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  1. Does anyone here enjoy any type of creative writing? Some examples being poetry' date=' short stories, articles..etc..etc...[/quote']

    I love to write. I keep my blog just to indulge myself in that area. :thumb
  2. I'm not saying anything is wrong with the way the man was dressed after he changed clothes.

    The problem was he did not show respect for that church.

    When I come into you home I'm suppose to show you respect and go by your wishes.

    This man showed only rebellion.

    Maybe his point was to be that those "rules" were pharisaical in nature. Making people into whited sepulchres by telling them how to dress down to what kind of glasses they could wear. Straining at gnats. I hope he preached about that.
  3. couple of questions if y'all don't mind

    ~what do y'all do for swimming?
    Even the most modest swimsuit around shows a lot of leg

    ~do y'all let your girls play w/ Polly Pockets, Barbies or other dolls? Some of them have dresses but a lot of them have pants or shorts. Do you just let them keep the outfits that are dresses?

    as far as covering up everything that you don't want "seen or touched", let me tell you, I'd slap the daylights out of some guy if he came up and touched my face! So should I cover my face as well?

    We swim either only with immediate family or separate swimming.

    I made the clothes for our Barbies. Solved a lot of issues there.
  4. After my 4th baby, I was dressing like the woman in the first pic Kevin posted. God really got on me about that. He didn't let me go until a)I started losing weight and B) I quit dressing like a frump and add some updates to my wardrobe.

    After I did those 2 things, the Lord began to help me in other areas.

    So, there you have it. I am not arguing MY preferences. I am arguing God's leading.

  5. No one is talking about frumpy or ugly clothing - but if you want to have Biblical standards for women's clothing' date=' that means not form fitting, but loose and flowing. That comes from the phrase "modest apparel." The Greek word for apparel is the one that means loose and flowing. Vine's is one lexicon that defines that word as such - I am not sure what other dictionaries or lexicons do though.[/quote']

    The dress I posted is not form-fitting. The jacket is not either. What it seems to boil down to with some of you is color choice and fabric patterns.

    Hmmmm...I guess my polka dot dress is out of the question for you all, even though it isn't form-fitting and it is well below the knee.

    Now, one of you brought up the covering of the thigh. That dress is not going to ride up past the knees when a woman is seated.

    It seems that much of what is being brought up here is personal taste as opposed to true modesty issues. I knew that when I posted that dress, there would be ways for you to find fault. I personally see nothing wrong with it and I am an uber-modest person.
  6. 2103_40342_mm.jpg?wid=230&hei=331&qlt=95

    This is in fashion. How is it immodest?

    Anything you put on today is fashion. It is either old-fashioned, retro, or current. Current fashion does not make it sin.

    Now, you may say that the skirt is a "bit too short" but would that not be a preference? Should you not add "for my taste/conviction" there?

    There are 2 ways of wearing that dress. One is with a modest demeanor/bearing. The other is with a carelessness. Which one truly makes the dress immodest? It is the behaviour.

    There are current styles that are overtly immodest. There are others that are not.
  7. My husband is fairly up on taxes and told me filing self employment once a year is okay...

    Okay I could see that I should tithe on the mixer amount...that one was probably stretching it.

    I definitely do not tithe on my "per-cake" expenses...for instance if it costs $50 to make a cake and I get $200 for the cake, then I am only tithing on $150. My main question was whether or not I should take out all business expenses before tithing or not.

    BTW Jerry my dad always tithed on gross but then not on tax returns.... we personally tithe on net and then tithe on tax returns. Works out the same I think.

    I would double check to be sure about that, because we filed as self-employed when I was teaching and it was required quarterly.
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