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  1. jchahl


    My brother used to live in northern Indiana. There were a lot of Sox fans there.
  2. jchahl

    Disgusting Maranatha Video

    This seems like just something the students made in a video class or something. Or maybe just for fun. Who cares? It was funny.
  3. I don't think it's the players who demand this stuff. The billionaire owners are the ones protecting their investment by trying to keep their players marketable. Good team owners make way more than they spend in player salaries.
  4. jchahl

    Disgusting Maranatha Video

    hahaha. I found that to be funny.
  5. Ohhhh..... my bad I was thinking the beef was with "storm chasing" in general. But I agree, they shouldn't be getting in the way of emergency personnel.
  6. But that's breaking the law. Obviously, that's not right. But if your not breaking the law or putting other people in danger, what's the problem?
  7. jchahl

    Web Development Programming

    Probably myself. Which goes to my next question. Do you have any suggestions on places to find info/tutorials/books etc.?
  8. What is wrong with them being out just to have a good time? Sure it's dangerous, but what's wrong with a little adventure?
  9. I want to learn a good web development language. I've been looking around on the internet for good ones to learn, but everyone says something different. I'm kinda leaning toward PHP and MySQL. I have basic knowledge of C++, Java, and HTML. Is PHP a good route to go? I want to learn something useful and not overly complex.
  10. jchahl

    Whats for Supper...

  11. jchahl

    Pro. 4:15

    No alcohol in grocery stores or convenience stores here in Pennsylvania.
  12. jchahl


    Sure.... he was key last season. The Pirates tanked it after we made those trades for him and Lee. I think it's all about the pitching for them.
  13. jchahl


    Hopefully, this is the year for the Pirates. Their pitching looks good so far. Only 8 runs against in 4 games.
  14. jchahl

    hi everyone!!!

    Hey! Welcome aboard!
  15. jchahl

    SOPA and PIPA

    But if users here uploaded a video of a song, or used a copyrighted picture in their avatar, the site could be held accountable. At least that's one way I understood it.