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  1. I'm currently reading these forums. Oh, and the book next to my bed is Preaching and Preachers Dr Martin Loyde-jones
  2. One year. I was number one.... I lost it. 24 people competed for the world shootout title and 10,000.00. I cleared the winners bracket. It was double elimination though and a guy who lost his first match, worked his way all the way back up and beat me twice for the world title. So... one year.. that's what I have to do to become #1... wait for the next one.
  3. Do video game guns count? if so I just became 2nd in the world at big buck hunter pro.... won over 2 grand so far.... Couple magazines interviewed me... it's been.... weird.
  4. Another thing you could do would be to ask questions of the things you don't know about and see his responses. I know of one couple where the girl for about 6 months wrote letters to the boy, asking questions on different things. The boy was serious about dating her so he would answer. It was the way she used to get to know him so she could determine if that was the person the Lord wanted her with.
  5. Yes, it was a play on words, saying he didn't "rise" from the dead, he walked out of the cave. If it was a pit, that would require rising. Instead of "rise" like from slumber, I (for the jokes sake) take it as "rise" the physical action. :dead: <-- the joke
  6. I was tricked. The title is "Did Jesus really rise from the grave" and I was gonna vote no. But the question is did he defeat death... and that's a yes. You see.. He didn't so much rise, as He walked out.
  7. Devils lake WI A camp ground, famous sorta, for the cliffs. You can hike on em ANd by putting it here, I stay on top of having my name on every index thread
  8. Ban Lee Anne, cuz until she posted, MY NAME was on EVERY board index thread listed on the page. I had it going on. it was ruined. Ban LEE ANNE LOL
  9. Jerry, given what you said about your study habits on the computer, give the program I mentioned a try. It's focus is on note taking and searches. It includes a bunch of chains, topicals, etc. It has a very dynamic "find" menu allowing you to very easily find relevant verses. What I look for in a bible program is something that makes my time in study more efficent and fruitful, and this program does this in a great way. Although, I can say honestly, a bible program can fit one person and not another, but if you go to their web site I'm sure you can make a good judgment if it would fit
  10. I got it as a 4 disk set, and it gives a lot of internet support and add ons The main program allows you to change font styles and size... color options. It lets you make notes on verses, and when that window is open when you are reading your own notes pop up. It lets you make chains Notebook feature for great studies... It has all the topicals, you can bring up the original KJV translator notes... Make voice recordings for verses, or download a package that will just read every verse to you as you go through the bible You can even highlight bible verses It's a VERY extensive
  11. On the "taking a loss" for 3 years thing... It's why lots of start ups buy a ton of equipment in december lol. But, watch out... that third year you may wanna show profit simply because if you take a loss for 3 years, then something goes wrong in the 4th year, the IRS classifies what you do as a hobby, and you pay taxes on everything, no more deductions, and reversing that is from what I hear a nightmare. If you want to save money on cards, office supply stores sell templates to print your own. IF you have a good printer, this is a great option. Keep in mind your pr card cost is high, and
  12. I deleted the 2 pages I posted because I don't want heartstrings getting all upset. Anyone who thinks of taking what heartstrings says as good information must only google search the terminology used.... You'll find it clear fast. Stumbling block... something about that in the bible.......... Wrong terminology... justifying minimum tithe...... You're a lot braver then I am... messing with someone's walk with God.
  13. Yea, that answered where the 14000 or something or other came from heartstrings. The only other thing that confused me is terminology. Gross is gross... everything written in black in the books is gross. Once you start subtracting red you use the term net. Just a termonology problem here. Kitagrl, I would like to express that given your target customers, you are entering into a high yield area. Advertisting cost is rediculously small, overhead low, mark up very high. This of course, creates a cut throat buisness, but at the same time floods the industry with hacks. Don't skimp on fly
  14. well, first off... starting in the hole is something that might be avoidable, we should talk on IM or PM. Every buisness I started I made the red minimum. Getting tax infromation might be as little as a $50.00 meeting. If you have a buisness plan, projections, maybe 100-200? Some do it free cuz they just don't have that much work and wanna build a relationship hoping to see you in the future when you really need them. if you're at 15%, about as low as you can go before you're tax free, then for every dollar, you owe .15. For every hundred, 15 bucks. For every 1000, you owe 150. for
  15. Well, the bible does say increase, so if you as your example spent $50.00 on the cake.. the flour, the eggs.. ect.. and got $200.00, and tithed on $150.00... you could make an argument that the 50 increased to 200, thus the increase was $150.00... I know people who do this. Or, you could say that you "planted" your $50.00 and God blessed you with $200.00, your increase is $200.00 because the 50 has to be gone before the 200 arrives. More of a faith living God owns everything type. I don't dare get critical on either. All I can say is pray about it. If you in prayer feel you're right
  16. Speaking from someone who has to tithe on self employment, I really really really wanted it to be net, but ended up going with gross. God wants the first fruits. That means when I get a check, 10% of it is tithe. Doesn't matter what expences, I figure if God wants me to make money, I'll make it, and if my "tithe" makes me lose money, either I'm not charging enough or God wants it that way. Also, look at it this way: If you buy a mixer for say, 100dollars, and you take that off your gross, and tithe on your net, and so your tithe is now 10 dollars smaller... What you have is an increase
  17. He's getting that from the age Jesus was when crusified. Think heavenly body though... even looking "33" you woudln't have aches, pains, problems.... perfect flesh I'm about to turn 32, and I started feeling age...................... For heart reasons, I started taking fish oil with Omega 3 (no heart problems, just preventitive) THe fish oil now has my skin like I'm 18 years old.. it's scary what it's done to me as I take it... I looked young enough, this is SICK though, now even police don't believe I'm over 21 Now I started taking LIQUID multi-vitamins.. and aches, pains, all that
  18. Anyone realize that the person who wins this is going to be a mod who posts "this topic is now closed"
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