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  1. In the upper right hand corner is your display name with a little arrow pointing down, this is a drop down box. If you click on your display name the drop box will open and you will see things like "profile", "messages", etc... click on the one that says "account settings" and it will open a page that has a header with tabs like "overview", "email address", ...and "signature". Click on that tab and change as you desire, when you are done be sure to scroll down and clck on the "save" button. Hope that helps, Colin
  2. Trijicon is just one of many companies in the gun industry that put Christian related information on their products or product packaging. Timney Triggers send a small business card size sticker in with all of their products that is basically a very small tract "let go and let God" is the title IIRC. There are a couple other companies that do similar. Colin
  3. I guess I need to ask, what you are defining as your home church? If you mean my sending church, then no I am not active there, I was sent from a Church in Wyoming and I live in Kansas it's a little hard to get there every Sunday. If you mean am I active in my local church, then yes our family attends regular services and we participate in the local field(door knocking, church activities, etc...). C
  4. How about an Evangelists perspective on this, I only preach about once a year in church and that's just because it's my sending church. Almost all of my preaching is done at Rodeo's, Tent meetings, Brandings, etc... As an evangelist I go out into the world looking for the lost, not go to a church looking to liven the dead Christians warming pews. Reviving the dead Christians is really not the work of an Evangelist, the Pastor should be leading his church. I've never seen the Revivalist listed in the bible, so I'm not sure what the qualification or duties of a revivalist is.... C
  5. Thank you all for the continued prayers, my son starts physical therapy today for the spinal injuries. He is on the long slow road to recovery and is doing very well this morning. Please continue to pray for his recovery and healing. Thank you Colin
  6. Thank You all so much for the continued prayers and support. My son doesn't remember about 6 hours of his day and asked me if I could get some pictures of what happened, so he could look at them, so I thought you all might be interested in seeing what he survived. Best guess from the Sheriffs department is he was ejected on the first roll. My son was found lying in front of the truck in the bottom of a ditch. I talked to his boss today and he said they had to use a chain and a tractor to pull the drivers side door open so they could get stuff out of the cab. I'm praising the lord today that he lived through this and thankful for the minor amount of injuries he has, compared to what could have happened to him. Colin
  7. Praise the Lord, we brought him home from the hospital this morning. His injuries are healing well, and a lot of the swelling has gone down. The head injury, is just going to be some memory loss and scars. We are still working on keeping his lungs opened up and will be continuing breathing treatments for a while. He will be starting Physical therapy later this week to work on the spinal injuries. And we have an appointment later this week to have the stitches removed form various parts of his body. Thank you all for the prayers and support. He will need your continued prayers for a good recovery, and we would appreciate them as well, it has been a very trying weekend for my family. Thank you all. Colin
  8. Thank You all for your prayers, please keep them going. He is still in ICU, the CT Scan looked very good yesterday, there is no internal trauma to his head, just a large pool of blood under the scalp. His T-9 vertibrea is wedged out of position, but at this time it is not putting any pressure on his spinal column, he has a couple discs in his lumbar region that are bulged, but are not creating any issues with his spinal column. He can move all his fingers and toes, so that is very good. The bruised lung and broken ribs are causing the most prOBlems right now, he's not getting enough oxygen and it's causing his heart to race and it's driving his temperature up. He has some pretty bad memory loss, the last thing he remembers is having lunch at home, and the next is being in the hospital in pain. He was awake the whole time though so he has a pretty severe concussion. Most of the rest of his injuries are cuts and bruises, he has some pretty serious stitches to his left hand, and a couple spots on his back that had to be stitched up. He's got a really bad case of road rash down his right leg. And a large gash in his scalp and a couple smaller ones. I'm only home long enough to do a few chores this morning and grab some fresh clothes, I don't know when I will be back again. Colin
  9. I've can't really fill in all the details right now, I need to get back to the hospital. My oldest son, Wolfen, Lost control of his bosses truck driving back to work this afternoon, he rolled it a couple times and planted it sideways in a big old cotton wood tree. His boss was about a mile behind him in the Semi-truck, so was pretty much on the scene, and we got there at the same time the sheriff was pulling up. It looks like he was ejected from the truck, his boss found him laying in the ditch. He has a pretty bad head injury, and some spinal injuries, and a bruised lung and broken rib. He's in ICU and they are monitoring him. I don't know when I will be back on line, but please keep him in your prayers. Right now he is stable and doing well, he is awake and aware of his surroundings and recognizes everybody, and is talking so that is a good sign. I'll try to update this when I can. Thanks Colin
  10. I've been following along with this thread and I have a question. How does Honor equal Money? I'd like someone to show me the scripture that connects honoring a person with how much money you give them. C
  11. Now all you need to do is apply that in the real world, or you could just ask Kent Hovind(serving 10 years in prison) or Pastor Greg Dixon(IBT and all assets confiscated by the IRS) how the IRS applies the codes to churches and ministries. And if you need another examples that is more recent you can google the church here in Kansas(Lawrence I think, but not sure) that is currently fighting the IRS, because of the public positions they took on Abortion. And the list goes on.....that may be what the IRS says about churches, but it certainly isn't how they apply the code to them in the real world. C
  12. No a church cannot preach anything they like if they have a 501c3 status. here's the quote of the actual code: Several churches I know of have lost their tax exempt 501c3 status and been prosecuted by the IRS for speaking out about different legislation(mostly abortion issues).So no it's not just about naming certain individual politicians, it also limits other scriptural preaching as well. That's why I said they should just give up their tax exempt status and become a real Church, not break the law they voluntarily agreed to when they sought a 501c3 incorporation. C
  13. Because they think they have to have the 501c3 tax exempt status to be a church. Any church that applies to the IRS for a 501c3 status and is granted a non-profit is already choosing to limit what they can preach from the pulpit. The real answer here isn't to break the law that they have voluntarily agreed to, the answer is to give up their 501c3 status and become a real church. C
  14. Jerry, Lets put this in context with the verses around it, 1Th 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 1Th 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1Th 5:23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now can your prove the appearance of evil related to seeing your infant child naked during bathing? I'd certainly like to see the scripture to back that up. C
  15. "One mans trash is another mans treasure" or at least that is what my Grandfather used to say.
  16. Do you know how to find out who has unconditional love for you? Put your Dog and your Spouse in the trunk of the car for an hour, and then see who's happy to see you when you open it. C
  17. I say we settle this the way some of the more serious disputes in congress were resolved in the late 1700's to the early 1800's. A good old fashioned DUEL (pistols at 10 paces) in front of Congress, that would resolve this just fine. Honor would be properly restored to the offended parties..... Google it, it has a grand tradition, and I think it's a fine idea. It might quickly resolve a lot of serious problems with our politicians in general. C
  18. I of course can't know this for sure, but all the visual evidence would lead me to believe the suffering he went through on this earth is nothing compared to were he is now. In my opinion that is really the only thing tragic in his passing, is were he will be spending eternity. Colin
  19. I didn't vote since there wasn't another option. I use plain old baking soda.
  20. trc123, That may be true, but would be nearly impossible to prove since the gov't can always claim National Security and deny you the information, even under the FOIA they can just claim National Security and don't have to release any thing. This on the other hand is a very blatant in your face way of getting people to voluntarily waive their rights.
  21. Unfortunatly Jerry, far to many in this country don't think that it is tongue in cheek, they do expect the gov't to do everything for them from birth to death.
  22. You tube video of Glen Beck show on FOX. Going to the cars.gov website voluntarily allows the gov't to access all of your computer. Youtube Glen Beck Cars.gov This is a nice inroad for the gov't to legally monitor all of your computer activities. I wonder how long it will be before every Gov't website is set up this way?
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