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  1. True Christians? If they have accepted Jesus as Saviour they are Christian, I don't care which church they attend. Church denominations don't save - Jesus does.
  2. Although I am in England I love Baseball. I follow the Boston Red Sox because I spent time in Boston and saw them play a number of times. I also like lost causes... ;)
  3. Hi! Thanks for the information! And yes, the contact details would be appreciated, thank you. :)
  4. Which prophecy teachers would you recommend?
  5. My church, which was planted in 1820, has around 50 regular attenders, but another 20-30 who do not come for a variety of reasons (mainly health). It has declined in recent years, and we are currently without a Pastor, but the church is optimistic and is praying for growth. :pray
  6. Update: It was announced today that my team, Wolverhampton Wanderers, have been taken over by property developer Steve Morgan. Details below. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/wolverhampton_wanderers/6676953.stm
  7. Ah, you mean Football... Yes, being English, I am a big footy fan. It was the English FA Cup Final yesterday (Saturday 19th May), which is the world's biggest football final (watched by over 2 billion people). Chelsea won 1-0 against Manchester United. My team is Wolverhampton Wanderers, who are in the second tier of English football, the Championship.
  8. I am a Conservative, supporting the Conservative Party in the UK (the party of Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill). If I were in the US I would support the GOP.
  9. I am a dispensationalist. Through out history there have been different dispensations. What is basically means is that while the church is saved, God also has a plan for the Jews, who will be saved during the 7 year tribulation. There are some good links on this on the web. I will try and find them and post them here.
  10. Slight correction:Mormons don't believe in polygamy - it was outlawed in 1890. However breakaway groups do still practice this. The Book of Mormon itself is an amalgam of the KJB, Apostles Creed and other Christian works, plus some esoteric writings. Smith said he was helped to translate it with the help of the Holy Ghost, but this is not true. Witnesses say that he use a form of necromancy to 'translate' the alleged plates that contained the Book of Mormon, and that sometimes he didn't even have the plates in front of him. It contradicts the Bible, and itself, and is untrustworthy. But I do think we should pray for anyone caught in Mormonism, that they escape and come to the real Jesus Christ.
  11. Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons, both seeing around 10% plus growth year on year.
  12. Hi! my name is John and I am a new member from England. I am 38 yrs old and have only recently started attending an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church, although I have been a Christian since October 2003. I found this board on google and thought it would be a good place to meet other Baptists. John
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