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  1. I haven't read all of the posts in this thread, but I will just throw in my two cents here. I spent a good deal of time waitressing during my high school years to save up money for college. At none of the places I worked was the gratuity included on the customer's bill. By law, waitresses and waiters were all paid a lot less than minimum wage because tips were supposed to make up the bulk of their earnings. The minimum amount anyone should tip (except in the case of really poor service) is 15% of the bill. You should tip 20% for really good service. Charity behaveth not unseemly...It is n
  2. Praying...as one cancer patient for another.
  3. I am not interested in discussing this topic with anyone who has never read in context what C.S. Lewis himself had to say about salvation, mythology, and Christianity in general. Apparently you chose to ignore my use of the words "only" and "alone." You are so blinded by your uninformed presuppositions...I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you try to twist my words like that. You do the same with the little tidbits about Lewis. Are you really so desperate to make a point that you stoop to willful blindness? You are telling me a lot about how seriously I should take your comments on this sub
  4. I would say that you can be saved only by grace and faith in the substitutionary death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, alone. Lewis would say the same thing, btw. People love to take quotations out of context to "prove" their biased presuppositions. If you truly took the time to read Lewis himself (instead of relying on others' skewed "research"), then you would realize that.
  5. I'm confused...Who has said you are unkind?
  6. Hi, salyan. I admit I was thinking of you when I posted the link to the articles, mainly because you seem to be somewhat of a kindred spirit in that you enjoy thinking about and evaluating literature. If you ever do get around reading the articles, I would love to get your take on them. No pressure, though. The articles aren't really just about C.S. Lewis, but about mythological concepts in general. Yes, The Last Battle does seem to have at least one theological problem. I won't try to explain it away, but I do think a person can gain a more rounded perspective on what Lewis thought about th
  7. Interesting that you should come to this conclusion, since Lewis's essay "God in the Dock" as well as his book 'Til We Have Faces advocates the complete opposite viewpoint of that of The Shack. (I have read all three works cover to cover...which of course takes more than two hours. ) Two hours isn't enough time to arrive at an informed opinion about an author like Lewis...It isn't enough time to read even one of his major works, let alone all of them. "Research" that involves merely "reading what other people have to say about Lewis" isn't true research at all. As John mentioned, to get an id
  8. Yes, I think that would be the best way for you to get an idea of where Lewis is coming from.
  9. I am reading through a series of interesting short articles which I just discovered on another discussion board. I am really enjoying the series and thought that perhaps some of my fellow literaure buffs who have batted around literary ideas with me in previous discussions on this board would be interested in reading it. The articles do a much better job than I ever could of articulating how I view the relationship and interaction of mythology and fairy stories with Christianity. Here is the link: http://sharperiron.org/tags/series-mythology
  10. Thanks, John. God is so good to us; each day I grow to understand more about how much He loves us.
  11. Thanks, LuAnne. I have heard of tumeric and will check it out.
  12. No, she watches literally no TV, and plays no video games. Her brain is thinking about violin auditions, her new violin student, her first soccer practice, etc. I have talked to her about the sin of worry, and she deals with it...but it's still a struggle for her. She's not a "worry wart" at all during the day; it's just when she lies in bed and thinks about how tired she will be in the morning if she doesn't get to sleep. She's not even "worried" about the other stuff; she's thinking through it, and that makes her not able to sleep.
  13. Joel, I just prayed for you. I have also been experiencing an ongoing major (life threatening) health problem for the last few months, with many months to follow, I'm sure; the end is nowhere near in sight. The medication I am on (chemotherapy) is pretty rough. I know how much of a comfort it is to have many family members and friends bringing me before the Throne. I am not a big fan of medication (as in habit-forming meds) for sleep problems...but I have used medication with my children at times to get them "over a hump," so to speak. For example, my 13 year old seems to struggle with gettin
  14. I am interested in these statements, b/c (as I think you already know) I'm a BJ grad and am pretty familiar with the other ministries you mentioned as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I know, none of these ministries ever were KJVO (maybe that's not what you were saying). And as far as I know, while BJU and Majesty may be incorporating more modern music (to a very slight degree, IMO--they'd NEVER do Southern gospel like Crown College and West Coast would), the Wilds is still on the "very conservative" end of the spectrum. But I'm willing to be corrected on that, and I'd like you t
  15. That's really the funniest part to me...I am not KJVO (as y'all know), and these kinds of statements (that those who baptize infants are heretics) make KJVO's look ridiculous.
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