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    HK builds great guns. I fired one of those squeeze-cocker jobs, P7 I think it's called, but that's all.
  2. MrJim


    Ah the cost of love I had to give up pets since my wife is allergic to everything.
  3. Yup those are the verses...but we can explain them away as "cultural"? That's what Quakers do with baptism, that is was something just for "back then". It's also how the covering (which the plain mennonites still wear) is explained away. So we can pride ourselves on obeying scripture, but I guess we still sorta pick what we like? There was an old mennonite preacher named George Brunk II and I remember a quote of his regarding interpretation: "If the literal sense makes sense then it's nonsense to use any other sense." So that's why, along with believer's baptism and remembrance communion they practice feet washing and the holy kiss and wearing of the covering.
  4. When I was in the Mennonite Church we practiced footwashing alongside communion (well we washed feet first~men and women were separated for this~then did communion) and found it to be an enriching experience. They use scriptures for the ordinance, but it is not a required practice. Also they practiced the "Holy Kiss". Yeah, I sorta passed on that one myself opting instead for the "Holy Hug" :cool Seeing two old Mennonite farmers kiss each other on the lips was kinda odd for me the first time I saw it. The older generation would pair off with each other and we younger generation would pair off for this during the feetwashing. The old timers would kiss when they greeted each other on Sunday mornings. Now in the Old Order Mennonites I guess they're still a kissin'. Hey, Paul said greet each other with a holy kiss, so they take it literally.
  5. MrJim


    Heckler & Koch They're a very high-end German firearms manufacturer specializing in military & police weapons. Really sweet stuff :cool
  6. MrJim


    Sounds like you're in an interesting line of work... :cool
  7. MrJim


    Not particularly hunters but shooters-any around and what do you like? I'm a "sola handgun" guy-no long guns around here.

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