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  1. As a kid I was in Biloxi, Miss. for Hurricanes Betsy and Camille - ruined our blackberry crops! wayne
  2. Did ya let yer wife see whatcha wrote? Wayne
  3. Ain't ya heard usin' a rusty rifle makes the meat taste funny?
  4. Seth, You imply Mark and Luke were primarilty apostles for the gentiles - the Bible says different. You go on to state, "And he translated some words into Latin." Hmm - I loved to see where you found an original text. Which still wouldn't change the audience. Also, the phrase "common schools of thought" is contradictory to your own explaination - they taught different things and thus can not hold a belief "in common". Wayne
  5. Seth, First, I find it very strange that you say the comment was "inserted" in Matthew. Second, all the Gospels differ in that they show the same events from different perspectives - not different facts. This would indicate that Matthew heard the comment whereas the others did not. It does not mean it was not said. Your view implies less information means a more valid point - hardly logical. Third, you correctly state the Books that address the issue, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. You go on to say the difference is significant because Matthew was written to target a Jewish audience. Hmmm - so was Mark and Luke. You also state, "What Jesus was teaching the Jews was that they could brake betrothal for fornication." ---- Hmm - needless to say you can not back this up with Scripture. You continue with, "Thats why it isn't in the Gospels written to the gentiles in my opinion. No such custom." --- Hmm - I think you need to bone up on your history. Many cultures of that region not only had, but still have , that tradition. Additionally, ALL the Gospels are "written" for Jew and Gentile alike. As to "common schools of thought" there was no such animal. Not only did the Pharisees and Sadducees disagree but at the time of Jesus the Halakah itself was in a state of flux and was not "set in stone". In fact there were many disputes at the time between the Bet Hillel and the Bet Shammai. Jesus often surprised those around Him because He could posit a Pharisees opinion to a Sadducee and they couldn't denounce Him for it. He was that smart! That's one reason He blew them away - He knew their doctrines better than they did! Lastly, a point which I will grant some may debate. You state, "And finally note that since the OT penalty for adultery was death, not divorce, it would seem inconsistent to recommend divorce as we know it in Matthew considering they were still under OT law." Not true, the OT ended with John the Baptist. I will respectfully agree to disagree. Wayne
  6. Seth, thank you for the comment, I appreciate the consideration even if we do not agree - Consider though you say the Bible says never - please read - Mat 19:9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery. Wayne
  7. :goodpost: My Dad, who has been a Baptist deacon most of my life, has been divorced. My mother had an affair, and a baby, when he was overseas. I myself am divorced for much the same reason. I have no doubt that God never intended for divorce to be practiced as it is in our society. If marriage was still "under" the Church and not the government I think things would be much different today. IMHO Wayne
  8. While I don't hold to all this site has to say it does provide a lot of good material for dealing with false religions. --- http://www.carm.org/ Wayne
  9. IMHO - yes with a qualifier. Only if the divorce met the Biblical standard of being for infidelity and if since that time the man has met all other Biblical requirements. That said I would not recommend that the man pastor in the same community as said divorce is known. Wayne
  10. A lot of retirees do the same thing here in AZ! The only time you catch them outside is when they are golfing! Wayne

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