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  1. Tonight we are going out to dinner with our family. I am really excitted!!! Very chic, intimate resturant!:icon_mrgreen:
  2. Ban John because I have been addicted to Facebook! :tum
  3. Ban John because I haven't in an awful long time! :frog
  4. Homemade chicken soup and cornbread muffins are on the menu tonight. I have one of my baby girls sick on the lounge with a cold, and chicken soup is just what the doctor ordered! :Green
  5. Lie is pretty good. Dave is out visiting.So here I am killing time on the computer! :Green
  6. Hi John! That is wonderful! How are you?
  7. :ooops Been there; done that!
  8. Hello everyone. It seems I hardly get to come on here anymore!
  9. I am really sorry to hear this. People are not perfect and unfortunately Pastors and church members all have feet of clay. There is no "perfect" Pastor or church ( I am not excusing gross sin by the way ). These situations are different. It is terribly sad to hear of Pastors who fall into deep sin, as well as church members. That is one of the reasons why God gave us the local church; so we could pray, care and encourage one another. As the wife of a Pastor, I know my husband needs my prayers. He is just a man. He is not super human. He did seek to become Pastor. The Lord led him and he simply obeyed. My concern is simply one of biblical authority. I do believe if there is a sound Bible believing; preaching church then we should attend there. I am not talking about a building either. That sound Bible believing church may meet in a home.
  10. Thankyou for you imput. I do agree with you. However, my expeience with the Home church movement here in Western Australia is that it is largely made up of disgruntled "x church members" of one form or another. Several people whom we know, are now attending home fellowships and have had problems with church authority in one form or another. I am sure there are some wonderful home churches. I can see that the fellowship has the potentional to be wonderul. When my husband Pastored a smaller church our fellowship was wonderful and we frequently met in our home.
  11. I don't know if this will help. Our children have had to learn to sit still in all our services from a very young age because were in a small church and my hubby was the Pastor. At our new church we have a family that have 4 little girls ranging from 19 months to 6 and half years. They all sit quietly in church because their mum and dad have spent the time at home teaching them to sit quietly for periods of time. One of the ways they do this is they start "High chair time" around 9 to ten months old where they have to sit quietly and look at a book. At first it is only a couple of minutes and then gradually progresses up to half an hour. The children have learnt at an early age the self control of sitting still. It was done at home and not at church. So much easier on them and their children. They are beautiful girls. I have always tried to do something similar. We "Played church". I would sit my kids down with a book and pretend we were in church. It helped with my very active boy.
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