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  1. I heard one preacher say one time that a person should tithe on their gross income. I have a question about that. This is in no way condemning candlelight for what she is doing. A portion of my income (which should get to be a larger portion all the time) is cost plus. That means when I spend a dollar on supplies or a sub contractor I collect $1.10. Now as time goes by I should get to the point that the majority of my income is the cost plus. Now lets say my gross income for a year is $100,000.00. My tithe for the year on my gross income would be $10,000.00. But it being earned on cost plus, my bills/payout would be around $9080.00. So my total payout including the tithe would be $100,080.00. Just wondering is it correct that I should tithe on my gross income????
  2. Did the 1200.00 just include the tear out and dehumidifier? Or did it include putting things back together? Such as coming back and putting the wood floor back down. 1200.00 sounds high if they are going to stop when they pick up the dehumidifier, but if they are putting the floor back together it sounds about right. Especially if he is like me and tries to include some of the might go wrongs in an estimate rather than have a bad surprise at the end for the customer. I just finished a cabinet job that I estimated between 10,000 and 11,000. The total ended up just shy of 9,000 and I had a very surprised but happy customer. Would much rather happy surprised than mad at the end of the day.
  3. It seems to me that a Godly jew must have had a beard. Lev 19:27 Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.
  4. actually 1 Tim 6:1 does not prove your point. As a servant (slave) under the yoke (of bondage(a slave)), everything that one might bring in as a salary would be his masters!!! Even as a worker, I have heard of men not liking it that the boss was making a profit off of their labor. But without the boss there would be no job/income for the worker. So that verse on its own does not define the word honor.
  5. Did anyone, even one single soul, get cast out of Abraham's Bosom and into hell, or did they all go to heaven??
  6. Funny, if you follow and are attacked, it is all your fault. But if you follow and are correct, you are a hero (and these boys are heros). http://www.fox8live.com/story/22844442/teen-boys-chase-kidnapper-on-their-bikes-to-save-5-year-old-girl
  7. They wanted us to sign so they could harvest my mothers organs in March of 2004 after she suffered a very major stroke. They said she was brain dead and could not function without the machines. I had a friend get mad at me for saying no. We kept her on the machines a week, then telling them it was time to turn the machines off and let her go (without organ donation) Today, Mom plays the piano, and plays games on her computer. She will never be the self sufficient person she once was, but she is alive!!! She loves to tell about her stroke to strangers and that God had things for her in mind.
  8. But Jesus did say Except for fornication. Now the only one who has tried to really explain this admitted that fornication is a broad word that intails all forms of sexual sin, but is only willing to accept certain ones in this case. Is this not saying I will agree with Jesus as long as he agrees with me? It is very easy to say that a spouse can just seperate, but in reality things can get much more complex. Let's consider if I was a cheating husband. If I cheat on my wife as a daily thing. Now she decides to "seperate" from me for her safety. I could not stop her. Sounds simple enough doesn't it. Oh but wait, there are those two little ones that the Lord has given us. Does she take them from me and explain that she has that right to seperate me from MY children? I would fight for my children. Can you give me verses that stand behind "seperating" for a long period of time? The verses in 1 cor 7 say that if the unbeiliving are happy to stay, the believing are to "not leave them". Would seperating not be "leaving"?
  9. We will be praying for you and your family. What a reunion you have to look forward to!!
  10. What dead are raised in verse 16? The verse answers this, The dead IN CHRIST. Not all the dead but the dead in Christ. The saved. Then verse seventeen says we which are alive. Does this refer to all living? No, as it says we will be ever with the Lord. The lost are not included in this verse. It specifies that very clear.
  11. IF all things are predestined exactly how they will take place, or even IF God's for knowledge is such that there is no room for free will that would change God's way of handling something, would someone please explain to me Isaiah 38 and 2 Kings 20?
  12. Cultural?? Okay, lets look at David. Israel was simular to America in that they had little laws that the King could make, yet a supreme law that he could not. America also has a supreme law (the constitution), but ours can be altered if the votes are there. Israels supreme law could not be altered, as it was (and is) the very law of God. Every culture obeys their laws, or else they would not be the laws. Now let's look at David and Bathsheba. David looks out and lusts after her. He then enquires and finds out she is another mans wife. He then sends for her and takes her as if his wife. He then has Uriah killed. Now I admit a king can send men to their death in battle without violating the commandment, but when a king singles out a man to send so he can take what is his, that is a differant story. Now you can say it was culturaly correct for him to have done these things even though they broke the supreme law, yet it is culturaly acceptable for the govt to stomp on the constitution as the have done for many years. Yet that is one of the things used to say one is evil is he will not bring us back to the constitution.
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