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  1. I thought the movie was a great one too. The acting at the beginning got me thinking it wasn't going to be so good, but the story was so captivating it made up for any bad acting. So I give it a two thumbs up.
  2. A couple sites that our church uses are Bearing Precious Seed although they print John and Romans, and whole bibles more than anything. The other is Fellowship Tract League. I am fairly sure they line up doctrinally because I don't think my church would use them otherwise.
  3. Dave, that 19 inch wouldn't happen to be an HP Pavillion mx90 would it? I have an old 19 inch Hp and it is also dark and I can not in any way get it any brighter. It seemed when I first got it it was just fine, but through the years it became darker and darker to where, as I said it just won't get any brighter. Oh and the wipes that I use for my monitor are alcohol based but they are so lightly damp they are almost dry. The label on the side does say to check with your monitors manual before using though.
  4. I use screen and surface wipes made by Allsop. You can get them at your local Wal-Mart.
  5. I have a glossy 20 inch iMac, and a 22 inch samsung lcd. I love to do the dual screen thing, and since Leopard came out I can do dual screens on multiple desktops. Don't really get much done :lol , but I have plenty of real estate to get it done on.
  6. If you can type in the ip address and it works, it could be that maybe some how the dns addresses for your router or on you computer if you don't have a router, have been corrupted. Not sure just a guess.
  7. I don't know of any program that includes skype, you will probably have to use that one separately, but there is a program called Pidgin that incorporates many other chatting protocols.
  8. For the Mac you can use a program made by the same people who make Bibletime/Gnomesword, called MacSword you can get it from Versiontracker.
  9. We run 3 buses (2 vans 1 school bus) on Sunday and 5 (2 vans 3 buses) on Wednesday. We average anywhere from 50 to 175, which is all kids, we don't really get many adults.
  10. Those are my thoughts exactly.
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