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  1. Does anyone here enjoy any type of creative writing? Some examples being poetry' date=' short stories, articles..etc..etc...[/quote']

    I love to write. I keep my blog just to indulge myself in that area. :thumb

  2. My husband is fairly up on taxes and told me filing self employment once a year is okay...

    Okay I could see that I should tithe on the mixer amount...that one was probably stretching it.

    I definitely do not tithe on my "per-cake" expenses...for instance if it costs $50 to make a cake and I get $200 for the cake, then I am only tithing on $150. My main question was whether or not I should take out all business expenses before tithing or not.

    BTW Jerry my dad always tithed on gross but then not on tax returns.... we personally tithe on net and then tithe on tax returns. Works out the same I think.

    I would double check to be sure about that, because we filed as self-employed when I was teaching and it was required quarterly.

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