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  1. I just know that certain names seem to pop up regularly when you see "Conference preaching" advertised, and I thought his was among them.....
  2. Wasn't he associated with meetings with Doug Fisher, Paul Chappel, etc? I am sure I was given a CD set of some preaching meetings with a bunch of "big name" preachers, and I am pretty sure that name was among them.
  3. Why do so many people quote heretics just because they say something 'nice' or cute? I have been forced onto facebook (long story but it is necessary...) and it amazes me the number of quote memes posted that are from men who teach false doctrine but who happen to have said something cute or nice. Do people not realise that quoting such men gives your approval to them, and promotes them before others? You are in effect promoting them, their ministry, and their false doctrines.
  4. My wife and I went for a drive in the country the other day to a place called Dwellingup, stopped and had lunch near the river, and saw these couple of guys. No Idea what the first guy is as I am not a birdwatcher (after some searching it is a Scarlet Robin), but everyone here knows what the other one is: a Kookaburra. They are a kind of kingfisher, but have a distinctive call, which sounds a little bit like maniacal laughter when they get really into it. They are not a cautious bird at all, well known for stealing food from the tables while people are eating there. In fact, one of them flew right in between my wife and I facing each other at the table. He didn't get our food though, because we were quick enough.....
  5. For what? God has a plan for funding His churches already.
  6. Isn't it funny that the Bible often upsets what people want to teach?????
  7. Est 3:1 After these things did king Ahasuerus promote Haman the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, and advanced him, and set his seat above all the princes that were with him.
  8. Gentlemen, have you asked yourself why the ladies came in the morning instead of as soon as the Sabbath was finished, which would have been just after dusk on Saturday evening? A worthy bible study for you to consider.
  9. As it turns out I did go to his website to seek his position, and what I found was a number of false points and arguments, including one in his anti-kjv piece criticizing a bad word translation, which is NOT EVEN FROM THE KJV, but is included without any defining reference in such a way as to indicate an error in the KJV. I only know it is not KJV because I searched the offending phrase and found it was not in the KJV ANYWHERE. And of course he didn't give a reference address for it. This is simply an OUTRIGHT DELIBERATE DECEIT. This is the kind of thing this guy apparently does in order to construct his arguments.
  10. I think it is interesting that Mac has not bothered to address the simple critique of his "divorce" devotion that I did. He has not even tried to answer a single point that I made. And he has not addressed the reason for his self promotion over the Lord, even though at least two of us have noted it. He has not addressed the issue of "loss of salvation" that he alludes to in his divorce devotion - does he believe that eternal life is not in fact eternal? I am certain he thinks we are unloving, but it is not a hateful thing to warn against unbiblical teaching. Indeed, his discussion on the KJV issue has just that intention, although he uses a great deal of misinformation and innacurracy, as well as the aforementioned straw man method. Basically, to any reader of this thread who would be inclined to investigate, I would warn you to diligently check every word of this man against the Bible, and you will find that he is greatly lacking in integrity where Biblical exposition is concerned.
  11. Thankfully my wife is very discerning when it comes to study material for our ladies' meetings. There are so many popular but doctrinally poor writers out there. But I have noticed the use of motivational memes from bad teachers, without regard to the base doctrinal position of the "sayer" of the meme......
  12. Mr McMillen, you clearly lack understanding of at least two things: the fact that your links will continue to be deleted here (because this site will not allow you to promote your false teaching here), and the nature of the church. And no, I am not suggesting it is a building..... do some more study......
  13. I would suggest to the mods that these links be broken. It takes very little perusing of these links to find false doctrine taught, and the basic process of this guy is straw man and misrepresentation.
  14. Place is full of birds - magpies, 28's (a smallish green parrot), kookaburra, a couple of roos have been around. Haven't seen any smaller critters, but they are around. Most lizards and snakes will be trying to keep warm, so unlikely to see any this time of year - although there was a small lizard in the woodpile. Not sure what kind as it was darkish and he was quickly deeper into the pile. Relaxing is what we need right now.
  15. Having a short break away for the week, in a house in the South West of Western Australia - mid winter here, so a light rain, around 18° C, so cool but perfect for sitting on the verandah, and retreating to the wood fire when it cools more. (I hope the short video works) 20190724_090703.mp4

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