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  1. Okay, I thought I asked you to pray something quick for me, but I feel that there are not right time on the right place.. So my mom still wants to take me and my sister out this summer. Please Forgive me for my mistake asking so confuse. I hope you'd understand. I know I am not perfect, but I will try to do my best as I can. Thats all. So, Keep praying for me until my prayer will be answer... I will let you know when something will happen. Wait and see. Thank you. God Bless you, Michelle
  2. My Father in Heaven, I need somebody to pray for me in my journal prayer about the hopes, faith, dreams, wisdoms, believe, healing, knowledges and compassions in the future as soon as possible. I am not sure about my life in the future, but I need somebody who'll be willing to pray for me. I will keep praying for need help too. And plus including pray for my unspoken prayer too. Thank you for bless them who will pray for me and trust in God. Thank you Jesus too.. Lord, please give me what I need for. Thank you in Jesus' Name. Amen.
  3. Thank you, but I dont know when will it be the best time for me and her to talk alone.. I am kinda of scared but I think I feel not ready to tell her however I hope the holy spirit led me to talk with her in the right place on the right time as soon as possible. Probably next year or so.. I dont know it yet, but I believe God knows how I feel and have the plan for me. I hope God works in the mysterious way on me and her somehow soon and also touch me into my heart to tell me when to go. So, Just keep praying okay.
  4. I want you to know I am deaf and I grew up to be with my family are hearing that is very difficulty communicate to be with me. I need you to pray for my sister and me besides I want to ask my sister for forgive me in my past. So, just because We are not close in relationship as sisters for a long time but we'll need to get along and stick together. I hope this before we'll get over with it as once so though I want my sister's forgiviness for my personal problem then I will forget it. The reason is I dont want my family to know about me between her because it's not their problem. Just me and he
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