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  1. Answer a few questions for me please: 1. What names does God use for "Salvation life"? (I will give you these ones) There are two main ones: Everlasting life, and Eternal life. 2. If something is everlasting, what does that mean exactly? 3. If something is eternal, what does that means exactly? 4. If something can end, was it EVER everlasting? 5. If something can end, was it EVER eternal? With all the verse arguments that go on, sometimes people forget the simple facts. God, not men, calls Salvation life both everlasting and eternal. These names can
  2. Well, let's face it they couldn't taste any worse, so go ahead and add salt. Of course you cannot have a Hawiian Pizza without pineapple, but a good "works pizza" should also have pineapple. I have no idea what this "ketchup" is that you speak of, but tomato sauce is also made of tomatoes, and whilst I would not have it on most eggs, scrambled can handle it. And you can add any number of different things to steak, but steak sauce or tomato sauce are definitely NOT acceptable. Here is a biggie: a burger is not a complete burger without a few slices of beetroot in the rest of
  3. Sunset from Gracetown, South West of Western Australia
  4. 3 bears carpark and surf breaks in the background, our old Cruiser in the fore.
  5. No bears here at all - not even koalas in Western Australia, and they are not bears. Apparently there are three surf breaks - Papa bears, Mama bears, and Baby bears - one of the the surf breaks is always just right....... It is a half hour of 4x4 only to the carpark from either north or south, but the main carpark was full - 30 or so vehicles parked up. It took about an hour to complete the track, with conditions ranging from hard dirt, to rocky surface, to soft sand, and the views were amazing. We met a few cars coming the other way and they were doing the soft sand hills
  6. The Lord provided for us and I was able to take my wife away for our 31st anniversary- not "away - away", just to the south-west of our state (about 200km away from home), to stay in a little cabin in the bush for a few days. Anyway, one of the things we did was to find a popular off-road track down here called Three Bears. We have a 1985 Toyota Landcruiser - it is not new, but it is in good condition, and they are a capable truck. Anyway, we got a little video of the track. 31 years married and she still comes 4x4ing with me (on the rare occasion we get to go.) I hope you
  7. I love the way you mischaracterise the literal interpreter so that you can then discredit them. That is what is called a "Straw man argument". The literal interpreter takes the literal interpretation unless there is a reason to take it otherwise. The reason could be a literary mechanism, such as when the Bible uses the term "like", which indicates that something is not the literal stated item but is "like" it. Mat 3:16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a d
  8. Just an update. There are people worldwide who are blaming the recent and current bushfires on "climate change". As I have already mentioned, fires such as these (this scale) are not common, but also not unprecedented. Twice in the last 40 years we have seen fires similar to this. I don't know if it is being reported, but over the last 2 - 4 weeks there have over 180 arrests of arsonists related to the recent and current bushfires. This is unprecedented. We do have fire bugs of course, but a bad year would be 30 arrests through the nation over the entire summer. 180+ is as
  9. One of the funniest things about our politics is the main conservative party is called the Liberal Party!!!!!!! (Currently in power).
  10. To be fair, the harvest bans are a regular thing. In summer here everything gets so dry that even driving through a field can start a fire. A few years ago a man was using a grinder during a total fire ban, and he started a fire which caused huge damage and a death. Total accident, but this place really goes to tinder in summer. The no cool burning, no clearing, and no bush grazing are the things that have added to the current problems, and they are all main platform policies of the Greens party, the Labour party, and the Democrats. And now they are all attacking our Prime Minis
  11. To give you an idea, with 40+ bush fires burning in Western Australia currently, my family went for a country drive today. Covered a loop of about 400km and did not even see smoke from any of these fires. Western Australia is huge, so as with all things numbers and statistics do not tell you the whole story. But there are definitely people in trouble from these fires.
  12. Ok then - a few bits about this. The article is referencing the fires on the East coast - I am on the West Coast. That means that those fires are not affecting me. However, there are extensive fires along the east coast and in fact all over Australia. Every State and Territory is suffering fires at the moment. But it is summer in Australia, and we ALWAYS have fires in summer. These are worse than recent years, but really only because the last several years have been relatively mild. The stuff about our Prime Minister is political fluff from his opponents. The PM is n
  13. The study of Mary in Catholic dogma is called "Mariolatry". All other area of study in theology are "...ology". With the exception of "Idoloatry". The difference? And "olatry" is worship....... Anyone who says that Catholics don't worship Mary is seriously misinformed.
  14. Yep - I often sit across the road from a bar and the number of drunks who come out and cut down a tree to decorate it is astounding...... It was and is an offensive correlation. Drunks get loud, aggressive, depressed, or profane, but they don't go on redecorating sprees.
  15. I understand, but it is offensive. He IS effectively saying that if you put up a tree and hang stocking for Christmas then are you are a drunk. It is offensive, and there is not really any link between the two concepts. For the record, I personally don't like Christmas trees, and our kids were told the truth about Christmas from the earliest of times. They also know about Santa, because we have unsaved relatives who asked them what Santa brought them etc - We always told them to play along in case another child was there who did believe.
  16. Hey NN - I am also a bit worried because we have a silver serving platter which was the work of a workman, just like the tree........ where do you think I stand with that? (It is not real silver by the way, we can't afford that - I think it is played. Does that make it OK?)
  17. Could you explain the connection between putting a tree in your house and being a drunk please, because I don't see a connection........
  18. That's really funny, because the way I read your first post is that I was blaming everyone else for something I was doing wrong, which plainly shows that you didn't actually read the opening post. As I read the posts following your first I see it as : you: It is all the Pastor's fault. Scott: It is sin wherever it is found. funny how perceptions differ...... All I know is the problem is real and I want to fix it whatever it takes. I am trying on my part, but nothing seems to make a difference. But in fact all I can do is to do better on my part - I can't "force" others
  19. I know plenty of people who have buddhas in their gardens - it is a common thing to do in Bali style gardens. They don't worship them. Not promoting that by the way, just stating the fact that over here they are often used as decorations, without any thought of worship. Garden statues, like any other - garden gnomes for instance.
  20. What a load of rubbish..... Of course some of the points are right and reasonable, but some of this is just absolute rant and points 5 and 6 should not be posted on a Christian site - OF COURSE THAT SORT OF BEHAVIOUR IS UNACCEPTABLE- but so is that kind of description.... And why the accusations at the end? Nobody here even knows you, and I don't know what sort of replies you have so far, but I haven't seen anything inappropriate in response to you. Why don't you go and introduce yourself properly in the Intro section.
  21. I never had a problem with going to any service that was open. I certainly wouldn't have been blaming my pastor if I didn't want to be in church. I know I am not the best preacher around, but I try. I don't "blame" people for not coming - the WHOLE PREMISE of the question was to find ideas to change what is the current status quo. I will try harder.
  22. Just thought I would show you the "Kangaroo Paw" in front of our house. A bit hard to tell, but that shade overhead is about 7', and the plant is right up to it. The second photo shows why it is named that. By the way, sorry about the lawn out front - I am trying to green it, but we are in drought now. Today is a cooler change, so only in the mid 30's -well into the 90's F, but we have had a fair string of days above 30 and into the early 40's. Not the hottest part of summer yet.....
  23. Over here we are about to head into the last bit of Christmas eve, so I want to wish you all a merry Christmas. Argue all you like about the terminology, the day, the date, the theology, etc, but I mean it in the simplest and nicest sense. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  24. I am currently dealing with a man who spends more time listening to internet theologians than being around good christian influence - including coming to church. He is listening to "good independent baptist preachers" (his words), but I know from his current directions that he is primarily being influenced by Anderson and his disciples. The things he is coming up with are clear, and although he doesn't realise it, dangerous. And his family will be damaged by it, but there is apparently nothing I can do to convince him. He believes everything Anderson says, but questions every statement I
  25. I did wonder what their apparent beauty or otherwise had to do with anything. I sure hope looks are not a part of pleasing God because I fear that I am not too easy on the eyes myself........
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