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  1. hello how do I get access too the ladies forum? The forum changed and I am learning.
  2. Yes I am still with low energy but I try each day to do things . Christmas decorations are still up. Need to put those up.
  3. Hello I been very sick the last two months, the week of Christmas I had my gallbladder out with emergency surgery. The last few weeks I had low energy and trying to gain strength. I was told by the surgeon day before Surgery that I had gallbladder disease for several years that is is why I been sick and going to ER several times. I have so much in medical debt because some surgeons didn't want to take it out sooner. I just want prayer for healing and the Lord's will to get better so i can find a part time job so i can pay off my debt.
  4. feeling much better took the Vitamin C and only three dose of the gel tabs of cough and cold and never touched the Musinex nighttime stuff. So later on in the season i have that if I am sick.
  5. We got me a strong Vitamin C and good cough meds and its down a bit. I been out a few times but still going to rest up til tuesday i got a dental appointment.
  6. Hello i have a severe cough and cold right now I don't want it too go to lungs i have history of Bronchitis and pheunmoia when i get lke this. I am asking prayer that the Lord will help aid this and help me get the right meds for it, I already been too enough doctors visits and ER trips the last few years. I just want to fight this at home.
  7. yeah I am I was sick near Christmas of 2016 the first Christmas without our dad but my sister took Christmas and she just moved into a nice house. I wanted too go see it and within a week of Christmas i fell ill thought it was the flu and all or gallstones, I healed up a bit , thought I was ok and i went too her Christmas get together ate everything great. The next day i started too vomit again and not hold anything down. I told my husband to take me too another ER which is one of my favorites and they were fast and able to determine what was going on and referred me to good doctors.
  8. i only seen a few ads when i came back but they were all of food that people eat daily. So i am confused what is ads talked about here, I tend too ignore ads when i am on websites and i pay attention too the content I am reading. However, I have had my fair share in the past several years that alot on the net and some evil people are used to hurt and destroy people. I am a victim of being hurt and slandered by evil people around me via social media especially the last several months. I am so bad that I had too go back too church again and get Biblical counseling on top of the regular counselor I am seeing also. I had nightmares what happened to me this year and I am so hurt that people I looked up too were used too hurt and destroy me. I hope and pray that there will be things to be done too protect people on social media and other places because what i have experienced.
  9. yeah i lost my infomation and forgot what email i had this on i have several emails LOL. I been having stomach intestinal problems as well the last two years as well. After my dad passed away I had some health issues following that.
  10. As of right now this person is out of my life for Good for several months he turned out not be a good person. So glad of the Lords Protection.
  11. Hello everyone I been away I am KJVkaybeliever (KC) I had problems adjusting too alot of what was taught but, I am here again too just mingle and just stand firm on the word of God and i been through alot the last several years with some evil people. I don't know how i survived but I do give God Glory to keeping me alive and well. I am just going through an old computer I was on and ran into my old websites and found you again.. God Bless you all.
  12. Yes i agree, i kinda word things a wrong way, it was mixed i did have feelings for him but at the same time , i decided that i needed to control myself, i wanted this man part of my life because he was special too me knowing each other since were small kids, it just like a brother too me ... However , the way i explained too people about how i cared and loved him , people took it the wrong way... I am just concerned about him decieving other woman like he was doing... There are some things i can answer but , i would only do that through pm because some things happened that i prefer pms with it but, other then that i am concerned about this mans salvation.
  13. if I wasn't a Christian wife why would my profile name be titled Christian wife? My husband and I wanted to minister to this Man , but he decieved me with lies and mind games.
  14. Hello I have this childhood male friend that i grew up with (dated once and awhile) however , i recently reconnected with him a few years back, we touched base and started to being friends but all sudden he changed on me, he would not attend my father's funeral and says he didn't want to see me again. I need to ask for prayers for his salvation God knows his name but i would like to ask for prayers for him. He doesn't understand why I wanted a friendship still and he says he moved on with his life because i am too religous and crazy and all..
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