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  1. Ban Marcus because 1) his avatar is scary, and 2) color is gender neutral. :Green
  2. Ban Vir because I have been waiting for this moment for a verrrry long time. :cool
  3. rotfl! We have a squirrel and a blue jay that will come right into the the kitchen looking for morsels.
  4. It is quite obvious to me that we do not own any pets...the neighborhood cats, however, own us.
  5. I would double check to be sure about that, because we filed as self-employed when I was teaching and it was required quarterly.
  6. Ban Katie because NOW I know why they are all smiling so broadly in her avatar :Green
  7. ban Madeline because I have a horrible headache, but I have to get groceries instead of going to bed.
  8. Ban John because I'm looking for an excuse to play with smilies. :drama:
  9. I must get my OB fix before I get the kids busy for the day. One child has a friend coming for the afternoon, so this should be interesting. My poor boy will have 5 girls to contend with.
  10. Ban John because I'm going to have an extra child today.
  11. The boy dumpling got his cast off today. Boy, his arm is super flaky!
  12. We have 6 doctor appointments on Monday and Tuesday next week. trying to cram them all in...
  13. yukk...just not the same without the calories. Hot chocolate
  14. I need about 4 inches cut off my hair. It's getting too heavy.
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