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  1. Then can also scon you with one of their paws too--they can be highly unsociable at times......... Some of them are so big (muscles bulging as though they are on steroids) that they are plain scary. You don't want to rough up some of the large males.
  2. Actually, if you put it that way, Ashlee ( :frog ), stances are something that I found to be much harder. Less taxing on joints, but more taxing on 'ur brain! It is because you are not moving much, so it is really boring.
  3. Timothy


    Actually, now that you mention it... I kindof follow that pattern anyway without thinking about it--"It's just normal" *shrug*
  4. Personally, some things that I do that I don't believe are spiritually harmful are done for no reason other than being plain fun. Also, I would really hate to offend Zachary.
  5. Ahh yes, I have come across the religious side of martial arts. In order for some to become the very best (masters of the known universe, and other titles that I can't say with a straight face :frog ), some would go deeply into meditations n' all their black magic to try to be one step better than everyone else.
  6. Oh yea, I need not look any farther than John to know what the highest 'rank' is when it comes to the amount of posts that one has made on OB (do you reckon that we might be able to have a few more??)
  7. Timothy


    :wink I'm fortunate because I'm not limited to any one browser :lol
  8. Timothy


    Browser wars and debates are really funny :Bleh
  9. Ahh, in my house, the older you are the more respect you need :smile
  10. What do you know! A laptop that runs off milk and purrs :smile :smile
  11. When I was younger, I liked to look for trouble so my intentions weren't so good as that. I liked wrestling because it was generally easier for both myself and opponents that weren't skilled. You could also get out of a fight without laying a single punch, which was a bonus. So I was better at that because me and my mates would get together and have an afternoon of wrestling--it was really fun! :smile
  12. So... does sitting in front of the computer keep a guy thin, eh?? Maybe that's what's wrong with me............. :Bleh
  13. Mixed as in mixed boxing styles--we kick and sometimes used attacks that aren't really 'boxing' attacks. Some people put boxing in the martial arts category, but IMHO it is just a fighting style nothing else. Mixed boxing is a real thing, and can make someone quite dangerous. Someone who is a champion would make most martial artists look pathetic. I was much better at wrestling though...
  14. Timothy


    Ha ha! Firefox is more on the 'normal' side for me :Bleh :Bleh Yes, I would say that Opera was more secure... the bank's websites don't even work on it :Bleh :Bleh :Bleh :Bleh :Bleh
  15. It is amazing what some professing Christians will say...
  16. Maybe you should start a new poll for people who don't live in the U.S. should visit if they are thinking of paying a visit?? :frog (sorry if that doesn't make sense... my head isn't right today...)
  17. Don't laugh :frog some people really do explain games like this :frog :lol:
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