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  1. See, now I had never heard of either of those before...and now I have two suggestions for each!
  2. Thanks Kev...I'm loving the suggestions! Maybe this is better... *Attention Everyone!!! Everyone please state there favorite study bibe for Apologetics purposes!!!*
  3. I had never heard of that one. Thanks Br. Jerry!
  4. Man...if only it were TR, it might be worth checking out...no so though. Anyway, maybe someone'll be able to chime in about the Evidence Bible..Thanks Kev.
  5. I hear ya'. Well, hopefully someone's gotten a chance to look at it at least...oh and Kev, since you're posting here right now...what do you think of the HCSB?
  6. Yes, that was aweful...could've been done way better. Like in Cahill's book, "One Heartbeat Away." But I wonder if the articles and study things in that Bible would make it worth buying.
  7. Anyone familiar with Living Waters' Evidence Bible? Is it worth getting? They say it comes in "Comfort"able KJV. What does that even mean? My sister was thinking about getting me the Apologetics Study Bible for my birthday, but it only comes in HCSB so I asked her not to. This Evidence Bible seems like it'd be pretty cool if this "comfort"able KJV doesn't distort it.
  8. What about the ALABAMA vs. ARKANSAS GAME!!! Man, oh man! That was a great game! With minutes to go and AK up by for and Alabama having no TO's remaining, theey drove it all the way to the endzone! WooT!!! :yippee:
  9. Do I post that directly in the sig. Or do I need to post it as an img or url or anything?
  10. a href="http://www.askabouttheblast.com/4436272"> I want this banner in my signature if it's not against the board rules.
  11. The church my parents go to and the one I'm stuggling with currently has always called the pastor "Brother so-and-so." Like right now, the pastor is Sam Delaney. We (they) call him Brother Sam.
  12. Any of you guys know how to add a web banner? I can get you the HTML code...but everything I try doesn't work...Help!
  13. So, is the Emergent "church" one of those groups that are like, "anyone trying to do the best for all people is going to heaven...the kingdom of God is in all creation...blah, blah, blah..." :loco
  14. I love peanut butter! Of course, I'm apparently not as much of a connoseur (no clue if that's spelled right) as the rest of you. But I too enjoy Jiff.
  15. Roll Tide!!!! (University of Alabama) and go Dolphins for me!
  16. That is true...I didn't think of it that way. The fact that he would be able to train longer...that would give him an advantage.
  17. Bonds breaking the record is amazing whether he uses steroids or not. Let's say he does. He still needs to be able to train on a baseball, many times moving over 90 miles an hour from a little over 60 ft. away, time the hit perfectly, and hit the ball in such a manner that it goes the distance he needs it to. This can't be done on more strength. Look at Ken Griffey, Jr. He's not a big guy, and he hits quite a few homers himself. I'm not taking up for Bonds. What he's been accused of puts a taint on the sport as a whole. It's because of these kinds of accusations that the MLB is taking such a hit in spectatorship. But the record is an accomplishment.
  18. Sometimes, as childish as this may sounds for a man of 26 to say, the only thing that helps get me to witness is to think of myself as a "Neo" type person with the Word of God as my weapon and me fighting the "Agents" (Satan and his demons). It comes easy sometiems, but most times it ain't. We just have to remember God wants us to get His Word out. Satan does not. Anytime we don't feel it's "appropriate" Maybe we'll remember gunslinger's story, or someone else closer to us. And realize if these people die without Christ, they will be forever tormented in Hell. You remember those things about which you said, "I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy"? They aren't on the same scale. Hell is far, FAR worse.
  19. I voted once a day, but more if more sweaty.
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