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  1. You can read about them here: http://www.terriblackstock.com/
  2. Terri Blackstock, Night Light, Second book in aRESTORATIONovel series.
  3. Just a note to those who believe the Dead Sea Scrolls support the TR. The Dead Sea Scrolls support the Masoretic text, the TR is used to refer to the Greek New Testament. The DSS can be used to defend our modern KJV's Old Testament, but shouldn't be used in argument for the TR/NT. Here are the corresponding books found in the DSS.
  4. hmmm, never is a strong word. 99% of the time I think the man would be disqualified. My answer is the same as John R. Rices:
  5. zealyouthguy


    Amen to a point. Good, I like it... Amen to a person... booo. Stand on your chair and yell "That's my Preacher, slap your bible, and bark like Arsenio Hall (I just dated myself I thingk)". Well I think your a nut and probably have way too much devotion to some fallible guy and need to refocus your relationship. I would be embarrassed to be that preacher taking that glory from God.
  6. Bob Senz This is us: http://www.senzfamily.com We are currently (as of this week) beginning deputation seeking short term missions support while planting a church in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The town we are going to doesn't have ANY baptist witness... (not even a liberal one). The area of NW Pa is strongly methodists. In the town that we are going to (Youngsville, Pa) there are several methodist churches, including the Free Methodists, United Methodists and Primitive Methodists... (and you thought only Baptists had this problem). The above website isn't completely done yet, but it should give you an idea of who we are and what we believe.

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