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  1. Wanted to say I like the new look of the forum, It has been a while since I have logged on but it looks great. Thanks for a change that has style. lol orvals
  2. What would cause me to separate myself from a church? Well I have left two churches over the years for two different things. The first I left because of the preaching of salvation, salvation and more salvation as a matter of fact that was all we ever got was the preaching of salvation, I am not saying preaching salvation is wrong not at all for it is the gospel of Jesus Christ. But scripture teaches us so much more than salvation things like raising family, creating relationships, attacking sin that has gotten a hand hold in our lives, etc. Pants, length of hair, jewelry etc are insign
  3. HS, I am not saying they were children when they were hung I am saying there is a very good chance that they were children when the deed was done. orvals
  4. Heartstrings, It is obvious that we are approaching the question from very different perspectives. I am not so much attacking your position (it is reasonable) as I am your stance you are coming across very dogmatically concerning a passage that can truly not be proved either way. If you hold to ?his bloody house? as a precursor proof that Saul?s children and grandchildren were involved in the actual crime then your reasoning would be correct. On the other hand IMO you can not prove that his grandchildren were actually involved in the slaughter of Gibeonites. The actual time frame of t
  5. Heartstrings, Once again let us go through this reasonably. First David inquired of the Lord the cause of the drought Secondly God told him it was for Saul and his bloody house because he slew the Gibeonites. It was by the order of Saul that the Gibeonites were attacked, he was the king and he had the power of life and death. Thirdly David enquired of Gibeonites as to what could be done to make Saul?s transgression right. Fourthly the Gibeonites choose the punishment (not David). The Gibeonites were a heathen nation living under the protection of Israel and her king. Fifthly
  6. Revelation, Actually it is the same Michal that was David's wife but I believe you are correct that they were not all her sons born of her body. I did not research originally I just looked at the passage but upon further inspection the sons seem to have been the sons of her elder sister. Perhaps one or two might have been hers but there is no way to know that. Thanks for pointing this out to me. orvals edited for clarity of thought
  7. Heartstrings, I have watched your response to the various posters for someone who has some questions you seem to be very defensive toward anyone who does not respond like you think they should. Here is something else to consider Saul?s house would not have been just his family but also anyone who was employed by him including generals, servants, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, butchers, bakers etc. Secondly look at who was given to Gibeonites the five sons of Michal. I am sure they were involved at 2 to 10 years of age in the killing those Gibeonites. You seem to be hung up on o
  8. No this does not make me mad these pictures and the thousands more like them make me sorrow. As a young man I enlisted in the Marine Corps because I believed America is the greatest nation on the earth and with all our woes I believe that truth still stands. But I sorrow for our future for we are becoming a third world country before our very eyes. Our education system is no longer the best education system in the world, our dollar can no longer hold its own against foreign currency, our politicians cannot be trusted to be honest and speak clearly, and as a nation we have recently proved th
  9. It has rained here the last two days but then last night the snow moved in. I suspect if the ground had not been so wet we would probably have a foot or more but instead we now have about 4 inches give or take an inch. Lord knows we neet the water our winter wheat may be shot even with it but all in all it has been a peaceful day. I am doing my SS lesson for Sunday morning and the wife is watching a womans program or movie on the tv. orvals
  10. All my tulips are up and we are in the midst of a large snow fall. I will sure miss them this year if they don't get to blossom fully. How about the rest of you any flowers up that you might lose because of the late snowfall or ice? orvals
  11. good to have you on board orvals
  12. Another good read John. Thanks for the post. I am a little thick sometimes but by the time I finished the article I finally caught onto what he is saying. If we collected all the currency in America there would not be enough to pay any of our debt only our principle. That is a staggering thought. Orvals
  13. Thanks for the post John. It was very insightful. Just a thought to add many schools especially in California are fearful of not enrolling students because of the financial gains, they get x amount of dollars per day for each student on the roll. Orvals
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