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  1. DaveW

    Bristol Revival by CT Townsend

    Straight up???? No. Because I can't afford the airfares!!!! Seriously though, I have no problem with getting together with likeminded churches to hold preaching meetings. I have a couple of issue with this in particular, some important, some not so much. (I have listened to one of the meetings following on from your link) In no particular order: I dislike the naming of such meetings as "revival meetings". How can we presume to proclaim a revival WILL happen at any particular set of meetings. Pray for it, tell people you are hoping for it, plan for the results even, but to name it as such doesn't sit well with me. (But who really cares what it is named??) I greatly dislike the fact that the only identifier is the name of the preacher. Even if you do a search of it, it is difficult to find out the names of the churches involved ( I have a guess at the main church involved, but no actual list of churches), but CT Townsend's name is everywhere. I greatly dislike that there is no sponsoring church, and in fact no easily identifiable church at all. I am of the opinion that God works through churches, and therefore every "ministry" should be under the authority of a local church. I have a personal problem with asking an offering at such meetings. If assistance is offered from visiting churches then fine, but when we have held large meetings and invited others, we consider it to be a ministry of this church to the others, and therefore we do not take an offering. In the past the recordings of such meeting I have been to have been charged for - a "nominal amount to cover costs" usually. I find this offensive in the extreme, and reminds me of those who made merchandise of the gospel. The point of no identifiable church is a real problem for me, for how do we know the basic stand and position of the meetings if we can not identify the sponsoring church? It is like an author not giving his affiliation in the fold of the book - I have books by authors of other affiliation to IB but they have good information. I know the affiliation of the author and so I can understand the "angle" of certain statements. When you read the Bible, the indications are that every ministry was by one sent out under the authority of a particular church. In any case the matter of people following men (I am of Apollos, I am of Paul etc) is not looked on with commendation in the Bible, and I don't think ANY ministry should be built around any man other than Christ. Would all of this stop me from going if they were local to me? Assuming the churches involved are all Independent Baptist Churches, I would probably attend. And I would be unlikely to mention any of these matters to the Pastors involved. They can and should run their ministries according to the leading of the Lord, not the leading of Dave the Dumb Bloke. Let the Lord teach them on these matters as He will. I might discuss it over a coffee some time later, if the subject came up. Oh yeah, and I have a general dislike for "loud America" preaching. I find it hard to follow when they get loud. I have to confess that I am not really sure what the basis of his message was - I will have to listen again. But I am not used to it. No problem AT ALL with loud AND good Bible.
  2. DaveW

    How to sharpen an axe

    Well, I obviously wasn't clear, because it seems you have misunderstood me. I will try to do better in the future.
  3. DaveW

    Let God be True and Every Man a Liar

    I think this is the key statement, where PastorJ is comparing the reading of the Bible with the reading of what men say ABOUT the Bible. I have posted about this before, and been somewhat attacked about it. The problem is that some men rely almost exclusively on what other men say this passage means or that passage means, and they don't ever just sit down and read what the Bible itself actually says. There are examples of people being commended for testing the preaching of the Word (Acts 17:10,11) and not just believing what they have been told - and in that particular case it was Paul who was preaching! But many people blindly follow their Pastor without question. Many people look to commentaries before trying to figure out for themselves what the Bible means in a particular passage. Many people seek out their "favourite Pastor" for explanations on a passage, and simply accept whatever he says as Gospel. We have even had this in evidence on OLB - where advice or explanation is given and ignored until this person or that person comments and then the same advice or explanation is suddenly accepted. I mentioned in my own thread that I probably lean too far the other way in respect to commentaries, but what I did not say then, but will now, is that I am a bit of a preaching junky. I have masses of preaching on file which I listen to, and I rarely pass up an opportunity to get to preaching meetings that are close enough. I am NOT averse to listening to the Holy Spirit speak through Bible preachers, and I rarely leave a preaching session without learning and hopefully growing. However, many people simply ignore 2 Tim 2:15 in preference to reading someone else's study notes. I am fearful for such people, for they are those who WILL at some point be led astray. Study for yourselves Folks!!! And once you have thoroughly exhausted yourself on such study, THEN, if you find it necessary, seek the advice of a godly preacher, whether that be in print or in person. Get this the wrong way around and you WILL be led astray eventually. Now, with me standing beside PastorJ on this one.... bring it on! By the way brother Jim, the reason I came here initially was for some safe, independent Baptist fellowship - a place where I could talk with likeminded people with some level of safety from attacks. I rarely post here now, because that safety is simply not evident. I write lots of posts, but I don't post hardly anything - it is not worth the firestorm that comes from what should be plainly acceptable statements among IFB.
  4. DaveW

    Formula 1 is prepping for a new season.

    Well into the season now, and Dan has won two races so far. And that with a car that doesn't have the power that Mercedes and Ferrari have. Top three in the driver's championship all have two wins each after six races. I hope Renault can find more power to give Dan and they can fight for the championship come end of season. But it turns out that I cannot watch the race on free TV here. I have to pay for a sports channel, and I will not waste my money on that, not even for Formula 1.
  5. Now, don't get me wrong here - I am not disagreeing with your general points, but to answer this specific question: 1Ti 3:4-5 One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (5) (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) I know this is specific to Pastors, but it makes that point that a man should "rule his house well". This is talking about rank and position - the Man is the "ruler" or "leader" of his house. Before I get a big backlash and a pummelling from all and sundry, this general issue is one that I have long been concerned about - so many men do not how to "rule their house well" in a genuinely Biblical sense. It is not for a man to a totalitarian ruler, and a man certainly doesn't rule alone - He is after all part of "one flesh" formed at marriage. And a man should always remember that he rules his house in (Biblical) love. And I also agree with you that there seems to be a huge "Man bashing" sentiment going around in certain preaching. Without a doubt, there needs to be BIBLICAL teaching on marriage relationships and family relationships, and much of what is passed off as "Family teaching" and "Marriage teaching" is not very biblical at all.
  6. DaveW

    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    The issues I have with you sir are that you refuse to actually answer the majority of questions asked of you. When questioned on your bad science or false accusatory politics, you turn and attack Israel, which has nothing to do with the subject of the thread you started. When questioned on your off track and bad theology you cry about it being off topic. How about the posts such as this one: Entirely on topic and yet showing your electric vehicle "science" to be outdated and basically irrelevant to your point, as other traditionally based technologies exceed your quoted stats.
  7. Is it possibly a kjv2000? They tried to do what the NKJV was supposed to - update archaic words. Not a fan by the way.
  8. DaveW

    This is why I am here, why are you?

    You are not going back down this road because you know I am right. It is clear historical record that when Israel make concessions to the "Palestinians" the "Palestinians" use those concessions to launch attacks against Israel. Israel retalliate against MILITARY targets AFTER the PLO attack day care centres, cafe's, buses, residential areas. Check out the truth instead of following Muslim sponsored lies.
  9. DaveW

    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    This, on a BIBLE FORUM?????? I have no right to "tell the others" especially when it is from someone asking not to use the Bible in a Bible forum....... This is utterly ridiculous....
  10. DaveW

    This is why I am here, why are you?

    Yassar Arafat is on record stating exactly this. The PLO has it written in their charter. In gact the Muslim faith in general has this as their primary goal. You have misquoted God and are saying things that God has not. You are showing loud and clear that you have no regard for God, no regard for the truth, no regard for the Wors of God, and infact are aligning yourself with the Muslims will to eradicate Israel. You are no friend of the Bible, and no friend of God.
  11. DaveW

    This is why I am here, why are you?

    History shows that every time the Israelites make concession for peace, the "Palestinians" attack them. Your assumption HAS BEEN TESTED AND PROVEN WRONG, on many occasions over the last...... 50 odd years. The "Palestinians" have stated categorically over the yesrs thst they will only be happy when Israel no longer exists. But at least we now know for certain where you are coming from. I encourage you to research the matter thoroughly and not be duped by certain of the biased worldly media, and I know for certain that you change your tune. Israel are not the bad guys in this - not by a long shot.
  12. DaveW

    Oil all gone in 30 years, what next?

    1. Why are quoting from the ASV on a KJV site? - especially when you have already been told not to. 2. Why all the verses that are not about the subject but about Israel specifically? Why has this suddenly changed from being about energy stores to being what appears to be anti-Israel? Not many people here will accept you pushing an "Anti-God's chosen nation" line.
  13. DaveW

    "I Knew You Were a Baptist!"

    A great response, and a pretty good (and gentle) rebuke. I know that I have been less than patient at times, and I have spent a lot of time lately thinking of a better way to deal with these people. I will add this to the pot of ideas that I am gathering. Thanks.
  14. DaveW

    Is Time To Talk Impeaching Trump

    I was just wondering, so thanks for your answer. Fair question, seeing as this is primarily a "spiritual" themed forum, and you have only posted on political stuff. And further, your comments are politics are not always accurate. You state in categorical terms that "...he will abolish the two-term limit and appoint himself as the prime master leader for life...…." This is NOT EVEN A POSSIBILITY for any president - for you to state this is such terms is a misleading way of representing him as far worse than he is actually ABLE TO BE. Now, this may be his desire, although I have never heard any report of such, but even that does not change the FACT - it is not possible for him to do, and you are thusly misrepresenting him in the WORST POSSIBLE TERMS on this matter. Is it acceptable for you to do plainly what you accuse him of doing? Is it OK for you, but not OK for him? I am no great fan of Trump, but I do like to see people being treated fairly, and what you have posted here is neither balanced, nor fair to Trump, and it is certainly not all truthful. But then again, I actually do care very little about it - he is not my president, I had no say in his appointment, he does not directly influence any of my life, I will have no say as to who replaces him, or when he is replaced, and my opinion is worth absolutely nothing in the whole scheme of things - I am not involved in his presidency in any way.
  15. DaveW

    Re-introducing myself

    Heya - good have you back. I remember a bit of discussion about your situation and thinking how much I respected your conviction on the matter. It was a conviction that you had and it would seem that the Lord has blessed you for it. Congrats on almost two years.