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  1. idkt did you know that Oregon's state bird is the Western Meadowlark?
  2. french vanilla tea, a quick perusal of OB, and then school...at least there's some sunshine today.
  3. Ban Timothy because Madeline is too young to need beauty sleep.
  4. Ban Timothy because he's go that weird "thing" in his signature.
  5. idkt! Did you know I reached the 1,000 poster status sometime and didn't even realize it?
  6. sloppy joes tonight for dinner. and veggies. and coffee cake for dessert.
  7. Ban Madeline because my nose is all stopped up.
  8. Ban John because I start school in about 8 minutes
  9. Ban John because my husband won't let us use flannel sheets. (Madeline, it's carpet, but still cold.)
  10. Mirari (an adorable little Hispanic gal in our church :Green )
  11. idkt.... Did you know that Ben Franklin's dad was a candle maker?
  12. Leave it to Madeline to change the subject.... :frog
  13. Ban Katie because I had to sleep on the floor again last night.
  14. Maybe not. If we get Timothy over here, along with qwerty, there ought to be enough chatter to keep things going at a quick pace. :Green
  15. I think it's obvious by now that I didn't know that and continue to remain unsure of the concept. Did you know that General Irwin Rommel took poison offered him by the 3rd Reich because he wasn't a team player?
  16. Ban John because it looks like we may have a sunny day.

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