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  1. I heard one preacher say one time that a person should tithe on their gross income. I have a question about that. This is in no way condemning candlelight for what she is doing. A portion of my income (which should get to be a larger portion all the time) is cost plus. That means when I spend a dollar on supplies or a sub contractor I collect $1.10. Now as time goes by I should get to the point that the majority of my income is the cost plus. Now lets say my gross income for a year is $100,000.00. My tithe for the year on my gross income would be $10,000.00. But it being earned on cost plus, my bills/payout would be around $9080.00. So my total payout including the tithe would be $100,080.00. Just wondering is it correct that I should tithe on my gross income????
  2. Did the 1200.00 just include the tear out and dehumidifier? Or did it include putting things back together? Such as coming back and putting the wood floor back down. 1200.00 sounds high if they are going to stop when they pick up the dehumidifier, but if they are putting the floor back together it sounds about right. Especially if he is like me and tries to include some of the might go wrongs in an estimate rather than have a bad surprise at the end for the customer. I just finished a cabinet job that I estimated between 10,000 and 11,000. The total ended up just shy of 9,000 and I had a very surprised but happy customer. Would much rather happy surprised than mad at the end of the day.
  3. It seems to me that a Godly jew must have had a beard. Lev 19:27 Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.
  4. actually 1 Tim 6:1 does not prove your point. As a servant (slave) under the yoke (of bondage(a slave)), everything that one might bring in as a salary would be his masters!!! Even as a worker, I have heard of men not liking it that the boss was making a profit off of their labor. But without the boss there would be no job/income for the worker. So that verse on its own does not define the word honor.
  5. Did anyone, even one single soul, get cast out of Abraham's Bosom and into hell, or did they all go to heaven??
  6. Funny, if you follow and are attacked, it is all your fault. But if you follow and are correct, you are a hero (and these boys are heros). http://www.fox8live.com/story/22844442/teen-boys-chase-kidnapper-on-their-bikes-to-save-5-year-old-girl
  7. They wanted us to sign so they could harvest my mothers organs in March of 2004 after she suffered a very major stroke. They said she was brain dead and could not function without the machines. I had a friend get mad at me for saying no. We kept her on the machines a week, then telling them it was time to turn the machines off and let her go (without organ donation) Today, Mom plays the piano, and plays games on her computer. She will never be the self sufficient person she once was, but she is alive!!! She loves to tell about her stroke to strangers and that God had things for her in mind.
  8. As far as the marriage at Cana, Jesus was a guest, not presiding over it. If he played a "part" it would be a caterer. So I do not see how that would put it as something we could consider religious. Yes, God did conduct the first marriage. He also conducted the first murder trial a few chapters later! Again, how does this bring it into a religious context? As far as unfounded to show the importance, why does a marriage license not show the same. Romans 12 tells how we are to be subject to the higher powers (government). The book of Ruth shows that a marriage is sometimes not permitted by law without certain things being taken care of. The law of Moses forbid the Jews from marring those outside of the Jews. There are legal president about marriage in the old testament. But the only thing religious in the whole Bible is that Jesus was at a wedding. So I find it very hard to figure out how we can condemn the Govt license, but expect and demand a church wedding. I have heard about how ungodly the marriage laws are. It has been several years, but one of the first people to tell me that had refused a marriage license in Georgia if I remember correctly. I looked up the marriage laws of Georgia, and you could see where they were based on the old testament laws. I have been told one of the problems with marriage license is that the same laws for getting married also permit divorce. But, Moses (because of the hardness of their hearts, Jesus said) allowed them to give a letter of divorcement. So it is the same thing, the same law that allows marriage also gives divorce. Does that mean that God likes divorce? No. But I don't think that the state of OK for example likes it either. For if you will council with your pastor before marriage to HIS satisfaction (no rules by the govt as to what has to be said or how long, just his satisfaction) they will reduce the fee for the license to almost nothing. Some will ask, "But why should we have to pay anything for something God gave us a right to do?" Well the way I see that is God gave us many rights. I feel I have a right to live. The founders of our nation said we have the right to "life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness". But if I do not eat, I will not live!! I think all can understand that. But what must I do to eat? I must buy something. Even if I want to raise a garden I must buy seeds. If you want to over look the buying of seeds, I have to pay tax on MY land, or pay rent on someone's land to raise the garden. I have a right to buy a firearm (second amendment), but guess what, If I go to the store to buy one, I get taxed. I have to pay a tax to get something I have a right to own. If I want to use that firearm to hunt deer on my land, I have to buy a tag. Now wait I own the land, and have a right to hunt on my land, but must buy a tag? Yes. Because that is the law. Same goes for marriage. I have not found a single verse in the Bible that overrides this. I also noticed that no one has answered my question, what is the difference between a wife and a concubine?
  9. What is the difference between a wife and a concubine? It was stated that marriage is a religious mater. What makes it a religious mater? That God ordained it? God said "Thou shalt not kill." He later stated that whatsoever sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed. Does this make murder and avenging blood a religious matter? God said "Thou shalt not steal." Same question. Is stealing a religious matter. I would challenge anyone to show me where Jesus, the apostles, or elders in the new testament presided over a wedding!! It is not there. It was stated that the families took care of weddings in Jesus day. That is mostly true, though they had to follow certain laws (yes I said laws, See the book of Ruth, as well as who Moses said the children of Israel were not allowed to marry). But according to the law if a man killed someone he did not face a court ordered executioner, he faced the avenger of blood. Who was that? The one the family appointed, a family member. My point? If you want the church to take care of marriage because it was handled by the family (I have yet to figure out the analogy), Should the church not also take care of murderers? But then the ones who decided that marriage was a church matter ( The RCC) would like that I am sure and have tried through the ages. edited to add the two paragraphs are separate thoughts.
  10. I still ask of those who say carrying is not trusting in God, do you carry full insurance? Life, home, auto above what the law requires? Are these not taking our trust away from God just as much? "If I die my family will be protected by X number of dollars from my insurance" rather than "if I die God will take care of my family".
  11. Could go a LOT deaper into this, but will say this. You can say all you want that there is no place in scripture that supports a marriage license, but there is. You just have to look at the book of Ruth. Not only did Boaz have to get the govt "permission" to marry Ruth, He had to get the govt "permission" for her to not marry another. The law stated she HAD to marry another. US marriage laws never go that far!! And you can find even more in Ruth.

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