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  1. Ezekiel 18:32 says, For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the LORD God: wherefore, turn yourselves and live ye.
  2. If you read anything, you should read http://www.amazon.com/Birth-Order-Book- ... 0800785967 . He does a very good job of explaining how things are with typical birth orders. I liked the original better than the new one, myself. It helped clear up a lot of things that we were facing in our home and gave me a better grip on handling "issues."
  3. The problem I have with my firstborn is that she is just like I was at her age. She's the bossy big sister first, then she's the reliable one. She fusses and fumes and demands that others obey her. I know exactly what she's doing because I did it. We tend to clash because I see right through her, but we are working very diligently on her.
  4. You are right, Max. God is not willing that any should perish. Paul claimed that he was the chiefest of sinners, and God still saved him. Since the smallest of sins is no different than the biggest of sins before God, and since it our unbelief that condemns us, we should be actively proclaiming Christ to all.
  5. There is a balance; however, legislating morality will not work ultimately. http://7moorespaces.spaces.live.com/blo ... !487.entry
  6. Honestly, I have quit listing prayer requests here because I'm not sure anyone reads them since no one responds. I've listed answers to prayer in the past that go uncommented on which has made me think no one cared to pray in the first place. I'm not mad or anything because, well, this is internet and not reality. Those people who are real in my life appreciate these things more than a bunch of anonymous people do.
  7. It takes a special woman to be a military wife. I have much respect for those who handle it well. :thumb
  8. He does, but if he told me I was in charge, there you would have it. I don't think it matters as long as husband and wife are in agreement. The Bible never specifically demands that the husband pay the bills. If he has the wife doing it and she's completely stressed, then he needs to revisit the issue.
  9. Besides all these excellent points, we see that there is a marriage supper of the lamb in heaven during the tribulation period. If the Bride is still on earth, who is celebrating the marriage?
  10. The people this [quote]Satan's wounded head is healing if it's not healed already. Great Tribulation is coming and there will be no place to run. Isn't it strange that it is the Western Church that believes it will be taken before they have to contend unto blood?[/quote] was written to had not suffered unto blood yet. The author of the book said that Christ had suffered unto blood. It didn't say they would, it said they hadn't. Who says that we believe the church will be raptured just so that we can avoid chastisement? Do you forget that Christ, the author and finisher of my faith took my chastisement upon Himself? My sins are under the blood of the Holy, perfect Savior. My penalty has been paid. My works will be tried in heaven, but my sins are under the blood of Christ. Or is His blood insufficient?
  11. [quote="KJB_Princess"] That's not true. I believe the best way to tell if a translation in another language is good is by comparing it with the KJV. That doesn't mean that everyone has to learn English. [/quote] In my thinking, that statement lends itself to the criticism that the original languages were insufficient. I don't think we ought to be comparing a translation to a translation but to the original manuscripts.
  12. Shoot, I'm a high-level nerd. But it's my husband's fault, really! edit....83% nerd
  13. All 5 of my kids hated the bouncy seat... But, try freecycle or craigslist to find one if you want it. edit: did I really put 4??? oops. I have 5 kids now and they all hated the bouncy seat.
  14. :Bleh We don't watch tv...and if I were to write my own math curriculum, you would die laughing at my idiocy. My husband can do all sorts of math and he believes it is inherent in our beings...but he doesn't have the patience to teach them school subjects. He can take them out to learn to ride bikes, shoot guns, throw frisbees, catch balls, and run lathes and mills...
  15. As for anyone at church, due to some issues at home, that may not be an option right now. Sorry I can't go into details.
  16. I thought we were making progress with my 5th grader and her math, but her achievement test returned and she's still in the hole. She tested at a third grade level. So, I'm thinking LifePac to get her caught up, but maybe you all have suggestions on better math resources.
  17. Wow, what a depressing way to diet...don't touch my chocolate! :make:
  18. I just paid $4.21 a gallon for regular...ethanol added gas. Therefore, I get about 16 miles per gallon if I'm lucky. Grrr....I told the attendant to stop filling my tank when it hit $70!!
  19. I would add that the Pastor has consistantly offended a member and refused to acknowledge that he could possibly be at fault in the matter. Little offenses are one thing, but when a pastor chooses a man to be a fall guy for his pettiness...that's entirely different.
  20. That's what I said...when you can start making rules about such petty things--extra-biblical things--you have left your first love. And frankly, when they begin to make and enforce such silly rules, they do cause many to sin by teaching them that you can't be godly if you aren't on board with their pettiness. Otherwise, why not teach it as a preference instead of as a law or rule?
  21. A man who starts making extra-biblical rules about colors a man or woman can dress has overstepped his authority as a shepherd. The shepherd has just gotten power hungry. The local church is not a building or a man. It is a body of believers. When Christianity grows so petty as to be concerned about color, then we have definitely left our first love. We have become fat and slovenly and wipe our silly little mouths after we gorge them full. We charge tithes of mint and anise and neglect the real needs that souls have.
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