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    HappyChristian reacted to Jerry in Can men wear rings?   
    It is not specifically Baptist culture. I knew many Christians that were against earrings on men before I became a Baptist.
    The Bible teaches us not to be like the world. Typically, I find it is the worldly “Christian” crowd that has the men wearing earrings, that is tattooing for Jesus, that has long hair on men and short hair on women, that is rocking out in the sanctuary. Better not to be conformed to the world.
    Historically, as far as sailors go, they usually have a baaaad reputation for carousing and womanizing, among other things - so they certainly are not an example of Godly men to follow.
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    HappyChristian reacted to BrotherTony in Can men wear rings?   
    If that is your only motivation to wearing "rings" to church, then you've already defeated the purpose of going to church in the first place! The focus shouldn't be on you, it should be on Christ.
    It may be a "custom," but custom doesn't make it right. It wasn't acceptable in mainstream Christianity for years, and it just another sign of how close Christians want to see about getting to the world. 
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    HappyChristian reacted to Jim_Alaska in 10% offering   
    Many times it is difficult to understand another persons situation when you don't know all the facts. Therefore it is hard to make a valid suggestion about the situation. In this case I know where totoosart lives. He lives in a country where Christianity is not only banned, but the authorities actually seek out Christians and try to detect where and when they may be meeting. If the authorities find them or their meeting place there, can be life threatening consequences, in other words they could be arrested and even put to death. So this situation can have dire consequences for him if he is not extremely careful. Just owning a Bible or trying to give out Bibles can be dangerous.
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    HappyChristian reacted to PastorMatt in 10% offering   
    @Totoosart I agree, it's great to hear from you again. I'm sorry to hear about the situation you're in where you live. Keep your head up and in the Word. 
    As far as church goes, you may want to pray about starting a Bible study in your home and see where the Lord leads. 
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    HappyChristian reacted to Salyan in 10% offering   
    Praise the Lord!! In this crazy, messed up world, it is such a joy and excitement to hear of your faith.  I am so excited and praising God for you, brother!
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    HappyChristian reacted to Gud4U in 10% offering   
    Cheers, thanks so much. I am humbled.
    I am glad to be able to view this wonderful website again. While it lasts, it's great. Nobody know how long it's going to be unbanned, so, with the Grace of the Lord and your kind prayers, here we are.
    I also thank you for your kind cautioning me, yes, i have come to learn that it's not our deeds but our faith that saves us. Thanks again.
    i remember i have had many questions and most of them silly and for my downfall, but well, God is kind and they are past now and i have learnt much more with the Grace of the Lord.
    i am trying to keep my faith and deepen my belief by reading the Good Book and the translating is helping understand and realise much better than just reading it.
    Bless your hearts and many many thanks for your kind care and precious time.
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    HappyChristian reacted to Salyan in 10% offering   
    Hi, Tooto! So nice to have you back!
    I’m so glad you have trusted the Lord in your heart. Remember that trusting God alone for salvation by trusting in the finished work of Christ is ALL you need for salvation. Baptism, while an important act of obedience, is NOT required for your salvation. Being a perfect Christian is not required for salvation. I’m reminding you of this to be sure that you are trusting Christ alone and not any of your own actions or obediences. 😊
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    HappyChristian reacted to Jerry in Refuge In The Storms Of Life   
    Refuge In The Storms Of Life
    This poetry book contains 37 poems about going through trials,
    and the refuge found in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    There are five sections and a Bible study called:
    Leaning On The Lord
    The sections (and the poems contained in each) are as follows:
    (You can click on any link to view that page on my poetry website https://realmccoy.earnestlycontending.com.)
    Weathering The Storms
    Poems on Going Through Trials
    For A Season
    His Voice Cries Out
    Handle With Prayer
    It’s Only After – by Jerry Bouey & Angela Trenholm
    Our Little One – by Angela Trenholm
    Take A Second Look At Calvary
    The Tempest Of The Lord
    Under Construction
    Calm Seas
    Poems On Prayer and Dependence Upon The Lord
    A Silent Prayer
    Day By Day
    Dream Or Reality?
    Prayer For Faith – A Cancer Victim
    Esther’s Prayer
    Prayer For Perfect Peace
    An Anchor For The Soul
    Poems On Friendships and Close Fellowship With The Lord
    Friends Forever
    True Christian Friends
    The Valley Of Faith
    True Love
    When I’m Lonely
    Will You Be A Jonathan?
    Peaceful Skies Ahead
    Poems on New Beginnings
    A Brand New Start
    Be Thou Clean
    First Steps
    I’ve Gone Home
    God Is So Good
    Why Wait Until Tomorrow?
    The Master Of The Wind
    Poems on The Preeminence Of Christ
    In The Presence Of The Lord
    My Faltering Heart
    Which Is Better?
    Northern Lights
    On My Knees
    The eternal God is thy refuge,
    and underneath are the everlasting arms…
    Deuteronomy 33:27
    Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines Refuge as: Shelter or protection from danger or distress. That which shelters or protects from danger, distress or calamity; a strong hold which protects by its strength, or a sanctuary which secures by its sacredness; any place inaccessible to an enemy.
    I want this book to be a comfort to all who read its contents; a source of refuge to those going through the storms of life. As my Pastor always says, “You are either going through trials, coming out of them, or preparing to go into them.”
    The Scriptures and poems herein have one goal, to point to:
    The Lord Jesus Christ.
    The refuge He provides is found in the perfect salvation He offers by His death, burial and resurrection; complete pardon from sin and an eternal home in Heaven with our Lord.
    Another definition Webster’s gives for Refuge is to flee.
    Jesus is our refuge to flee to in seasons of dangers, distress, and calamity in our lives. He is our stronghold, our sanctuary, and our strong tower to flee to from our enemies.
    May all who read this book be encouraged to flee to Jesus Christ, first for salvation, and then for refuge in the storms of life.
    Jerry (Gerald) Bouey
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    HappyChristian reacted to SureWord in Official Covid Thread (Other Threads Merged in here)   
    As I mentioned in a deleted thread my aunt and uncle, who both were vaccinated, have the WuFlu. They put my aunt into the ward with the dying elderly patients. Yes, she had an underlying medical condition but a few weeks after getting the Fauci jab she started developing all kinds of complications. Just as my mother who developed blood clots in her lungs around six months after the jab. Thankfully, my mother has survived but it was touch and go there for a while.
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    HappyChristian reacted to Musician4God1611 in What Books Are You Reading?   
    The Necessity of Prayer
    By E. M. Bounds
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from BrotherTony in What are some of the best part about marriages that have laste 35+ years?   
    I thought this was interesting, in light of this thread. From Shelly Hamilton earlier today.
    BEST FRIENDS FOREVER Today is crash day for me. It’s 2:00 PM and I’m still sitting on the couch in my pjs. Adam and Megan went to the studio with Ella while I stayed behind with Hamilton, for him to take a nap. I made no protests. I’ve already had two naps myself today. Now that Hamilton is sleeping, all is quiet around me. My mind is reminiscing about Ron’s and my life together. It is a lovely thing to do. Early on in our marriage, I remember Ron telling me that Ken Collier was his best friend. Ron and Ken worked together for many years on the Patch adventure stories. They would call each other back and forth while putting together song theme ideas, character name ideas, and story plot ideas. Ron would drive up to The Wilds where Ken worked and lived. The two of them sat down together and collaborated all things Patch the Pirate adventure. Ron took copious notes on yellow legal pads. Ron would then come back home, sit down somewhere quietly for about a week, and write the story's first draft. Mind you—Ron wrote every story and song lyric on yellow legal pads. After he completed this first draft, he would fax the yellow pages to Ken. After Ken read it, he would call Ron with tweaks he thought helpful. Ron would also give me this first draft and I wrote my thoughts and suggestions in the yellow margins. (You might remember the first yellow cassettes? Well, they were written on yellow paper. LOL) After Ron thought through every critique, he would sit down and compose the story’s final draft. Every word was carefully and meticulously handwritten on those memorable yellow legal pads. (I still find extra unused pads hidden amongst his things.) The legal pad would go to his administrative assistant, Christiane Emory, and she would type it up on her computer. Yes, Ken Collier was a best friend to Ron. Not only would they discuss Patch adventure ideas, but life problems and joys as well. If you know Ken, he is a godly and thoughtful confidant. I am so grateful for their friendship bond. About 15 years into our marriage, Ron began telling me that I was his best friend. He told me this often. Now that he can mostly only communicate with me with his eyes and his touch, his words echo in my mind. Sadness and happiness are a chaotic mix in my heart. Why didn’t I appreciate this wonderful medal of honor more? Why didn’t I enjoy our moments together more? Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I reminisce. All is well. No need to worry about my mental state. These remembrances are good for the soul. What do I remember? I remember Ron running across the Bob Jones campus between classes. I remember him singing in my dad’s vesper choir. I remember him asking me to marry him on Valentine’s Day, 1975. I remember us traveling the US in a motor home with our newborn baby, Jonathan. I remember Ron and me singing at multiple weddings and Valentine’s banquets. I remember Ron taking me to Atlanta or New York City for weekend getaways. I remember him taking each of our children on special trips—just him and them. The status of best friend is a coveted one and should not be taken for granted. As I think upon it, how could I have been blind and ignorant of its implications? Ron was a faithful husband for certain. He was always the same gentle and sweet temperament. He was the physical rock for our family. He remembered special anniversaries, I’m ashamed to admit, more than I did. Then why did I sometimes get upset at him for being a saver, when I wanted to spend? Why did I focus on him being stubborn, when I wanted to be flexible and impulsive? Why did I not appreciate his healthy eating habits, when I wanted to indulge in sweets? I can’t even think of one good reason—now that he can’t save his money, can’t control where he goes, and can’t control what he eats. My friends, be careful what you think about your close loved ones, especially your husband or wife. Focus on the reason you married them in the first place. Don’t heap coals of fire on their heads because of their faults. I am fully aware that some of you wish you had your mate to appreciate. But numerous unfortunate circumstances make this impossible. So while you can—make your spouse your best friend. You’ll never be sorry.
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from trapperhoney in Our Anniversary Trip   
    We did. Seems like so long ago now. I'm ready to go on another one. 😜
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from farouk in Our Anniversary Trip   
    We did. Seems like so long ago now. I'm ready to go on another one. 😜
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from farouk in What are some of the best part about marriages that have laste 35+ years?   
    Tell your wife happy birthday for me! 
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    HappyChristian reacted to farouk in What are some of the best part about marriages that have laste 35+ years?   
    Hi HappyChristian, My wife had a b-day recently and we have been thinking about how blessed we are to have had the Lord lead us over the years. It's wonderful... 🙂
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    HappyChristian reacted to farouk in Our Anniversary Trip   
    @HappyChristianGreat photos! seems like you guys had a great trip! 🙂
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from farouk in Our Anniversary Trip   
    For our 35th, Randy and I took a trip around the WA 101 Loop (which goes in a circle/loop around the Peninsula, as well as all the way down to CA...we only did the loop). I thought I'd share a few photos.
    First, the pie - we stopped at the Blackberry Cafe for lunch. It's almost an hour from our house, but hubs wanted to try it out. The food was ok, and the pie was tasty. Randy had Himalayan Blackberry and I had Marionberry/Strawberry. We both had swirled blackberry/vanilla ice cream.
    Second photo is of some trees in the Hoh Rainforest. I love trees, and I took a slew of pictures. But these branches fascinate me - I like the moss. The 3 bears were enjoying tea as we left the rainforest. The lake is Lake Crescent. Huge body of water.
    The last two pictures are Ruby Beach. Absolutely beautiful place. We walked down a long trail and got to walk all over the beach. The sound of surf...loved it!
    We then went on to Ocean Shores and visited the massive beach there - water and sand all you can see (other than the horses being rented out...neither of us ride anymore, but it would have been nice).
    Then we headed east to Lacey, which is a suburb of Olympia, our capital. We spent Wednesday night there and found a great church to attend. We enjoyed the message from the visiting church planter and then fellowshipped with the pastor and his wife after the service.
    This morning we headed home. A lot of driving, but it was an enjoyable trip.

    Sol Duc River Video 003.mp4
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from Disciple.Luke in Proud Boys   
    I didn't make it past the second line. I'm so tired of people who think they know things they don't. This man, whomever he is, has no idea who the Proud Boys are. Nazis? Traitors? Hogwash. Some people need to stop swallowing all the garbage the MSM spews.
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    HappyChristian reacted to trapperhoney in Re-Introduction   
    That is an idea! Actually hubby's childhood would make very interesting stories. He doesn't think so, cause to him it is matter of fact, but he grew up in the woods, learning to survive off the land, and had quite a few adventures. In a few of them he really should have died -- while on a camping/trapping trip during the winter he broke through the ice in a pond and lost some gear, and dove into the pond to recover it (he, being of Celtic heritage, was loathe to let pricey trapping equipment go) and went back to camp instead of going home and warming up. He and his friend dried out his clothes and wrapped him up in a blanket and he spend the night in a lean-to with the campfire in front of him. Realistically he should have died from hypothermia, and being ignorant of that fact seems to be the only thing that kept him alive, lol. But it shows that he had to stay alive in order to marry me and for us to have our son. So yes, his stories would be very interesting.
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from Martyr_4_FutureJoy in Fred Luter... A Help? Or A Hindrance?   
    Nutritional supplements (aka vitamins & herbs) existed long before New Age devotees co-opted them. As did exercise and proper (natural) diet. We need to be careful not to get involved with New Age gunk, but we also need to be careful not to just lump it all together. As to homeopathy...if you know anyone who uses nitro-glycerin for heart issues, or someone who has malaria and needs quinine: those are both homeopathic remedies that were taken by the AMA and "normalized".

    Discernment is necessary, as is not just falling into the trap of declaiming things that are not the way "normal" medicine is today (remember - medicine as we know it was not practiced in this way years ago...I'll take homeopathy over blood-letting [which was one of the things that prompted the discovery of homeopathy] any day) are wrong. Chiropractic care used to be lumped in with New Age practices, too. I wouldn't be walking (that is no exaggeration) if it weren't for chiropractic care. (I realize that "our experiences" don't make a practice right or wrong - but nowhere in the Bible can anyone show that natural care is wrong at its root)

    And not all health food stores are even subtly New Age. There are some that are run by Christians who are careful what they order. Granted, they are rare, but they do exist. That said, I do think this man's methods are not all they should be...
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    HappyChristian reacted to 1Timothy115 in Taliban Fighters Enter Kabul   
    Nice, but the condemnation needs to come from our own. More evidence of the insignificance of the USA in God's eternal plan.
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from Disciple.Luke in Taliban Fighters Enter Kabul   
    A former UK general who was in Afghanistan came out and said Biden should be court-martialed.
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from BrotherTony in Taliban Fighters Enter Kabul   
    A former UK general who was in Afghanistan came out and said Biden should be court-martialed.
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    HappyChristian got a reaction from trapperhoney in Our Anniversary Trip   
    THAT's gonna be a beautiful trip! 
    I didn't realize you were that close! Cool beans!
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    HappyChristian reacted to trapperhoney in Our Anniversary Trip   
    sounds like a lovely trip. the pie looks very yummy. I love the bears! I can't wait until Autumn, then hubby and I will have to take a road trip on the backroads of WV. I can't wait until the cool air arrives.
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