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  1. I have a boy who just finished 5th and a girl who just finished 6th and they have enjoyed reading: (** my daughters favorites) Understood Betsy (Dorothy Canfield) ** Robin Hood (Howard Pyle) Heidi (Johanna Spyri) ** Little House Series ** Hittite Warrior (Joanne Williamson) The Golden Goblet (Eloise Jarvis McGraw) Tirzah (Lucille Travis) ** The Door in the Wall (Marguerite De Angeli) ** The Jungle Books (1 and 2- hard to find unabridged with both) Rudyard Kipling Kidnapped (Robert Louis Stevenson) Kim (Rudyard Kipling) ** Men of Iron (Howard Pyle) Caddie Woodlawn (Carol Ryrie B
  2. This is a great song! I believe that a group called the Newsboyz (I have a teen aged brother :cool ) also sings this on one of their CD's. The lyrics are beautiful. :clap:
  3. Rod and Staff curriculum is very traditional and thorough, if you used the math, science in lower grades and english all will be fine! In fact, I dare say (I am a former curricula reviewer for a magazine) that R & S English is one of the best out here. Stay away from the history, and reading.
  4. 1.) Prov 22:6 How can I make sure that my child will go in the way he should go so that he will not be misled off the path of righteousness? 2.) Deuteronomy 6:4-10 How can I make sure that my children?s training in righteousness is consistent and continuous? 3.) 1 Timothy 3:4, and Titus 1:6 How can I make sure that my household is managed well and my children are ?under control? as a testimony of my maturity? 4.) Proverbs 13:24, 22:15, Hebrews 12:7f How can I make sure that my children?s disobedience and sin are promptly and properly disciplined in love? 5.) Matthew 18:5,6 How can
  5. We use the Ambleside Online free curriculum (http://www.amblesideonline.com)...this covers our: Bible, History, Literature, Poetry, Artist Study, Composer Study, Hymns, Natural History, and more. For phonics and reading, I don't use any 'curriculum'. Math right now is Ray's Primary Arithmetic. Latin is a hodge podge of things. Things we will incorporate later as my children get older include: Apologia science Singapore or Bob Jones Math Rod and Staff English or Easy Grammar
  6. A great website to see samples of R & S and also to purchase is http://www.milestoneministries.com
  7. I am Dawne, very blessed wife and mother of 5 blessings. I am a stay at home wife and a homeschooling mommy, and I look forward to learning here, though will, undoubteldy probably spend most of my time at the OBL forum. :cool
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