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  1. I miss the reasoned, godly voice and advice of my friend Alan. I miss his lessons posted here. I miss his input to the discussions. Mostly I miss his gentle advice, direction, and when necessary, rebukes. Pro 27:6(a) Faithful are the wounds of a friend; Pro 27:17 (17) Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Although we never met face to face, I count him as a true friend, and look forward to the day when we do meet face to face, as we glory in the Lord together.
  2. Long story short - the PNG government has changed the visa requirements for those at the clinic, and it has caused some problems. As a result it is difficult for new staff to get in, and some have had to leave. This all means that Hannah-Rose is now basically running the clinic. She is doing fine in most respects, misses her family and home church, but loves the work, the church there in Kotidanga, and loves the people she is working with and for.
  3. Just trolling through old posts and found this one. Time for an update: Isaiah 29 currently. 2 years....... AM service is answering questions people are asking on a sign up sheet. Been very interesting so far. PM is nominally "Ships". (But this can be anything from Noah's Ark to fishing boats to friendSHIP and fellowSHIP). But 29 chapters in 100ish weeks....
  4. I got a report from an evangelist friend who has been visiting Myanmar over the last several years. He is keeping in touch with his local Christian contacts and the other day got a report. It is certainly not improving from the reports earlier in this thread. Keep them in prayer.
  5. Well, late last week they were able to fly up to the airstrip. First try on Friday was no good - cloud everywhere (Normal for PNG) and so the plane would not have been able to find the airstrip. They didn't even try. Saturday, they gave it a go, and the pilot said in 21 years of flying PNG he had NEVER seen it that clear.... Sunday, she was in Church at Kotidanga. She said the service was wonderful and she was able to follow the general line of the message - understood enough of the language to "sort of follow it". This week she ahs been observing clinic, in the mornings and hav
  6. My Hannah-Rose has made it through the boredom of 2 weeks quarantine in a hotel in Port Moresby, and is currently spending the day with the missionaries, getting to know them and making last minute preparations before flying up to the Kotidanga region on Friday (that will be Thursday night for most of you!) The flight is by a single engined small transport - typically a Pilatus Porter or similar for those who care, and the airstrip on the mountain is slightly larger than a postage stamp. The pilots who fly in such places are absolute heroes. A one hour flight, assuming the weather is
  7. Kunai health clinic is in the northern Highlands, although about 5 years ago she went to the southern highlands for a couple of weeks, so she has an idea of what she is getting into. The Clinic is under the administration of some US missionaries, and it is a ministry of Kotidanga Baptist Church, which is the local IB church, pastored by a PNG national. She has now landed in Port Moresby, and is currently en route to the hotel where she will have to quarantine for two weeks. After that, she will spend a little time with the missionaries, John and Lena, before heading up to her new hom
  8. My daughter, Hannah-Rose is a registered nurse. She has left Perth this afternoon to fly to Brisbane and then on to Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea. She will be serving at Kunai health clinic. The clinic is an independent baptist missionary run clinic with the purpose of reaching the people of the Kotidanga region and beyond for the Lord. I would appreciate prayer for her travel and for her service for the Lord into the future. Regards, DaveW
  9. If anyone gets an offensive private message from this guy, just know that there is no biblical basis for his accusations, and you should simply ignore him. He is clearly a false teacher intent on causing distress to those he pms. Unfortunately for him I am not in the least bit fussed by his witchcraft.

    1. Alan



      May God be with you and your ministry. A verse of encouragement, "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." 2 timothy 3:12


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      Thank you. Is see that he has been banned. 

  10. Every day I check the church website there are junk feedback entries - between 8 and 16 at least once a day and sometimes twice. Usually they are trying to tell me how to make squillions from bitcoin, sometimes trying to sell me pharmaceuticals cheap, sometimes offering to be my wife. I also get emails from all sorts trying the same things and also trying to give me a few million that was left to them for a good cause by their great uncle who was the treasurer of some place or another. Thankfully I can just delete them, but it does take time, and it is annoying. And because the
  11. So what DO you hope to achieve by posting about church that you have never heard of before, that will have no influence on you or your church, and that is based half the world away? I don't understand.....
  12. You are making claims that are not proven by Bible verses, making vague references to vague passages, where you say they mean one thing, but there is no correlation of what you are saying with the vague references you give. I have been able to find the verses and passages that you refer to because I am able to use a search engine, but with each verse I identify, it doesn't say what you are suggesting. And you join passages together that have no reason to be joined together. If you were serious about stating your case, then you would at least give proper verse references for each
  13. Exactly the point - what is "big enough" for you to stop fellowshipping with someone? Or is the whole concept wrong? Just a topic for discussion...…..
  14. What are people's thoughts over separating from fellowship with someone over doctrinal matters?
  15. So somehow I am the bad guy for pointing out that someone is blatantly misrepresenting someone else? What Mike has accused Cloud of is simply not true. But I don't care to argue about any further. I pointed it out, and it is done. Fire away at this messenger all you like.......
  16. And again, you are choosing to smear Cloud on this matter by suggesting that he holds pre-trib and "the fundamentals" as salvation matters - which he doesn't. Separating over a false doctrine taught does not necessarily mean that he is saying it is a salvation matter. Following the doctrinal teachings of a woman would also be a fairly weighty matter, but not necessarily a salvation issue - but I would separate from someone who follows the doctrinal teachings of a woman. You really do appear to be trying to paint Cloud with a brush that is not of his making.
  17. This is wrong. The "Fundamentals" are not all associated with salvation and it is a gross misrepresentation for you to argue it in this way. Two offices is a fundamental but has nothing to do with salvation. Two ordinances is a fundamental but has nothing to do with salvation (how they are observed does, but not the fact there are only two). There are others but you get the picture. For you to characterise Cloud in this way is totally improper.
  18. By the way, Brother Graham (Lydia's Dad), is a nice guy and a very accomplished musician, aside from anything else. (I don't know him well - doubt he would recognise me at all, but I have met him a few times, and been privileged to hear him play. We live about 4000km away)
  19. I am not confusing last trumps. I pointed to the very last trump.
  20. Revelation 18 notes "trumpeters" (shall be heard no more in thee), so we can safely surmise that up to that point trumpeters were heard, and that means that trumpets had to be around. But trumpets are not mentioned again in Scripture after that point, so the last trump was done away with just prior to Revelation 18:22. That would have to be "the last trump", surely. And the last mention of "horn" is in Revelation 17, but I don't think those ones "trumped" at all....... different kind of horn. I think have shown that the last trump was not one of the judgement trumpets at all,
  21. I certainly apologise if my response came across that way, for that was definitely not my intent. I was simply trying to point out that the Bible, not our own thoughts, should be the prime. Sorry if it came across as aggressive or mean.
  22. As long as your thoughts come from the Bible and are in line with what the Bible says, there should be no problem. If the way you worship the Lord is in line with the Bible, there will be no problem. But if your thoughts or the way you worship the Lord is NOT in line with the Bible, wouldn't you want to have that pointed out?
  23. I should add a couple of things: 1. My wife does far more than many Pastor's wives that I know. Everyone is different and I know several Pastor's wives with severe health issues which restrict them. They would do more if they could. But I know of some Pastor's wives who put 100% into being the best wife and mother they can be, and they cannot be derided for that either. My wife seems to find the energy to do it all - I have to tell her to rest and then it is under sufferance, which is why the accusations were so hurtful to her. 2. Whilst there are no quals that I have ever found, I
  24. You know there are times when you really shouldn't answer right away? Well..... A lady who has been at our church for about two years (not a member) and comes from an eclectic church background (lots of baggage) has just called my wife to accuse her of not being available outside church, and to complain that another lady is always reporting back to the pastor (me), and a few other things. My wife just rang me upset as anything. She could not get a word in edgeways while this lady just unloaded. Now my wife feels terrible "because she has not been doing enough". My wife is w
  25. Onion can be fresh on a burger, just so long as it is only a little, but the only real way to eat onion is fried on the BBQ. Or deep fried in batter - onion rings...… mmmmm-mmmm-mmmm-mmmmmmmmmm
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