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  1. My brother used to live in northern Indiana. There were a lot of Sox fans there.
  2. Sure.... he was key last season. The Pirates tanked it after we made those trades for him and Lee. I think it's all about the pitching for them.
  3. Hopefully, this is the year for the Pirates. Their pitching looks good so far. Only 8 runs against in 4 games.
  4. Very sunny days in the middle of winter
  5. While I was in Catholic school, K-8, we used A through E. No F's.
  6. 1) Are you Saved? Yes 2) Where did you get saved? Masontown (PA) Brethren Church 3) When did you get saved? How long ago? Spring of 1998. I was in fourth grade.
  7. My church just got new hymnals so we'll be learning bunches of new ones.
  8. We sing 3 verses of 3 songs almost every Sunday morning. When we have communion, I think we only sing 2 verses of each.
  9. We average just over 100 on Sunday mornings (about 1/400 of our county). We average over 40 (combined) on our two buses. We're growing, too!
  10. I voted yes. When I was born, I was baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church, but by the time I started school we were attending a Protestant church where my my parents, two of my five brothers and I got saved (the other three got saved at the church I attend now). I went to Catholic school until 8th grade then went to public high school, but my parents kept me in church and tried to keep me pretty straight throughout. When I was in 10th grade we switched to an IFB church.
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