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  1. Tonight we are going out to dinner with our family. I am really excitted!!! Very chic, intimate resturant!:icon_mrgreen:
  2. Ban John because I have been addicted to Facebook! :tum
  3. Ban John because I haven't in an awful long time! :frog
  4. Homemade chicken soup and cornbread muffins are on the menu tonight. I have one of my baby girls sick on the lounge with a cold, and chicken soup is just what the doctor ordered! :Green
  5. Lie is pretty good. Dave is out visiting.So here I am killing time on the computer! :Green
  6. Hello everyone. It seems I hardly get to come on here anymore!
  7. Hi Katie and John! How are you both? God Bless! Love; Lee-Anne
  8. We had roast beef and roast vegetables. I have caramel dumplings on the stove waiting for family to come home from archery.
  9. Well..........It is Valentine's Day in Australia! So Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you get spoilt! :wave:
  10. The Left Behind series. My boys are addicted and now I am! :lol:
  11. Wii is soooooooooo much fun!!!!!! The whole family loves it! :clap:

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