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  1. I'm currently reading these forums. Oh, and the book next to my bed is Preaching and Preachers Dr Martin Loyde-jones
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    One year. I was number one.... I lost it. 24 people competed for the world shootout title and 10,000.00. I cleared the winners bracket. It was double elimination though and a guy who lost his first match, worked his way all the way back up and beat me twice for the world title. So... one year.. that's what I have to do to become #1... wait for the next one.
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    Do video game guns count? if so I just became 2nd in the world at big buck hunter pro.... won over 2 grand so far.... Couple magazines interviewed me... it's been.... weird.
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    an offshoot of the upper two posts: What do you prefer... black or white? I was told by the teen group I work with that a couple of them are really good at chess. I brought in a chess board, and I took white each time, and each time they all fell in 4 moves. Even the little genius who was suppose to be my down fall, didn't even know that start. 99% of the time though... ESPECIALLY with someone I've never played before, I love to get black. I let them set the tempo, and the aggressiveness of the game. I'll go up against any player in the world and hold em for 20 if I'm black. They make a mistake, I'm just about good enough to take them down. I'm not bragging, and I wouldn't talk like this, if my last game wasn't against the runner up of the high school state championship. Didn't even know who I was playing, he was just the kid of a friend of mine. About 10 moves into it I realized I was in bad shape because I wasn't taking it too serious, and it took some recovery, but I took him down. I got a headache, and wished I wasn't playing it stupid to start, but lesson learned about slacking. On defense, it's much simpler to play a human. Reaction in Chess takes much less thought then action, and you can easily block and counter for move after move after move until the other person gets tired, frustrated, confused, or just plain gives up. Then you kill them. After you kill them, bury the body, and clean up the chess board so no one knows they where there. :-D
  5. Devils lake WI A camp ground, famous sorta, for the cliffs. You can hike on em ANd by putting it here, I stay on top of having my name on every index thread
  6. Ban Lee Anne, cuz until she posted, MY NAME was on EVERY board index thread listed on the page. I had it going on. it was ruined. Ban LEE ANNE LOL
  7. I grow some grain in the garden, which I feed to my pet finches. I then, use the finches, to feed my pet cats. The cats, do a great job, of keeping my pet boa fed. And I simply love boa meat. (everything above is a lie)
  8. On the "taking a loss" for 3 years thing... It's why lots of start ups buy a ton of equipment in december lol. But, watch out... that third year you may wanna show profit simply because if you take a loss for 3 years, then something goes wrong in the 4th year, the IRS classifies what you do as a hobby, and you pay taxes on everything, no more deductions, and reversing that is from what I hear a nightmare. If you want to save money on cards, office supply stores sell templates to print your own. IF you have a good printer, this is a great option. Keep in mind your pr card cost is high, and you'll only be saving money by low volume. I wouldn't go cheap on the quality of your cards though. With the minimal advertising you require, quality is your focus. Even if you're working "part time" and have a limit on volume, you still want to attack it head on and full boar.. You see... if you get say, 20 people wanting you to make a cake in a week, and you can only do 4, you get to choose the most profitable, or most fun ones. If things take off, why in the world do you feel you must bake cakes? You work "part time" managing and paying stay at home wives in your church to take care of the grunt work. Your income increases, you get to be a vessel to bless others... You hire people, when by doing so your income will increase. You don't do favors by breaking even or loosing money by having an employee. If you go this way one day, come back and start a thread because there are many things you need to know as "legit" if you have an employee... it's not overwelming though, just another thing in life that you don't wanna go into without some reading and a plan. I'm so excited for you.
  9. I deleted the 2 pages I posted because I don't want heartstrings getting all upset. Anyone who thinks of taking what heartstrings says as good information must only google search the terminology used.... You'll find it clear fast. Stumbling block... something about that in the bible.......... Wrong terminology... justifying minimum tithe...... You're a lot braver then I am... messing with someone's walk with God.
  10. Yea, that answered where the 14000 or something or other came from heartstrings. The only other thing that confused me is terminology. Gross is gross... everything written in black in the books is gross. Once you start subtracting red you use the term net. Just a termonology problem here. Kitagrl, I would like to express that given your target customers, you are entering into a high yield area. Advertisting cost is rediculously small, overhead low, mark up very high. This of course, creates a cut throat buisness, but at the same time floods the industry with hacks. Don't skimp on flyiers, and don't be scared off about having to pay places to put your card there... wedding planners may want you to give em some cash, but by doing so you get great returns. I can explain all the ins and outs if you really want, but think "glossy graphic artist" on flyers lol. Seriously, a yellow page ad I took out once was 40 grad for a year... 500.00 in flyers isn't anything. Then again, size of buisness, time investment, ect... all factors in. Sound buisness practices with even a basic plan can make you very profitable. But I'm off topic. Sorry for the confusion heartstrings lol, hope you understand how I just looked at the break down and was like HUH?
  11. well, first off... starting in the hole is something that might be avoidable, we should talk on IM or PM. Every buisness I started I made the red minimum. Getting tax infromation might be as little as a $50.00 meeting. If you have a buisness plan, projections, maybe 100-200? Some do it free cuz they just don't have that much work and wanna build a relationship hoping to see you in the future when you really need them. if you're at 15%, about as low as you can go before you're tax free, then for every dollar, you owe .15. For every hundred, 15 bucks. For every 1000, you owe 150. for 10,000, you would need to pay 1500. For 15,000 (our example) you would owe about 2000. Tax brackets matter though. I never give to God less then what I give the government, and being at almost %40 in taxes, the only thing that keeps me eating steak is the fact that by giving to God, I get taxes back lol. Total win win.
  12. Well, the bible does say increase, so if you as your example spent $50.00 on the cake.. the flour, the eggs.. ect.. and got $200.00, and tithed on $150.00... you could make an argument that the 50 increased to 200, thus the increase was $150.00... I know people who do this. Or, you could say that you "planted" your $50.00 and God blessed you with $200.00, your increase is $200.00 because the 50 has to be gone before the 200 arrives. More of a faith living God owns everything type. I don't dare get critical on either. All I can say is pray about it. If you in prayer feel you're right with God on the former, so be it. If you feel God is leading you to the latter, so be it. The only trouble you'll get into is if you do either the former or the latter, when God wants you to do the other. As to taxes, some lower income families do recieve back more then they even paid in. I myself, when I do recieve a tax return, do not tithe on it because I tithe on gross paycheck, and tax returns do not come with interest so there is no increase. I do know people though that get back more then they paid in, and there is no way to justify not tithing on the increase. If you pay in 4000, and get 6000 back, you need to tithe on the 2000 difference. I had to keep better books then I've ever done cuz of tithe... I get lots of free stuff from so many people, I find myself tithing a ton some weeks, and in some cases I have to turn down a gift just because the tithe. I stopped that though, learned never to say no to a gift, some people get really insulted. Go with God, you should know this. net, gross, reason with God about it, He does say you can do that in the bible. Being right with him is much more importaint then some change here and there. You'll make the right call I"m sure, and if you mess up, God will make it clear pretty fast so you can go the other way.
  13. Speaking from someone who has to tithe on self employment, I really really really wanted it to be net, but ended up going with gross. God wants the first fruits. That means when I get a check, 10% of it is tithe. Doesn't matter what expences, I figure if God wants me to make money, I'll make it, and if my "tithe" makes me lose money, either I'm not charging enough or God wants it that way. Also, look at it this way: If you buy a mixer for say, 100dollars, and you take that off your gross, and tithe on your net, and so your tithe is now 10 dollars smaller... What you have is an increase on a mixer, but you didn't tithe on it. Do you figure one day you'll sell the mixer, and tithe on the money at that point? It's increase be it cash or object. Now, you may be seperating the buisness, and yourself, but then you have to realize your "buisness" is not tithing. I'd put some prayer into it, I had too. God wants you to give happily, so I mainly had to pray to get to the point I could be happy doing it. It's increased my blessings tremendously. (on a side note, I'd check into the tax laws (a quick free phone call to a tax agent) because if you plan on paying taxes only once a year, but you make enough and they want it quarterly, and you might end up with fines, penalties, and interest. happened to me :(
  14. Anyone realize that the person who wins this is going to be a mod who posts "this topic is now closed"
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    I'm in. I play. I make stone chess boards when I'm bored in winter. I'm a winter player though, when I have time, so get me now while I'm rusty. Yahoo chess is full of people that just run programs to play you.... with a christian I look forward to that probrably not happening
  16. Willma. Wendy. Willyoustoptalking. (just a joke calm down)
  17. I don't subscribe to the "you sin every day" camp. I have had days where I didn't sin. I was attune to where my eyes looked and didn't even look upon a billboard with a half naked girl on it. I didn't have sinful thoughts cuz I was singing hymes all day. That doesn't mean I never sin though. Right now, in my life, I'm so tainted by sin it's shameful. I wonder where my resolve has gone. I marvel at how I walked with God but can so easily walk away from Him. I don't excuse it though. I don't try to pretend some of the things in my life are alright and God will understand. I'm a realist, that I'm deep down rebelling and rejecting God. IF I COULD FIGURE OUT WHY MAYBE I COULD FIGURE THIS OUT I'm only upset with myself though. I know it's my fault and my rebellion and my shame. At the same time though, I know God is there waiting for me to stop being stupid and turn back fully toward Him. Even with my worst moments, including tonight, I talked to someone about Jesus. I sin. I weep that I do, but I sin. God wouldn't of forgiven my past sins if He wasn't going to forgive my future sins though, it would be stupid of God to say "well I did all I can and you told a lie soooooooooo... welcome to hell." That's not the God I turn too and ask to forgive me because I'm too stupid to realize how badly I'm rebelling. I don't need daily forgiveness for salvation. I'm going to heaven, because I trusted in the price Jesus paid. I could kill people, lie cheat and steal all I want and I'd still go to heaven. I'm sure of that because Jesus paid the price. It's because of that I feel so horrible when I fall short, and at the same time want to hug Jesus more BECAUSE I fall short. If you're worried about sinning after salvation, realize that Jesus is a constantly moving force in your life, and instead of looking at yourself as the world sees you and looking at yourself through YOUR eyes, look at yourself through God's eyes as you're washed in the blood. No one more then me needs the blood of Jesus, and this constant, total forgiveness, only makes me love Him more, need Him more, and submit myself more to Him. I never forget how much I need Him, because I keep needing Him. I wish it wasn't so...... but I hope that helps. and btw, I don't get "re-saved" every day... I'm always saved, I just apologize that as I keep doing things wrong, it's another whip on the back, another nail in the hand, another thorn in the head, that He had to take. I'm going to heaven..... I just wish the Man that got me there didn't have to go through what He did because of me. Edited : to add 3 words to clarify a point
  18. Wouldn't it be the post in this tread that I posted before the post where I said my last post?
  19. Did anyone fall for my last post?

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