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  1. Ban LuAnne because Baby Dumpling is making faces at me to make me laugh. :Bleh
  2. Ban Katie because I want to use one of the new smilies... :ornament:
  3. ban Trent because baby dumpling is helpingm2e ty4pe.
  4. Ban John because I don't have any gopher wood.
  5. rain and wind and wind and rain...someone needs to find Jonah and throw him overboard!
  6. Ban bz because marcus and I were the late owls on OB last night. Maddy was nowhere to be seen.
  7. We had Dr. Bob Villier tonight speaking on stewardship.
  8. Ban charbo because I haven't banned him before. :clap:
  9. Ban Marcus for being a Grinch about Christmas movies.
  10. My tea cup is empty. should it not be self-filling?
  11. Ban bz for being afraid of Marcus and his spatula.
  12. Mom used to dig ginseng, too. On the other hand, I think baby dumpling is allergic to peppermint. She was sharing with her sister yesterday and was up all night with a sour/gassy tummy. Ugh.
  13. Ban Marcus for not knowing why he has a spatula.
  14. Ban LuAnne because I can't think of any reason to ban her.
  15. I fry them in olive oil with salt and pepper and onions. They are quite tasty.

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