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  1. I haven't read all of the posts in this thread, but I will just throw in my two cents here. I spent a good deal of time waitressing during my high school years to save up money for college. At none of the places I worked was the gratuity included on the customer's bill. By law, waitresses and waiters were all paid a lot less than minimum wage because tips were supposed to make up the bulk of their earnings. The minimum amount anyone should tip (except in the case of really poor service) is 15% of the bill. You should tip 20% for really good service. Charity behaveth not unseemly...It is n
  2. P_Bear, I remember being in your situation 13 years ago and wondering the exact same thing. How I wanted to instill Scripture in my children from the earliest age! I used The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes--the one with realistic "painting-type" illustrations instead of the more cartoony ones in the current editions of that book. (Maybe you could find a used one at www.addall.com or something.) I would just sit with my babies and talk about the pictures..."This is Adam. This is Eve"...etc., and as they developed cognitively, I'd add things to the stories until finally I was reading the actu
  3. I think you're defining at least the first issue correctly, Oldtimer. As a Christian--as someone who recognizes that God created (and is therefore the only one who can define the parameters of) the institution of marriage/family--I should be doing my best to help others toward being blessed by falling in line with that reality. Reality--the "way things really are"--transcends politics, society's opinions, etc. So, if I'm an estate planner, there's no way I'm going to encourage a "lifelong commitment" between sexual perverts, or encourage the adoption of children by said perverts. (IMO, a "life
  4. kob, would you say that this "arrangement" is indeed a "family?" If so, on what basis do you allow yourself to define "family" in this way...or I guess I could ask what justification you have for calling this a "family." Who gets to define "family?" That's what it comes down to. Those of us who believe that God created the "family" (male and female; man, wife, children, grandpa, grandma, extended, etc.) to glorify Himself through their proper and natural relationships--to reflect Christ and the Church--understand that we do not nor ever will have the prerogative to redefine "family," since we
  5. I mean the art form. If the material is "serious" and weighty and important...and true (as opposed to flippant, fun, and fiction), shouldn't the form in which it is presented reflect that? Form does shape content; the viewer/reader's idea of the content is affected by the form in which it is presented. That's why it's demeaning to make a statue of Jesus out of, say, chocolate or Legos or an inflatable pool toy. It's why we wouldn't put the words of the great hymns (and other "true" songs) to a carpet cleaner jingle or the tune of a soft drink commercial. It's why "CCM" is out as a vehicle to w
  6. I'm not questioning the existence of people who don't follow God's plan for the family...who seek to redefine "family" to mean whatever they want it to mean. Nor am I questioning God's love for them (in the sense that He loves the world enough to die for them). How we as Christians relate to these people is indeed important...I agree with you there, too. I'm not sure what your role is in the situation...Can you really "tell the couple to split"? If so, on what grounds, from their perspective? I'd have to know more about how you fit into the situation to have an opinion on what you should d
  7. From a biblical perspective, this is not a "couple" or a "family." The Bible is clear that homosexuality is unnatural and indicative of a depraved society (Romans 1). The Bible is also clear that "marriage" means a man and a woman (precedent established by God in creation, and echoed throughout Scripture as well as nature). Certainly, there were examples of polygamous heterosexual marriages in ancient Near Eastern cultures (which generally brought nothing but familial strife), but never once is same-sex "marriage" condoned or even mentioned, for that matter. All references to sexual relationsh
  8. I didn't vote, because I wouldn't encourage a child to read a Christian comic book series. IMO, the art form demeans the content.
  9. I think it's great that you're considering homeschooling your child. You have five or six years to research, gather information, supplies, and equipment, and evaluate the style that will work best for you and your child. Since a lot can change over that period of time, I probably wouldn't spend a whole lot of time obsessing over curriculum choices yet (especially since most curricula upgrade/update fairly regulary, and you don't want to be stuck with out-of-date editions or programs that won't be around--or compatible with your new-fangled technology--in five or six years). Something you mig
  10. I agree that studying out the text issues does take time. To whom are you referring when you say "earliest fundamentalists"? I'm not aware that fundamentalists as a group "decried" the modern versions at any time.
  11. They aren't. It's a misconception that all Independent Baptists are KJVO. I'm an Independent Baptist, and I am not KJVO. Neither are literally thousands of other IB's that I am aware of. The KJVO position is relatively new...It was not part of historic fundamentalism.
  12. You might want to do some more reading on this. "Elders" is just a general term which seems to refer to "older, respected men" in the church, some of whom might be serving as pastors/bishops, deacons, or whatever else. Let me try to clarify. There is a difference in purpose between the gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and the epistles (or letters) from Paul to the early churches. The purpose of the gospels is to reveal the Messiah--his history, his miracles, his death, resurrection, etc. The purpose of the Acts is to narrate events that happened in relation to the birth and growth of th
  13. I'm sorry...I don't mean to pile on, but I must have missed this question before. No one is suggesting that a woman cannot teach her children, especially since Scripture says just the opposite. Her role within the home is a teaching role. But her role in the context of the local assembly of believers is a supportive, serving role, not a teaching role. The authority for teaching is not based on superior cognitive ability or surpassing knowledge. It's based on Scripture alone. God has given the authority to teach in the church to men. It's not a matter of anyone being "superior," but of everyo
  14. Which moral issues have I said that Baptists do not agree on? So, what you are saying is that you have confidence that you will spend eternity in heaven with God someday...that you do not dread his wrath. We all struggle with sin as long as we are on earth. But that sin has already been paid for. We do not have to pay for it; we will not be punished for it, because Christ took all that punishment on himself. He experienced God's wrath so that we do not have to do so. If you read this verse in context of the whole chapter (really, of the whole letter), you will see what I am talking ab
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