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  1. BlessedChristianlady8

    Ladies forum help

    hello how do I get access too the ladies forum? The forum changed and I am learning.
  2. BlessedChristianlady8


    yeah I am I was sick near Christmas of 2016 the first Christmas without our dad but my sister took Christmas and she just moved into a nice house. I wanted too go see it and within a week of Christmas i fell ill thought it was the flu and all or gallstones, I healed up a bit , thought I was ok and i went too her Christmas get together ate everything great. The next day i started too vomit again and not hold anything down. I told my husband to take me too another ER which is one of my favorites and they were fast and able to determine what was going on and referred me to good doctors.
  3. BlessedChristianlady8

    Farewell, friends

    i only seen a few ads when i came back but they were all of food that people eat daily. So i am confused what is ads talked about here, I tend too ignore ads when i am on websites and i pay attention too the content I am reading. However, I have had my fair share in the past several years that alot on the net and some evil people are used to hurt and destroy people. I am a victim of being hurt and slandered by evil people around me via social media especially the last several months. I am so bad that I had too go back too church again and get Biblical counseling on top of the regular counselor I am seeing also. I had nightmares what happened to me this year and I am so hurt that people I looked up too were used too hurt and destroy me. I hope and pray that there will be things to be done too protect people on social media and other places because what i have experienced.
  4. BlessedChristianlady8


    yeah i lost my infomation and forgot what email i had this on i have several emails LOL. I been having stomach intestinal problems as well the last two years as well. After my dad passed away I had some health issues following that.
  5. BlessedChristianlady8


    Hello everyone I been away I am KJVkaybeliever (KC) I had problems adjusting too alot of what was taught but, I am here again too just mingle and just stand firm on the word of God and i been through alot the last several years with some evil people. I don't know how i survived but I do give God Glory to keeping me alive and well. I am just going through an old computer I was on and ran into my old websites and found you again.. God Bless you all.
  6. BlessedChristianlady8

    Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    I don't ike trump at all he scares me and I hope he don't win it creeps me out thinking if he would win he is just making a big fool of himself.... I cannot believe he is running in the GOP... I scares me..
  7. BlessedChristianlady8

    Whats for Supper...

    Last night made vegan stuffed peppers, tonight, we have a dinner at a church.
  8. BlessedChristianlady8

    Naked Church...seriously!

    oh yes thanks for the reminder LOL....
  9. It is the republicans fault for this shut down they planned it... http://www.occupydemocrats.com/watch-house-republicans-exposed-rigging-rules-order-maintain-govt-shutdown/
  10. BlessedChristianlady8

    Whats for Supper...

    Homemade pizza tonight .... I also bought at the store a bit a ago some ramen soup for lunches, going to test it again.
  11. BlessedChristianlady8

    Naked Church...seriously!

    I am sorry but why would I want to see a preacher preach a sermon in the bathing suit? that is dramatizing?
  12. BlessedChristianlady8

    Whats for Supper...

    Burgers and chips...
  13. BlessedChristianlady8

    Whats for Supper...

    we were living on my check and my husband was fighting for disablity and when he got on it, they stopped it, with food pantries and two churches to eat at and I use budget meals we are doing ok. We are not big eaters anyhow.
  14. BlessedChristianlady8

    Whats for Supper...

    When we had our food stamps the car we had to purchase in a emergancy in 06 was put in my FIL name maybe some people does the same thing, its easy to judge if they have new cars, maybe they had a job a month prior too getting food stamps but yo u don't know the issues they are having. I think having a nice car or somewhat nice home is not an indicator being rich they are just struggling. My sister lived in a two story expensive house three car garage and she was put on food stamps for awhile due to falling behind in payments and stuff , things happen its really confusing at times when these things happen... I don't like food stamps because when we were first on them back in 2005 after moving too another state , they said that the 150 dollars for two people was just to help us not to live on. Well , we increased through out the years but some of the years we lived without them , when we got on them for the last time for two years from 2009-2011, we increased to whooping 336 dollars , that is over double the amount we got in 2005 and people wonders why our country is the way it is. Anyhow I don't wanna hijack this thread for food stamps and welfare, I just annoyed at the system ...
  15. What you mean what kind of door is he might be shutting? LOL we had a document from our case and signed papers through online on the friday before the shutdown and everyone had to sign it, which means we would be still getting that settlement... we were in the signing and ending the case when the shutdown happened..