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  1. Alimantado's post in Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings was marked as the answer   
    Being a spectator to these eschatology/dispensation conversations over the last few years (think maybe I've chimed in once), as they've gone from being perennial background debates to more or less taking over the forum, I think I've seen some of the more accusatory things Steve talks about being dealt out by both sides. If Covenantor and Invicta have said that Steve and co are preaching a false Gospel (and I certainly recall Invicta saying things close to that), then on the other hand the general impression I've got from Steve, Wretched, Miss Daisy and many others is that if a person doesn't hold to their eschatological views then that person is not IFB, is doctrinally in the same boat as mormons, JWs, muslims and other non-Christians, and is almost certainly unsaved. As someone who hasn't understood a lot of the debate and therefore has had to focus on folks' summing up statements, that's the 'take home' I've garnered. And I say overall impression because although I've heard all those things said I can't attribute quotes to individuals without doing some digging (and I've left some even worse things out).
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