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  1. Madeline hasn't experience childbirth yet. She might change her mind about her pain tolerance levels. :cool Also, congratulations, Natasha. Guess how many times I've done this myself... :ha
  2. Ban Timothy because he's making his frog stick its tongue out at Natasha.
  3. Whoa! John almost won! No one posted since saturday!
  4. Ban timothy for having that dollar sign in his signature
  5. Pray for the baby to start sleeping again. 2-3 hours at night she fusses and tosses and turns and dozes and wakes. Can't figure what's going on at all.
  6. Lol, the kids are changing the baby's diaper. You should hear how funny they are.
  7. Ban Rachel because I've never banned her before.
  8. Ban Katie because I'm finally logged back in!!!
  9. Ban Katie because her ban of Ray just made me choke.
  10. Oh, were you last? Sorry, I must have missed that. It's Saturday here which means laundry, getting the stew put together for tomorrow, getting everyone throught the shower...um...other stuff too. :lol:
  11. I renewed our number on the no call list about 2 months ago. I'm still getting calls. How long is that supposed to take? :bang:
  12. idknt If you take the bud off the top of a palm tree it will stop growing.
  13. Ban Ray because I just had to rip out about 30 inches of stitches...sewed the wrong edge! :Bleh
  14. Risa (what baby dumpling should have been named)
  15. lol, mine had to be quick today. Baby has been waking early and playing for a couple of weeks now. I'm sleepy and the couch was calling me so loudly this morning...
  16. I knew that. Mt. Hood is not extinct...just dormant.

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