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  1. I want to name my next kid after Harold sightler. :lol
  2. Experience...has informed us that the fondness of magistrates to foster Christianity has done it more harm than all the persecutions ever did." The Writings of the Later Elder John Leland, published in 1845.
  3. Hello from maryland, my ex is from Kialua and all that I seen from the spiritual climate of Hawaii is very new age, but I will be preying for you.
  4. You know, some peoples trash is other peoples treasure.
  5. Am I crazy if I think I am crazy. Don't crazy people not know they are crazy?
  6. Yes I do The person next to me likes to go deep sea fishing.
  7. Ban Madeline because I want to visit England and I will probably never get there. :badday:
  8. I love chai tea. The chai lattes at starbucks are awesome. See I go there to much.
  9. Those munchkins are still alive?
  10. I always feel British when I drink tea.
  11. I can't drink there coffee. Sometimes I think I own stock in Starbucks.
  12. Does a smile drinking coffee count as a post. :lol
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