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  1. Ban Kayla b/c Marcus said 'brought' not 'bought' :lol
  2. Ban Marcus b/c some people like guns :Bleh (or should it be in uzi? :Bleh )
  3. Ban Kayla for putting welcomes outside the welcome forum... whatever it is called ( :Bleh ) and being so much more fun to ban than Ashlee :frog
  4. Ban Kayla for wanting to create a better description with more that one word.
  5. Ban Kayla for not making up her mind in one word :frog
  6. Ban Ashlee b/c my hair is actually blonde :frog
  7. Ban Kayla b/c she's Mr. Green! *gasp*!!! :Green
  8. Ban Zachary because... sandgropers, aye? Fair dinkum! Ya learn something new every day!
  9. Ban Z-a-c-h-a-r-y not Z-a-c-h-e-r-y because that is a good point :wink
  10. Ban Zachery for not quite waiting long enough for me to chat with him in the chatbox :smile
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