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  1. Oh well, my Rooboys went down to those dastardly lads from Port Adelaide. Can't win 'em all - but it would be nice to win one soon! :lol:
  2. After reading this I think that a criticle point has been largely missed. Revival of a church is not a reality. True "revival" (and I am not sure I like the term - is it a Bible term? Oh well we know what we mean I guess! ) has nothing to do with churches, and everything to do with individuals. Before people start jumping to conclusions - I am not saying that churches are unimportant - I believe quite to the contrary. BUT - Revival of a church is simply where you have the revival of several individuals. You CAN NOT have revival without individuals being moved by the Holy Spirit. Wha
  3. Sorry folks there is definitely a need for order. The order is reasonably good - let me explain: 1. Your fellowship with God is the most important. Without a right fellowship with God, nothing else you do will be fully effective, however if you have a right fellowship with God then, you will do the next thigns on the list best! 2. Husband-wife. Your strongest and highest priority relationship in the physical sense. Again if you do not guard your husband-wife relationship then you will not do others well. However if you have a good relationship in this sense then yoru parent child rel
  4. G'day "heartstrings". Serious question - why do you want a gap? What is the importance to you of it, or what do you think the gap was for? What happened in the gap?
  5. DaveW

    Poor Richard

    Nup Sorry - us blokes are just not that smart! You can drop what you think are VERY CLEAR hints, and we will just miss it. It's another example of sin affecting the human response! :puzzled: :lol:
  6. There's a few of us saved over here - just the odd one or two. Yep it is hard here, but then again it is hard everywhere - just in different ways. We hada Preacher come over to visit from the US and he couldn't beleive how many doors we knock on in a morning - people over here either don't answer or they jsut say "Not interested" and close the door on you. Our visitor said that at least in his area people would politely talk with you, even if they weren't interested. Actually we are having some fellowship meetings in a few weeks so we are having a few interstate visitors. Love the meeti
  7. Would you believe that here in Perth it is 11:21 and I have to start work at 5am tomorrow morning?
  8. Thanks for the welcome all. I am slowly filling in details (location etc) but the only pic I have that is the right size for the Avatar is the car. I also visit a few 4x4 sites as that is a wishful hobby of mine, and hence the 4x4 pic. I say wishful as I just don't get the time to play off-road very often, what with all the stuff I have to fit around the paying job already. The 4x4 gets relegated to "when there is some time left over" :lol:
  9. Ban katie for welcoming me (although that seems rather harsh! )
  10. Just did a search and found two references to Aussie rules Football - one in "homeschooling" (I guess that makes sense? ) and the other one in "Soulwinning" :loco :puzzled: Anyway I am new here, and from Oz, and my team has made the semis - Go the Roos! Anyone else know anything about Real Football? :lol:
  11. Ban John before Katie gets a chance! (I'm new here - I hope you don't mind me splitting you two up! :lol )
  12. My wife found this site and it looks good so I am here too now! I like the rules of the Forum - suits me just fine! We are from the southern suburbs of Perth Western Australia, a little church - just a few people. We've been going for some years, but we haven't seen growth in numbers, just in Spirit. If you are thinking about coming to Oz, drop us a line and we will convince you to visit Perth! :lol :lol Dave.
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