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  1. Certainly can't disagree. It is my prayer for God to give me a new desire for the lost each day. I know many churches have a vigorous outreach.
  2. All cuts will be difficult, but are necessary. Everything should be on the table. We can't afford to keep this pace up.
  3. We can change the status quo. Elect the people who will correct the deficiencies. I can not accept as long as the "few" have breath, that we can't change. The truth is that the heart has to be changed, humanity has a had time accepting personal responsibilty and accountability for each persons own actions.
  4. I look forward to hearing what the "field" has to say regarding the Constitution, debt limits and the hand out of money to other countries.
  5. An old time evangelist by the name of Tommy Stone was my favorite. He went to heaven about 5 years ago. One of the things he did at revival meetings was to play the saw. Never seen that before.
  6. It's a sad state of affairs, we (the general public) can't be bothered to be informed and respond accordingly. The power is with the people but we are woefully uninformed. There is another thread here that talks about the public school system. That is a great part of how we came to be here today.
  7. Happy Memorial Day, remember those who sacrificed and the ONE who sacrificed once for all.

    1. Miss Linda

      Miss Linda

      Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour. (Romans 13:7)

  8. The Gospel of John, because it is so thoroughly complete. Luke is a close second.
  9. I am involved in RU here. Great program (even for the long saved) it is intense discipleship and the books drive the student to dissect and define as well as scripture memorization. Several other local churches have students attending our classes on Friday until those churches can start their own. Compliments the jail ministry nicely.
  10. A resounding yes. Because of our lack of understanding of the Word of God, we very easily believe His silence is permission or His blessing on our effort or desire. The example above by John 81 is good, even in our calling to various ministry efforts, we misinterpret what God would have us do. We also assume that God doesn't care what we do in other considerations (buying a car, picking a spouse or performing a worldly occupation. We should consider the effect of all our decisions in life by what we find in His Word. I have to remind myself often (and am doing so as I write this).
  11. Pretty good argument that you could be convicted of being a Christian a seed was planted, God watered, and your name was written down, you can point to a time when you acknowledged God and your sinfulness (praise God) you recognize that you aren't as "active" as you once were (conviction) the Holy Spirit does that to Gods' children. Remember the time get back into close fellowship with Him and His workers, Praise God for the opportunity to serve, in spite of our sinfulness. :icon_mrgreen:

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