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  1. Ban Madeline because she ahs been hitting the big issues REALLY HARD so far today! :lol:
  2. "Give me coffee or give me death" to horribly misquote an american general! And by the way - I'm winning! :lol:
  3. What day is thanksgiving? :ooops I probably am. By the way - I am winning now! :lol:
  4. Standing around the throne
  5. Ban Madeline because I haven't banned anyone for a while! (But someone should have banned my wife for double posting all over OLB ) (oh and by the way - the muffins were really nice )
  6. Dave Winter Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church, Fremantle,Western Australia. Small church, meeting in a High School right now. If you're ever in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop in. Remember Fremantle? - we were the place that held the America's Cup Yacht race after we Aussies won it from you guys. :lol Then we lost it......back to you. :badday:
  7. Ban Madeline because if I don't she will have more posts in a row than me! :lol:
  8. DaveW

    random fact game

    I didn't know that! There are cattle stations in the north of Western Australia that are bigger than Texas! (That would be a "ranch" for y'all over there! )
  9. It is funny - I have never had rabbit - I don't quite know why it just never happened. Now don't think I am funny about eating cute and furry or out of the ordinary. I will eat Bambi without a thought. Skippy (the bush kangaroo!) has passed between my lips. Snake and "goanna" (a large monitor lizard) has been on my menu. Buffalo was my main course at an african restraunt one night. And my entre' that night was Crocodile - I said the to the waiter "I'd like some crocodile thanks, and make it snappy!" I wasn't all that impressed with the croc, but the rest would be welcome on my plate anytime. My wife though has some issues with eating cute and fluffly - and scaly and snappy for that matter too! (And I'm winning again! :lol )
  10. DaveW

    random fact game

    Ooooooohhh - to stay on this topic for just a moment - the other animal that is "closely related" - the only other monotreme (egg-laying, milk feeding mammal) is the Platypus! And the example that is in the London Museum has marks around the "beak" where the museum officials tried to find the stitching - they were convinced it was a made up creature and wanted to find the stitching where the "duck like bill" had been sewn onto the "beaver like body". They certainly are a strange but cute little creature, and the fact that they and the Echidna are the only egg-laying milk feeding mammals is confusing to evolutionist who can't explain how they are "related" while being so incredibiliy dissimilar!
  11. Ban me because I have to leave or I will be late! :lol:
  12. Ban Timothy because he pointed out my total lack of intelligence as a random fact! :lol:
  13. DaveW

    random fact game

    Just back from prayer meeting Timothy? We are just about to leave - but no prayer meeting this week as we are in the middle of a week of meetings. That will have to do for my random fact in this post! :lol:
  14. DaveW

    random fact game

    Of course you are right - it was the 163 - I was pushed into putting in a random fact by my wife and son because my head is full of all sorts of useless rubbish, and it was all I could think of on short notice. C-stoff and T-stoff were the two chemicals used in the fuel and to emphasise the point of the danger to the pilots, they would drop a single drop of one into a small dish of the other - and the dish would be destroyed in a blinding flash. The wheels used for tak-off were a trolley that was jettisonned on take-off and a small sprung skid was lowered for landing - but anythin less than feather light would often cause the remaining fuel to splash together in the chamber with a subsequent blinding flash similar but much larger than the one used in the initial display! The 262 was first flown with a DB 600 in the nose, and tail dragging landing gear.
  15. DaveW

    random fact game

    When the Me262 was first displayed to the German officials in WW2 the amazed officials after seeing the small single winged aircraft scream past at over 400mph asked "What engine is installed?" (In german of course! ) the answer was "None, herr General"! The Komet was without an engine and performed this feat after being towed up to altitude behind a bomber, then released to glide down at high speed. The speed was due entirely to it's unique design. Bet you didn't think you get a fact as random as that! :wink
  16. Ban Katie because she's above me? :roll Dave!
  17. DaveW

    Questions Only

    Are you able to sing it in Chinese? :puzzled: :lol:
  18. In thought this thread was supposed to explode when we hit 1000 pages? but I'm winning right now! :lol:
  19. If you clicked on "View active posts" it was there but it's not anymore so don't bother! But I'm winning now!
  20. We just finished home made enchiladas - YYYYYUUUUMMMMMMM :lol:
  21. I just want to point out that at this time (unless someone posted while I am posting this) I have the six latest postings! :lol:
  22. DaveW

    Questions Only

    Uhhhh, do you mind me calling you Katie, since we haven't really been introduced? :puzzled: :lol:
  23. DaveW

    Questions Only

    Can you rephrase that John, so that Katie can understand it? :lol:

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