on the eyes myself........
  12. I gotta say..... Of all the things mentioned in my critique of the original post, there is not one answer, not one objection, not one disputed point - except that the person has taken offense at my use of the word stupid - which as I said was not directed at the person but at the proposition. Seems to me that the person was seeking for something to be offended at.... I did after all clearly display how the proposition was indeed a stupid one. Oh well...…...
  13. I didn't call you stupid, I said your proposition was stupid.
  14. I didn't post in this thread until now because I was not interested in the straw man proposition at the very start. I finally stuck my nose in when the OP proposed a clearly unbiblical form of baptism, but now that my nose is "in here" I am going to waggle it around a little. The original post is so full of false premise that it simply isn't funny. Who cares what the Gospel Coalition says (whoever they are...)? I know from my own experience that when I was saved 30+ years ago, and then a few month later baptised, people were already having the discussions about children with false professions "getting saved" again as an adult. I will note to you that the discussion was NEVER about those people getting baptised at a young age, but about whether or not they got saved at that age. I have spoken to many people older than I who made a profession of faith for salvation at ages as young as three, but mostly around the ages of 6-10, who then doubted their salvation and later "tried again". That means that this "trend" you propose has been stable for at least the last 50 or more years. I gotta say that I have never heard this in an IFB church - about salvation yes, but not about baptisms, and the way you word this appears to be suggesting that baptism is a part of salvation...…. Maybe that is simply sloppy wording on your part, but that is the way it looks...... So what? What has this to do with "emotional maturity"? It is about understanding your position as a sinner, and understanding the offer of salvation through Christ. It is not about emotional anything...... This is utter stupidity. The difference between baptism in a catholic church and baptism in an Independent Baptist Church is nothing to do with age, and everything to do with doctrine. Catholics baptise as a part of their salvation ritual process, IFB baptise as a testimony of what the Lord HAS ALREADY done in a saved person's life. You either have ZERO understanding of what baptism means or...…. no that's it...…. And your proposal means that the position of an IFB church would have to change with every baptism. A couple of baptisms ago, our church baptised two 13 year old, a 14 year old, and a 73 year old. Do we average them to find out how close to a Catholic church we are? So we were 28.25 years away from being a Catholic church. But the last baptism was a mother of about 38. So now we are 38 years away from being Catholic? See, it is a stupid proposition..... Who cares what Presbyterians do? But here again you display a lack of understanding about baptism. It takes very little Bible research to see that the order is set out in a plain way - salvation then baptism. Find one instance of a man in the Bible being baptised before being saved..... (I assume Judas was baptised but he never was saved......so he doesn't count.) And yes it is worse than baptising a ten year old, because in every IFB church that I have ever been associated with, the ten year old would only be baptised AFTER he has professed Christ as his Saviour. No baby who cannot even speak the words, is of sufficient understanding to be able to be saved. So in short, your proposition of a trend towards baptising younger is not true over the last 50+ years anyway, so your beginning premise is wrong. Your attempt to associate baptism with "emotional maturity" is simply unbiblical. You appear to be associating baptism to salvation in an essential way, which is unbiblical. Your attempt to make the difference between Catholicism and Baptist churches into one of "age of baptism" is ridiculous, unbiblical, and quite frankly, stupid. And your attempt to minimise the "process" difference between the Presbyterians and the IFB indicates that your purpose here is not just for a good discussion, but to gently spread dissent and false teaching.
  15. Romans 6 4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection: Likeness of his death....... Don't ya hate it when the Bible disagrees with you?
  16. There is ABSOLUTELY no biblical instruction nor example of this. How does this show the death of Christ?
  17. And Pomegranate juice from the streetside stalls is mmmmmmmmmmmmwonderfuuuuullllllmmmmmmmmm. Cut, squeezed, and served over ice - as fresh as it comes, and so refreshing..... - although I think at that time it might still be a little chilly there.... And the streetside coffee is yum if you like it strong, but if you have never had Arabic (or Turkish coffee - not quite the same - different spices, but similar...consistency...), just a warning - the last half inch is not meant to be drunk.
  18. Oh...… I forgot.... Whilst in Jerusalem, if you have spare time, you MUST MUST MUST go to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. The whole complex is astounding, the main museum walk is exhausting - not because of the length - it is not all that long, but the subject matter is so well presented, but so hard to endure - and I already knew about much of it. But to be confronted in the way they do there is...…. essential. When you exit the museum section you come out into a lovely serene view over a valley, and a beautiful cool breeze blowing across you - just what is needed to reflect for a while. But the gardens, the children's walk.... all worthwhile. Each "flame" in the darkness represents a child taken in the Holocaust, and names are spoken continually of those children.
  19. If it is not part of the tour, the Garden Tomb is worth the time. But if it is anything like the trip I took, the hotel room with eyes closed will be the best place. So tuckered by the end of the trip......... Tel Aviv - it depends where you are staying - we were close to the sea and a cafe strip and shopping area. Stood and watched the sea a while and had a lovely cafe meal. You will enjoy yourself.
  20. They are a Catholic order - since the catholic 'church's has rarely been the 'loser' and you are talking about a catholic order, their history should be relatively accurate. By definition, someone named Benedict was the organiser......
  21. Hey guys, what about the guy I quoted from another thread who is clearly outlining a non sola-scriptura guidance? Anyone got a comment?
  22. Why has this been posted in a totally unrelated thread ? (Fasting was the OP....) For the record, I doubt that anyone on here would even try to defend the sinful actions of wicked men, but you have presented no scripture to back up your accusation that this is directly related to "Once saved always saved". However, eternal security IS a Bible doctrine - NOT Calvin's way, but the Bible way. The many names you mention in your post are criticised by many on here whenever their names are put forward, because they are hateful AND unscriptural in many of their teachings and actions. This is why your connecting of eternal life to this sort of sin is unbiblical: Rom 5:20-6:2 (20) Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound: (21) That as sin hath reigned unto death, even so might grace reign through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord. (1) What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? (2) God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein? No truly saved person WANTS to live in sin. I will finally note to you that God is the one who determined the terms "eternal life" and "everlasting life", and anyone who wants to teach that a saved man can lose his salvation must first overcome the actual terms that God determined should be used - How can eternal life be eternal if it can end? How can everlasting life be everlasting if it is can end? If it ends it NEVER was eternal or everlasting. None of that justifies the kind of sin you are talking about by the way.
  23. Hey Weary and NoNics, some bloke on here posted this in another thread, which is relevant to this subject also: (It was here: https://onlinebaptist.com/forums/topic/27985-why-large-families/?do=findComment&comment=447673")
  24. Not at all suggesting that this isn't happening, but I have never had a real problem with windows versions and updates. My systems have always just worked - only problems I have had are old systems getting junked up with updates (slowing down), and attacks from scammers. But it was pointed out to me that if you type 4x4 whilst holding down the shift key you get $×$, and that CAN'T be a co-incidence!
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