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  1. Ban Annette for banning Madeline for drinking coffee.
  2. Prayed for you - how did the interview go?
  3. I just wanted to put in my :2cents . The key to good discipline has already been mentioned: consistency!!!! Keep up what you begin! As your little one grows, remember something a very wise man (Dr. Dayton Hobbs) said: Don't expect what you don't inspect...in other words, check on the little ones to make sure they are doing what you said they were to do. Parents do get tired of the rod (not as much as the kids do, though ), but have to keep at it. I don't think it is a real good idea to spank through the diaper, for several reasons. The first is: spanking is supposed to inflict pai
  4. Are you saying abbey isn't normal?
  5. Aren't there idiots in the world?
  6. I love that song...and that fellow on the fiddle was great!!! Our church sings it as a congregational often. We prepare to move onto the tracks when someone in the orchestra rings the bell, and then the instruments begin, and it sounds like a train really moving, then we join in and - it's good!!!
  7. Don't you believe God made everybody?
  8. What would he have to be embarrassed about?
  9. nth (this is in the dictionary!! - "Being the last in a series of infinitely decreasing or increasing values, amount, etc. Utmose; extreme: to the nth degree" :cool
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